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For those of you that are frustrated with being locked out from reading articles on Whole Hog Sports I suggest that you download the SEC Country App to your devices and select Arkansas as your favorite team to follow and you will get the latest sports news articles covering the Hogs without having to pay a subscription.
Then you can stay informed about recruiting updates which this site is taking away from Arkansas fans.

Good win yesterday in NLR over Troy, hopefully they will continue to get good play from the seniors while the Sophmores and Freshman get more comfortable with the college competition prior to the start of conference play.
The SEC Is much improved and they will need quality depth to finish in the top 5-6 at seasons end which is possible as long as they stay focused and play hard for 40 minutes.

Go Hogs!

Those who have no subscription suffer significant site restriction; and it’s my solemn conviction that such a subscription dereliction results in a depiction of a Hogs information constriction from which even Marty can offer no interdiction.

I’m thankful for what I have.


Hey, I normally do some posting but it’s duck season and I have been hunting at least 10 days and Christmas is coming so I have slowed down.

Enjoy. I haven’t duck hunted in years. Age tends to impart an attitude which holds than duck hunting is not all it’s quacked up to be.

I have not spent that much time out here since the format change. I don’t like it. The change to pay to play didn’t sit well with me either. There are many other boards out there where I can get info, with a better format. As a result, I come here less.

Not to mention there are several on this board that make it their mission to butt heads and belittle people any chance they get. That’s no fun either.

One of my grandfather’s favorite sayings from about 60 years ago was to the effect that “There are more horses’ behinds in the world than there are horses” - - the mathematical viability of which premise seems - initially - to be somewhat irrational.

He was right, however.

Silver, I’m an old man but a young duck hunter. This year, we have ducks so I’m going and harvesting a few.

More power to you, sir. I never was really a dedicated outdoors man; and I have adopted an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with advancing age. Enjoy your outing; - - and good luck to you.