Lane Kiffin

Last page of comments aside, I’d not be happy with Lane. Maybe he has grown up and he was a bit rehabilitated by his stint at Alabama. I don’t think it is worth taking the risk with his history and baggage. I don’t really know who I want as a coach but I wouldn’t want him. I worry we’re going to end up with slim pickings and may be happy with Lane in the end depending on how the musical chairs end. I suppose Gus would be the best option but I really don’t believe he’ll leave Auburn and suspect that he is just looking for a raise/extension if he talks with us.

What internet tough guy bs? Again, I didn’t call anyone out or say anything negative, like you said. So what’s wrong with what I said? You entered this conversation and insinuated I was out of line. If me asking you what I did is internet tough guy stuff, then I guess I’m guilty.

As for DTH maybe you should reread what he and I said. I said sometimes it’s better, he said that’s the wrong way of thinking because sometimes it’s not. How can the word sometimes be wrong? He got mad cause I called him on it, and you seem to have gotten mad because I called him on it, and then asked you a legitimate question.

Kiffin is a clown. He has never proven he can do anything as head coach at a big time place.

Tennessee=failure, USC=failure, Raiders=failure

The only thing he is good at is hanging out at sorority houses. We already had a coach like that who wrecked his motorcycle.

never had a losing season as college head coach. he did not fail at Tennessee, he left after one season to take a better job (USC).

Hiring Kiffin = instant turnaround!

Raiders: 4-12
1-3 (fired)

Tennessee: 7-6 (quit)

USC: 8-5
3-2 (fired)

FAU: 8-3

Coed postings on Twitter: Too many to count.

He just strikes me as an inmature punk who was given some good gigs because of family connections but has never lived up to billing. No thanks.

What was USC’s scholarship situation while LK was there? Weren’t they under a sever penalty after the Reggie Bush era and Pete Carroll?

Bret never had a losing season as a college head coach before coming here either.

I have to admit: I’ve thought about Kiffin as a fit for this job.

The Positives:

  1. Overwhelmingly, it’s his ability to recruit. In a state like Arkansas, a damn good recruiter is a huge plus. And, Lane is truly one of the best.
  2. He does bring instant energy to programs. His kids play hard and play with a chip on their shoulders. That usually translates to some wins.
  3. And, when he can get his own ego out of his way, he can call a hell of a game.
  4. He’s not intimidated by opponents. That rubs off on students as well.

The negatives: Well, a lot of these are somewhat mirrored images of the positives.

  1. He can recruit; but, can he recruit without bringing penalties? I don’t think so. Now, we have to worry about going on sanctions, and for a program like Arkansas where it’s already somewhat difficult to recruit, that’s akin to a possible 5+ year slow down in the program.
  2. He brings instant energy and a lot of immature garbage that, to be honest, I can’t stand. It would really hurt to root for him at times, which places fans in a bad spot.
  3. If you watch enough of his games, you begin to see how his ego gets him in trouble with pass-happy play-calling on downs that just don’t make sense. There’s a reason Saban would scream at him like his dad. If you have Bama talent, you can hide a stupid play or two, or three, or nine. But, here, I think he would make some of us who are bald grow our hair back so that it could go gray and we can pull it out.
  4. He’s not intimidated, but part of the reason is I don’t think he was ever taught to show respect and shut the hell up sometimes.

I could see Lane averaging 7-8 wins here with the occasional 9-win season. The last positive I will say is that he has already lost out on his dream job at USC, and the NFL is NOT going to come calling. So, if we want him, he’s probably ours for at least the next five years. I guess there’s that.

If Kiffin is as good as many think why is he coaching where he is now. I’ve read all the resume fodder everyone has posted that’s high on him and makes me wonder why he doesn’t have major programs seeking his service. Maybe he does have plenty of programs offering I don’t know, if he does how would we get him to Arkansas. WPS

How do you get him to Ark? You make him an offer!! Saban thought he was a good enough coach to handle his entire offense and don’t you think he picked up something during that stint that would benefit him as a HC?

We just don’t see him in the same light and that’s about the best I can say, he may be the very best man for the job and but I feel differently. I’ll say this if he ends up at Arkansas I’ll be hoping you were 100% correct with your assessment and I’ll gladly eat a 40lb crow straight off the grill with a little lemon garlic seasoning! WPS

Saban thought so much of Kiffin he fired him right before the national championship game.

and how did that turn out for Saban?

I don’t think Kiffin would have helped Bama stop Watson.

Lane Kiffin…that’s funny! Come to TN and talk to a few Vol fans.