I think we can put to bed......

The why do we have another Allen brother at QB or what has their daddy done to secure their starting spots talk.

I’m in no way trying to disparage BA, but it took BA a while to build the confidence or gather that “it” factor to pull out big games. AA in his first 2 starts has come up big for us in the clutch. And we are going to need more of it with our late September and October slate coming.

So no more calls for Storey or Kelley to be the starters please.

One thing about BA was broken in with JLS, then Chaney then Enos. AA has had big brother and Enos. Actually I would like to see Storey get in a little PT this weekend. Don’t see why not Whaley getting more carries as well and giving RWIII a little break.

AA should be better than BA right from the start. He was right by BA’s side last year and the previous year for that matter knowing exactly what he was going through, including how to prepare and also having the benefit of having an extra year to learn Enos offense. Barring injury, he will be the man this season and next with an opportunity to surpass all of BA’s numbers.

Amen General, they have EMPHATICALLY been proven wrong. How does the QB they hate in BA end up as the #1 QB in the land, get drafted and make the 53 man roster? Then comes younger brother, they wished to banish him before he gets on the field because of father, brother and name. They are just Nutz.

Completely agree, but don’t sleep on Texas St. I think they put up 56 points or something like that week one.

They sure did

The success that AA is having has nothing to do with the previous QB anymore than AA will have on the QB starting in 2018. You tell me anywhere where accolades or blame are placed on any QB because of his predecessor or subsequent following QB? People praising the prior Hog QB in that matter are stretching reality. That prior QB did not play anything like AA his first 4 1/2 years and I don’t know if he would match the performance of AA in that same position last Saturday right now. I still do not particularly like that Allen name and the more than a hint of nepotism that it brings. However AA has proven himself worthy of that QB title. Something that other guy did not fully establish until late in 2015.

That ESPN #1 QB rating can be put where Mallet was mentioned constantly about high school drug rumors and McFadden was cited with relatives for having barroom brawls by ESPN talking heads continually. Causing Mallet to drop to a 3rd round NFL pick and McFadden to never get the Heisman he deserved. I have no interest in hollow ESPN speak. ESPN knew the last QB had split the fan base and even had his truck destroyed. ESPN was just stirring the ______.

  1. Tell us all what you don’t like about the surname Allen, and
  2. Give us a fact that shows there is more than a hint about nepotism with the 2 Allen quarterbacks.
    Otherwise, maybe move on from the issue about the older Allen boy who ended the entire 2015 season as the most efficient CFB quarterback, PERIOD!..
    and relax and recognize the very clutch beginning to younger brother Austin’s quarterbacking start and the promise for continued improvement from the reigning SEC Offensive Player of the Week!
    BTW, what game did you tune in to Saturday night?

I’m sorry, but comparing Brandon’s first starts to Austin’s is just wrong. Brandon started his first game against Alabama with little or no support, aka receivers. He also played hurt. He could not even practice between several starts.

Austin has been tutored and is ready for his time in the spotlight.

I agree

Marty, I agree.

Answering your question number one. The guy has the longevity only second to Broyles up there. He came in with Nutt. All the Nutt coaches moved on, he was all that stayed. Petrino was hired, there were reports Petrino knocked him to the floor about coaching issues, he still stayed through Petrino and thereafter when all the Petrino coaches moved on. Now Bielema gives him a cushy management job but pop is still visible on the SEC Network in many Razorback field coaching meetings. That just all looks like an arrangement between pop and somebody for those boys to QB the Hogs from years back, most likely a big $ booster. I think he coached at Murray State & Boise State and this was just by far the best place to jump off the Nutt caboose. I think the Allen name is synonymous with brown nose. I am a Hog fan. I only want them to win. However I am not going to let other fans take pot shots at me because of what I believe. I still believe it will be the best situation for Arkansas when the QB is not named Allen. One is sure never to be benched. The other one proved that.

The answer to question number two is the way no other QB not named Allen has taken the field in a game since Bielema arrived.

