If CBB doesn't have at least 9 wins (Fire or Not)?

Which coach has recruited the most 4 stars in a four year period? Petrino or Bielema?

I believe we will reach nine wins after the bowl game but only a complete collapse of this team would justify firing this year. I think he gets at least five years to turn things around at Arkansas and, if there is steady progress, he gets more than that. Not only did Petrino leave with the cupboard getting very bare, the “interim” year pushed the talent level down even more. After the new wore off, Petrino’s recruiting had steadily declined. Brandon Allen was the only QB as a sophomore because he was the only SEC caliber QB behind Wilson when Petrino went into the ditch.

I have been encouraged by CBB’s recruiting with the exception of the failure to recruit any cornerbacks last year. They swung for the fences on CB’s, went down to the wire against very good programs, and whiffed on all of them late. If this class can wrap up solidly at all positions, I think recruiting is improving and the future is bright.

We have lost two games to top five in the nation teams. It seems to me that the CBB haters are very eager to get their shots in now worrying that CBB will have another strong finish to this season and end the year on the upswing.


I used scout.com and went back as far as I could (2002).

From 2002-2007 - The Nutt Era - we averaged 28.33 nationally and 8.17 in the SEC. Low of 23 and a high of 34.
From 2008-2012 - The Petrino Era - we averaged 24 nationally and 8 in the SEC. Low of 17 and a high of 37.
From 2013-2015 - The Bielema Era - we averaged 30 nationally and 11 in the SEC. Low of 21 and a high of 33

I went to Sports247 to check 4 Stars:



Petrino has 15 (4 stars) if you take his first 4 years or 16 (4 Stars) if you take his latter 4 years.
Bielema has recruited 21 (4 Stars) in his 4 years here.

Each coach had one (5 Star) I counted as a (4 star).

Again, the number of 4-star recruits Bielema has signed is more than Petrino and Nutt. The SEC West is more competitive than it was under Petrino and Nutt. I looked back and Scout had Calvin Barnett as a commitment in the 2012 class. That’s one 4-star Arkansas shouldn’t been credited with.

I looked at the last three coaches and the kids they beat elite schools for.

Nutt beat out elites for Ugoh in 2002, none in 2003, Michael Grant, Fred Beldsoe and Hillis in 2004, Felix Jones and Darren in 2005. Three out-of -state recruits with elite offers.

Petrino beat out elites for Joe Adams in 2008, Ronnie Wingo, Knile Davis, Darius Winston and David Gordon in 2009, none in 2010, Tevin Mitchel and Brey Cook in 2011 and none in 2012. Four out-of-state recruits with elite offers.

Bielema beat out elites for Hunter Henry, Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland, Dan Skipper and Reeve Koehler in 2013, Frank Ragnow, Brian Wallace, Bijhon Jackson and Rafe Peavey in 2014, Jalen Merrick, Will Gragg, CJ O’Grady, Hjalte Froholdt, Zach Rogers, Ty Storey in 2015, Devwah Whaley, McTelvin Agim, Briston Guidry in 2016. Twelve out-of-state prospects with elite offers

The four stars signed by Petrino and Nutt and their offer list doesn’t even come close to Bielema’s. I challenge you to go back and check. The BIG difference in Bielema and the others is his ability to go out -of-state and sign kids the elites wanted.

Every Arkansas coach will get the vast majority of in-state talent. The only way for Arkansas to be able to get where the fans want them to go is the ability to recruit top tier out-of-state talent. Only Bielema has shown the ability to do that since Broyles.

You guys want him to recruit better and he is.

Richard, do you think that the 3-9 record Bielema’s first year was more due to bad coaching or due to a lack of talent? I would be interested in your view on that.

OK if we win another game can we ban Tawtam?

I mean the consistent naysayer has no skin in this real life situation. Seems fair to say someone would be a little more responsible on the accusations if their job was on the line. In my humble opinion, screwing around with reputations by accusations is counterproductive what this board was intended to be.

Why aren’t there any vote up/down buttons, so we could regulate the hate. Seems I keep checking back less often every day to this board because of a select few…

The talent recruited by Petrino was for a different system. Especially offensively.

