Lack of posting interest

It seems that this board is dead. I mean we just got a new football coach, which is something many people on here wished for; and now, I rarely see anyone post anything of interest on this board. Are people not happy with the hire? What gives?

I think most are satisfied but waiting for staff to be completed. Right now there’s not much to talk about that hasn’t already been discussed.

Coach Morris is busy making in home visits. I’m paying attention to who he keeps and who he drops in the recruiting class. But there really haven’t been a lot of folks on line. It’s close to Christmas and people are busy. Saturday during the basketball game it will be busy.

I thought the board was dead during the search so I went and found another board where opinion and information seemed to be flowing.

Plus all of a sudden I couldn’t read articles and that kinda drove me away as well.

HNT, I had the same problem and I went to Hogville and it has plenty of info flowing! Some of it I don’t like but I have gotten more info there in a short time than I have here in a much longer period.

Personally I think most of the activity on this board was intended to get rid of that tub of lard yankee coach, and get someone to Lead Arkansas into some Fierce SEC Competition.

I don’t know much about Coach Morris, other than what I’ve read, but on Paper it look’s Good Enough to give Arkansas a Fighting Chance in the SEC. I think that most want to give the Coach Plenty of Free Time to get thing’s Organized and Headed in the Right Direction, rather than trying to Steer The Coach in the direction that they think thing’s should go for the FootBall Squad.

I’m Very Hopeful for Arkansas, But I believe in giveing the New Coach plenty of Space to do as he seem’s fit, to get the Hog Program Turned around and start winning some football game’s in Conference.

Also we in the SEC are in the Bowl Season, and time to Root For the SEC Team’s that were capable of getting a Bowl Game. For me, I can’t wait to watch the Alabama/Clemson Game. I hope that the Tide prevail’s, but either way, I hope that it is a good game, and not a BlowOut either way. Alabama is looking for Revenge, we’ll see.

There are several other SEC Bowl Game’s as well, so it’s sort of like, If you can’t Love One You Want, Then Love The One You Are With.

I hope with all my Heart that Arkansas is on the path to getting back into the Fight, and it’s a Great Opportunity For the Razorback’s in the SEC.

Go Hog’s

Exactly where I went and have the same thoughts as you.

I’m still around, but - rather like several of you have indicated - I have seemingly been largely ignored lately when I HAVE posted something, so I have backed off a bit. I’m not put out with anyone, I simply detect little interest in information and thoughts exchanges.

Perhaps the pay board is a hotbed of activity. I wish them well. I won’t badmouth anyone. Membership here is a privilege.

The activity on the pay boards for this site and its predecessor Hawgs-Illustrated has always been considerably more than on the Hawg Lounge.

I have no doubt but there’s no extra $$ for a subscription for me.

I’m surprised that the board is not commenting on the transsexual midget QB the Hogs are offering in Bogalusa, La.

Mud, is that to get things going or is it for real?


I miss the old board.

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville irritant caused many of us to move along.

Spot on re University of Arkansas, Fayetteville irritant. I re-upped monthly during this coaching change, but will likely cancel again after the early signing date and staff announcements. Sad that the ADG has messed up a good thing.

Sounds like it’s lack of control by posters and possibly paying for the privilege that might be an issue. Information and topics of discussion are out there. I’m working on something myself that might be up and running soon, be patient.

I don’t care what his gender makeup is, anyone who can run a 4.0 x40 is one hell of a player we can use. I saw that special on him, and how he does 4000 sit ups a day, 2000 push ups, 2000 chin ups, and eats crawfish twice a day.

I’ll take him.

Totally agree, Snout. For some reason, Wally Hall and several of his esteemed colleagues are determined to advise the rest of us of the campus location for the University of Arkansas. Not only is the reference unmitigated nonsense, it’s also poor writing practice in terms of redundant, unnecessary content. Anyone in need of a compass or direction to a Razorback game is hopelessly lost to begin with. :roll:

In my opinion, the better writers at WholeHOGSports don’t use the reference, but regardless, someone clearly has a personal agenda involving the matter. It’s annoying as hell.

I don’t know anything about this player’s issue,BUT this is a Team Sport or Rather a Team Fight and if there is a NutCase Involved that doesn’t know whether they are Male or Female, then I’m pretty sure that some if not all the player’s on the Squad and in the Fight might not want to participate with him. For me Personally I wouldn’t care if he could spread wing’s and fly, I wouldn’t want to be on the same team with him. I just don’t Trust NutCase’s, especially in a Fight, and make no excuse Football is a Fight, to be won or lost, with Bone’s Broken and Head’s Whopped, within the guideline’s.

Well…back after a long time away. Yep,it was a bad season. Yep, it was time for BB to go. Don’t think it was the offense that was the primary problem for BB though. I think the defense,especially last year and this year was the primary culprit. If we are assessing fault I think it would break down like this-25%offense and 75% fault for the defense. If CCM
doesn’t get the defense up to SEC standard in a hurry the up tempo offense,even if it manages 50pts a game will still get beat if the defense can’t handle the HUNH. What say ya’ll?