Lane Kiffin

I didn’t say that.

Back to my original statement, he won with Ford’s players. Sometimes same system new coach works wonders.

I can’t agree with your theory at all. A good to great spread coach won’t be struggling in year three at Arkansas. There are some critical pieces in place (WR, RB, TE) that would likely render a 7 to 9 win season by year three.

Where as a pro style offense will render the same bull sheit as BB did through year 5. The SEC is full of DL, LB, Safeties tailor made to defend a pro style offense. Why do you think Bama moved more to a spread concept? It surely wasn’t because Saban wanted too, it was because he knew he had too.

If Arkansas is to win in the SEC, we have to use an offense that doesn’t allow the 8 and 9 man fronts that Bielema faced his entire tenure at Arkansas.

Just basing an opinion off of all the Bret haters opinions. “we don’t have the horses to run the Pro style, not enough speed.” Think that magically changes if we go to the spread, especially if we have to wait until after the NC game to announce our new HC. Next year’s a waste. Following year, first true recruiting class for that system, another wasted year, true freshmen will have to adjust to SEC speed. Year three when we should turn it around, with SO and True Freshmen our schedule gets more difficult. So, yep, based off the Bret haters opinions, and using common sense, we will still be struggling in year three with a spread.

Not true…Blake did not run a spread. Stoops brought in Mike Leach and had success in year one and won a NC in year two.

I was referring to Nutt. Sorry should have highlighted. Don’t care about OU. So, don’t really know that much about them

Awww, you have to bring in the hater’s game when you have no other defense. To be clear I don’t hate Bielema; but, his offense style is another matter. Didn’t like it for Arkansas from the day he was announced as Arkansas’ HC. My concern originally, is exactly what kept him from being successful. He couldn’t sign enough SEC quality OL and DL to play a game control offense. Late in games, his defenses never had the muscle to keep the other team from scoring the last or last couple of TDs. And, it won’t be any different for the next pro style HC. And, as we all know Petrino won’t be coming back to Arkansas.

In the SEC Bielema’s offensive style requires more 4* recruits than Arkansas has historically ever signed.

The advantage, other than highly ranked recruiting classes in the SEC is some type spread concept. Whether you love it or hate, it’s Arkansas ticket to consistently winning 8 to 10 games annually.

You are using Nutt to support your premis that we need a coach who runs a similar system to be successful. I brought up Stoops at Oklahoma to refute your claim. We don’t necessarily need a coach who runs a similar system to find success and to refuse to look at candidates that dont fit your narrow premis is wrong headed.

And here I will give you another…Gary Pinkel came to Missouri after success at Toledo with an Offense very similar to Bielemas and had what could best be described as mediocre success. In his 4th year at Missouri he changed the Offense to a high powered spread and wins and championships followed.

Sorry, I said sometimes, that means you’re proving my point. Sometimes is the key word. Let me guess that means you should insult me for being wrong headed.

Ain’t you doing the same thing by saying it sometimes works the other way and using Stoops to make your point?

Again proving me point for me, I said struggling in year three.

Are you really insulted? Really?

No, I just think it’s funny people insult people for saying things. If I was to have called him wrong headed, he would have got mad.

You were insulted by the term “wrong headed” being used? I wonder what your response would be if I called you an idiot or a complete moron. I didn’t of course use those terms I merely stated that the path you are espousing is misguided which is what wrong headed means. Have a nice day…we will agree to disagree.

Incorrect, I am not thin skinned like some on this board

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Figures

There was nothing to take offense too… And this response? Wow.

Ok, Fire, what’s wrong with my response? We were having a discussion, actually me him and seeker were having a discussion, I gave them my opinion. They said my opinion was completely wrong when I said “sometimes” meaning not always. Then they used examples that falls into the “sometimes.” I pointed that out. Then he said things that can be considered insults. Then I called him on it, and he got mad. Then I laughed about it.

That’s an issue to you?

Why the animus? You didn’t call anybody out on anything… You should go back an reread what DTH wrote… I had a much better opinion of you before your “internet tough guy” bs.