If CBB doesn't have at least 9 wins (Fire or Not)?

I SAY YES YES YES YES YES. There are many factors that go into my personal opinion: 1. Stats 2. Improvement on both sides of the ball (or lack of) 3. Horrible non conference loses 4. No consistency 5. Poor management of games and more. Putting all these factors together and the fact he has been here 4 years only comes to one conclusion. Termination. I realize that the season is not over yet. But from the looks of this team and the awful defense we play there is only one way to look at this. We could easily go 1-3 the next 4 games. All the teams with the exception of UF have looked improved except us.

Here are the facts: CBB

  1. 7-19 in conference games
  2. Horrible loses to Toledo, Tech and A&M last year
  3. 1 point win against La Tech
  4. A defense that has not improved and the future doesn’t look any better
  5. He is 22-22
  6. The first two years are rebuilding but last year and this year should be his cream of the crop.
  7. Never ended the season ranked. That’s a big fat 0.

For those of you who love to dog BP here are his fact

  1. 17-15 conference
  2. 34-17 over all
  3. 10-3…11-2 3rd and 4th year…Which proves it can be done at Arkansas
  4. Top 10 rankings 2 years in a row…Which means building a respectable program

Again, I simply compared BP to show it can be done here. For those of you wanting to wait another year. My question is why? What is going to make this team that much different the next year? Every year I hear the same thing from these fans…We will be better. Is that so? Our defense sure doesn’t look better to me. The OL doesn’t look better to me. They both look worse than last years. CBB needs to be gone.

Of course BP had a better record. He is a once in a lifetime coach that we lucked out in getting. CBB is an average SEC coach and that is about the best we should expect. Doesn’t matter which coach we hire. Arkansas cannot even recruit as well as the average SEC team. Therefore, in a good year, we will win half of the SEC games.

This program is not where it should be in Bielema’s fourth year barring a 5-1 or better finish this season. This season is far from over but that O-Line & defense I think leaves little chance for the season ending as I just stated as a possibility. I think the percentages are against AA quarterbacking all those remaining games, the O-Line is going to get him injured. Without AA, we are up the proverbial ----- creek without a paddle.

Still firing Bielema this year is a quick trigger impulse that in all likely hood will damage the program at least in the short run. You also have the message it sends across to the college coach hiring prospects of this world. They fired a dude that had three B1G championships because he couldn’t turn around that Petrino laughingstock mess in just four years. How long do I have, Arkansas has 25 years of mostly mediocrity in the very tough SEC? Am I putting myself in a dead end job to be fired after the 2020 season? These coaches are not stupid, firing Bielema after this season would definitely send that message. I think we have to set with Bielema at least one more year. Two more years would be optimum to shed the quick reactionary looking response. Who knows, Bielema may fire some assistants and get his ship right. It has taken college coaches five or six years occasionally in football history to jell a winning program.

And you forgot to add 0 SEC titles and nothing even close to getting there. I sure hope you are not talking about Petrino laughingstock having anything to do with his coaching ability. And CBP didn’t do anything that hurt this program under CBB. You are blaming CBP on CBB. Most programs that give a coach 5-6 years have improvement. Not one year of being ranked…not one. These are all of his recruits not CBP. No, Arkansas was ranked in the top 10 2010-2011. So, that’s not mediocrity.

I say one more year, even though I knew what we had after the 1st historic losing streak. Worse, minus the qb & rb’s, next year we will be rebuilding. Not looking good.

I said mostly mediocrity, not total mediocrity. That allows for the 2010-2011 seasons you want to stuff down Hog fan’s throats. If pictures of Petrino with his hands all over a lady younger than his daughter and head all bloody scratched with a neck brace have nothing to do with coaching ability. I guess your hopes are fulfilled. I said absolutely nothing about these current Razorbacks having anything to do with Petrino. I said the program was a laughingstock which it was nationally due to the actions of Petrino. It was also in shambles with regards to athletic talent. Those are facts. I made one reference to Petrino in a lengthy post and that is what you seized and pounced upon. That is all you people wish to do. Compare this program to Petrino’s here. Who cares?? Let’s compare it to Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield, Nutt, or even Saban. Beilema’s time here or program would not measure up to any of those coaches. I didn’t say I was pleased with Bielema. I just didn’t say fire him this year as you want to hear.

Better question is why would you? Recycling coaches every 4 years will kill any efforts of stability or recruiting. Just ask the morons who said after this last basketball season about how some wanted Anderson gone. They said for multiple reasons, but recruiting was the biggest, and now we have two classes that are killer classes to rival other top 10 recruiting classes.

If Bielema wins 8 regular season games and our bowl game for nine, he’ll show definite progress, as well as, win 3 straight bowl games(which no other coach has).

“And CBP didn’t do anything that hurt this program under CBB.”

Are you joking? From his lousy defenses and defensive recruiting and leaving us hamstrung with JLS for a year, I say Petrino did plenty of damage to this program for Bielema.

I’m not sure about that. The only part of the offense that will get a big overhaul is WR’s. Still have Allen, the RB’s(that play anyway), and most of the o-line. On defense, we’ll lose a lot of dlineman, but not a lot elsewhere. So rebuilding is a stretch.