I think Ash was asking the D to conformed to him instead him conforming to the talent on hand.

Now Richard don’t come in here and start spouting facts. That’s not cool here. :shock:

This forum has become Petrino Place.

Thank you, Richard, for putting some perspective into the debate!

Are we sure this is the case?

Regardless, to get the original point of the thread, firing CBB is a ridiculous notion. That is about the last thing that this program needs.

There are 6 more regular season games. 4-2 is where most reasonable fans would have guessed the Hogs would be at this point.

You seem to be using recruiting service class rankings to dispute or question recruiting service 4 star ratings. A strange premise in a world of biased cloudy illusion. However using those recruiting services as guidance where nothing else exists to suit that purpose. Bielema has more 4 stars than Petrino. Is that just too horrible to bear for you?

I don’t care about recruiting service ratings or ranking anyway. Do you know those class rankings you list are often retro-active? Recruiting services go back years later dependent on a team’s performances with those players and raise & lower them. Petrino based on the team’s performance in 2010 & 2011 got his past recruiting service class rankings raised. I remember that happening.

That O-Line & defense needs vast improvement on the field of play even if those players were all 5 Stars coming out of high school. That O-Line got No Push against Alcorn State earlier in this year. Lord help us.

The reason I said, “Are we sure” is because someone posted, if I am not mistaken, that Petrino had more 4* signed than CBB.


Your link took me to a blank page on this board. I may not have paid access, a lot of places on this site I cannot go. However I believe you. The Petrino fanaticism displayed by some on here. I wouldn’t be surprised to read he is the product of the second resurrection on here.

I don’t think we should worry about what the rest of the country thinks about us firing or not firing a coach. Its OUR program. It was worrying about what the rest of the countries opinions that got Jeff to make the worst decision in Arkansas football history. That being the dismissal of the most effective coach since Frank. CBB needs to go. His teams are soft , his game management is abysmal and his defense isn’t even as good as Bobbys was… Time for a change. Jeff needs to go too. I don’t trust him to hire our next coach. CBB was a huge mistake. John L was a huge mistake. The only coach he got right he lucked into and then foolishly fired… If you want to win then you need to get over your notions of right and wrong. Coaches making 4 million or so a year don’t live in our world. The golden rule is alive and well in america. Those who have the gold make the rules… Knowing that Bobby should have received a slap on the wrist then been left alone to keep us GREAT. As it is we are heading nowhere. FAST. CBB needs to go. The sooner the better.

Nutt did it for his first year with another coaches players. CBP built a program and recruited players to add to that.

I agree that CBB has done better with keeping Arkansas kids home. However, that’s just half of it. You have to win and CBP did that. He was better every year and the last two top 10 finishes. We have yet to have been ranked one year at the end of the season under CBB. So, if he is recruiting better why is he not winning as well?

That’s actually false. He has more talent than CBP had and Nutt. It’s his job to coach recruit them and coach them. Tell me, if CBP had less 4 star talent than CBB how did he have us in the top 10 two years in a row? CBB wasn’t a name. Heck most people in Arkansas didn’t even know who this guy was when he was hired.

And who would be the next contestant to Coach here???

Even when the door was wide open they just kept a callin!!!
Sarcasm there for those not so witty.

I feel ya on the sarcasm. As LONG as Jeff is the guy doing the hiring no coach worth his salt is going to come here. Firing a coach after going 21-5 for hiring his girlfriend isn’t going to attract top notch coaches. It attracted Bret bc he was feeling the heat from the Wisconsin fans and wanting to get out from under Barry’s controling ways. Well without Barry to advise him Bret fell flat on his face. And I’m not just talking about the time during the walk that was foreshadowing. Many of us told everyone years ago that it was a mistake to go back to Broyles ball after the fans screamed for it to go. But Jeff like most yankees is a know it all. He under valued Coach Petrino big time. And whats worse over-valued Bret as evidenced by his raises and extensions after going 0-13.

In short fire Jeff Long and bring in a competent AD. Then we can talk coaches.