Lane Kiffin

FAU has looked awesome all year. Bring him to Fayetteville

He was a failure everywhere else.

Define failure

No thanks.

Disliked and run off.

You are right Doghog, some can’t see it and don’t want too. Gus, Kiffin, Norvell and Frost would all be very good choices and a major upgrade

If Malzahn beats Bama he probably won’t be available for us to sign so I would absolutely go after Kiffin. I think he has matured and recruits love him!

I’m not sure you are serious. About the only place he could sign on after what has to be his moderately successful coaching stint (OC @ Alabama) was FAU. With Saban as the HC, Santa could call the plays and 'Bama wins. By the way, no wins against power five teams, and his team gives up 30 a game to the non-power 5 schedule. I can’t see how that qualifies for doing ‘awesome’. Then again, the Hogs are giving up 35 a game so there’s that comparison. Its fair to note however that where the Hogs give 35 a game, they do that against a top ten SOS.

Reports were pretty consistent - don’t hire this guy. He has been poison to his previous programs, will jump ship at first sight of bigger opportunities (proven), and most top assistant coaches won’t sign up to work for him (again - all snippets from previous reporting). Sure - he may have changed but until he actually spends a few years building a program and sticking with it, is he a bet you think an SEC program is willing to take? I hope Arkansas digs deep this time - doesn’t get distracted by the shiny lights of a program built by someone else and all the HC had to do was keep the wheels from coming off).

Don’t think any of these coaches besides Gus are winning with a full compliment of players they recruited themselves, which makes me wonder how they will be doing after 4/5 years of evaluating and recruiting for themselves. Not throwing water on any of these guys just mentioning one of the unknowns. WPS

I hate this arguement, under your metric no coordinator would ever be looked at because they would fall under the same shadow. Do you have any idea how many coordinators who were elevated to a HC position and then went on to great success there have been?

And to that end who ya got? Who is your guy?

FAU pre Kiffin 6-6, 3-9, 3-9, 3-9.

First year with Kiffin 9-3, undefeated in conference play. Like someone else mentioned he is a fantastic recruiter, and has coached at big programs for the best coaches (Saban and Carrol).

Charlie Partridge (remember that guy) recruited most of those FAU players. Gus is too expensive. Frost is Nebraska bound. Frost is a Nebraska guy, who is a decent coach, and Nebraska will be looking. Many in Nebraska think he is a lock. Norvell may not have recruited his guys, but Fuente went to Norvell while he was the Memphis coach and had him help him with a “style” that Norvell used. Fuente recruited the upperclassmen at Memphis for Norvell’s system. So, it’s like he had four years of his guys, though he has only been the coach two years. Again, though, look at our current team. They aren’t recruited for those systems.

Personally, I think we need to look at a coach the maybe more “pro-style” but is young and energetic and eager to prove himself. Think Danny Ford-HDN. That way we take advantage of 19 returning starters and a weak schedule. Anything else will be a “rebuilding” year. A “rebuilding” year will make the same guys (Fire Bret now) mad.

You make a valid point about rebuilding and scheme. I don’t think the masses want any symblance of what Bret has done. Even if they are a modicum clone with a creative mind.

I believe you’re correct. I think those same guys will also be upset when we get a “spread” guy and he’s struggling in year three.

What does Partridge recruiting those players have anything to do with Kiffin? Partridge went 3-9 for 3 seasons with those players.

Because someone credited Kiffin being a GREAT recruiter being the reason FAU turned around. Incorrect, he inherited an experienced team. Same thing our coach next year will have. Sometimes it takes a breath of fresh air to change the culture Danny Ford-HDN

I DID NOT credit Kiffin’s early success at FAU to his recruiting skills. Him being a great recruiter is credited to his time as an assistant coach at USC and Alabama.

I didn’t say you said it. Your not the only one talking about Lane Kiffin on this board. Doesn’t change the fact that Kiffin is winning with Partridge’s guys. Same as HDN did with Ford’s guys.

Nobody on this thread said it… So wins don’t count if you did not recruit the players? Ridiculous

Agreed…Stoops won a NC with John Blakes players. There have been a bunch of our fanbase suggest we “go get Stoops outta retirement” (like that’ll happen). Stoops, Richt, Fisher, Sweeney…all former coordinators who had no HC experience before taking over a major program. But yeah…anyone who wins with others players is out. Let’s just go throw a ton of money at Nutt and bring him back. He is from Arkansas, he knows the culture, he knows the SEC, he’s a winner n a fighter.