NOOOOOO…All you people was you call it. Just saw what this program can be like because BP proved Arkansas can be a top 10 team. So, guess what? I don’t expect less from the next coach. Broyles coached in what? The 60’s. That’s apples and oranges. It’s fair to compare recent success or not but that’s too far gone. You know why I care??? Because unlike most fans I have seen what this program is capable of and don’t expect less. Waiting another year is not going to help. Same players will be here. So, by your statement give him 6 years. Really? Thinking like that is the reason our program stay where it is. We don’t expect anymore out of our coaches we pay 4 mil. a year for. Pay that much money he needs to have a ranked team in 4 years. We shouldn’t be rebuilding in 4 years.

I agree that this program can be Top 10 material in the SEC. However that opinion is not just staked on the accomplishments of Petrino. Nutt had a good team his first year as Hog coach as well as the years when he had McFadden, Jones & Hillis. Ford had a good year when he got to the SEC championship game. Madre Hill ran it right down the field on Florida, then was severely knee injured early in a game that went totally down the hill from there.

You just cannot change these head coaches like socks. Arkansas has no recent history of successes as an appealing coaching job to do so. We would not get one of the prime candidates this season against LSU and probably Texas & USC. Maybe even Auburn. We would have to get a coach that would be a gamble. Then we fire him in four years? That is just not a good cycle to even start. It would destabilize recruiting that already is no strong point here. Arkansas can just not be known all across the college landscape as quick trigger U and come out ahead doing so.

I agree with you, Warhog38. You cannot get into the whole “coach revolving door” scenario. Ask Tennessee about that nightmare. We just have to let it play out over the rest of this year and next season. CBB has gone from 3 to 7 to 8 wins in his first 3 seasons. That is progress. I do believe last year should have been more successful. The losses to Toledo and TT were inexcusable. We should have gotten to 10 wins last year. That is strike 1 for CBB in my book. This year really is a rebuilding year. We had to replace 3 O-linemen, RBs, the best TE in the country, and the QB. But, because of the “what could have been” of last year, we want to push for success this year. I think that next year is the year we should take another step forward. Because we will have returning a senior QB, full backfield, 1 of our top 3 WRs, and 4 O-lineman. On defense we will lose Ellis, Wise, Winston, Williams, Collins, Johnson, Dean, and Ledbetter. Which means we have 14 of our 2 deep returning on defense. If he does not get 9 to 11 wins next year, that will be strike 2 for me. I don’t think Arkansas can make it happen every year. I do believe we can make it happen every other year.

I’m about ready to hollar “calf rope”!

NO, NO, NO. Tawtam, as my grandmother used to say, “you just don’t have right good sense.”

No excuses for not the lack of fundamental tackling by our defense or continued shaking up the O-line weekly. This are the issues that have me on edge and want to see improvements in these areas or hold the coaches of these guys accountable. We have the Qb,RB and Wr to be a very good team if we shore up our weaknesses, if this can be done we very well could win out this season. So I’m in for another year but issues have to be fixed sooner than later. WPS

This. I was a fan of Petrino’s, but this.

This is what’s wrong with college football. Instant success or fire the coach. Get another. No stability.

Um no.

Fire the coach…fire the coach…fire the coach. Knee-jerk actions. Let me remind you of something: this isn’t the AAC, the Big 12, the Pac 12 or whatever…not even the SEC east. This is the SEC West. When I show people our schedule they go Holy Shiite. What other team in the West has CONSISTENTLY been near the top in the past few years? Bama…that’s it!! Has Miss. State improved? Has Missouri improved? Has LSU improved? And I don’t even think Bama, A&M and Ole Miss have improved…they were that good from the start. Not doubting that BP is a very good football coach…he’s proved that. However, and it’s only IMO, I look at his years at the U of A similar to Missouri’s first couple of years in the SEC. The timing was right as far as the strength of the competition. However, I don’t like to get into the BP vs. CBB arguments. We started this year with a new QB, for all practical purposes 2 new RB’s along with Walker and we lost 3 starters off the OL. This wouldn’t matter to Bama but it certainly would for most other teams. We have lost to 2 teams that are ranked in the Top 8 in the country. What coach do you think we could hire that could have beaten them?
If you are one of those fans who thinks that Arkansas will be Bama someday and consistently play for the conference championship and national championship then welcome to Razorback football. If you think that ANY Arkansas football coaching staff is going to recruit on the SAME level as Bama, Georgia, Florida, LSU or Texas A&M then welcome to Razorback football. With all that being said I will say that your expectations of playing for and even winning a conference championship occasionally is not far fetched. We have been there before and we will be there again. Right now nobody’s gonna get there but Bama. So…no, I don’t think there are enough negatives at this point to even consider changing coaches.

Richard, Bielema wants to build a championship team with inferior material. He hires CIA he’s who are nit good recruiters i.e. Anderson! He proudly proclaims he can do what he wants to do by coaching up and developing players. Why would 4 star players want to commit to a program that has average players? Bielema believed he could come here because he had a name and players would be drawn to him but that won’t work in the SEC. In this league you hire recruiter/coaches, not coaches/recruiters.