I have no problem with AA quarterbacking the Hogs but it is for ONE REASON. What AA has done on the field of play. That other one blew chunks for 4 1/2 years late in games and never hit the bench. I don’t give a hoot what praise wacky ESPN lays on him. Those rotten rats at ESPN did not support Hog players that deserved it lot more than him. I will bet you AA will never be No. 1 with ESPN no matter how much the Hogs win.

That Alabama game was a stomping and that is not where I made my judgement on the first Allen. I made my judgement on all those games before the last 1/2 of 2015 where he either made miscues or did nothing in the late stages of every close games the Hogs had any chance to win. This AA has engineered two late game winning drives plus did great in an overtime showing. His brother never engineered late drives except as a senior at Ole Miss, In the latter half of 2015. In my opinion, this AA is a better clutch QB than that brother can ever dream of being.

Amen, I think it is silly for anyone to try to pit the two brothers against one another as if it means something. Fact is a lot of people did not like BA because they didn’t understand the Xs and Os of the QB position. Those that felt the Hawgs woes were all on BA shoulders were simply wrong, and in many ways in denial how his career ended, the records he set at UA and his status in NFL. AA will hopefully be just as good. Tennessee fans hated / criticized Peyton Manning when he was school because they said he could never win the big win. The next year T Martin won it all, but does that make T Martin the better QB?

So who should have played ahead of BA? AA?

Do you really think Coach B would take the chance of losing games to play a QB he didn’t think was the best?

I haven’t always been a big fan of BA. But I never doubted he was the best choice we had. I may not think our secondary talent is as good as I would like, but I don’t think the coaches are failing to play the best players WE HAVE. BA was the best we had. AA is the best we have.

Did they go to UofA due to their daddy working there? Probably. Nothing wrong with that.

The only thing that would be wrong would be if BA or AA got the start because of their daddy. There is NO evidence of that. Just don’t think a coach being paid millions of dollars a year is going to do that. Period. They are going to play the players they think gives them the best chance of win.

I disagree on whether BA or AA was “the Best QB”, I think they weren’t. Two years ago, Chaney said as much. He said BA started because he had experience and made decisions quicker. He used the McD’s analogy: “If I (Chaney) went to McDonalds and went to the drive thru, BA could tell me what he wants, the others would have to read off the menu.” Doesn’t mean he’s the best. Maybe the most experienced.

As for comparing BA to AA, as Marty said above, extremely unfair. BA was sent to the wolves and abandoned by the leaders. AA is being helped by the leaders of the team. But, many talking about how good AA was last Saturday are the same ones that were bashing him last week. By the way, my personal opinion is he is better in his “first game” and if he improves like his brother he will be very good.

Is making the decisions faster part of being the “best QB”? Are you saying BB didn’t play the QB that gave them the best chance to win? Not saying the guy with the best arm, or the best runner, whatever. It is being the one that gives you the best chance to win.

Example: When I was in high school playing the O-Line, the starting left tackle spot came down to me and one other guy. Ricky. Ricky was stronger than me. He was faster than me. In one on one drills he would beat me almost ever time. I, on the the other hand, was the better PLAYER. One, I knew all the plays, knew what I was supposed to do. I knew what the guy next to me was supposed to do. I could figure out what the guy across from me was going to do (not in a one on one drill, but in live game situations) most of the time, and use that against him to get him out of the way. In short, Ricky had more talent than I did, I was the better player. I started, he was the back up.

For the record, I wasn’t a great player, I was the weakest link on the line (but still better than the other option).

My point is, a coach is going to play the player they think gives them the best chance to win. MAYBE Nutt didn’t do that with MM (I think he did, but if the truth was ever known, and it came out that Nutt benched MM because he was POed about the book, I wouldn’t be shocked). Other than a weird situation like that, coaches are going to play the players they think will give them the best shot to win.

I think AA should be a little father alone by now after playing some last year and being in the system for the last two years. BA had three coaches and offensive coordinator two. Coach need to play Storey some to keep pushing AA and to get him some playing time, because the real games or coming up and Tx A&M has two of the best pass rusher. If AA gets hurt I would hate for Storey to be thrust into the game, because AA get hurt.

Not sure Chaney was the best authoritive on who was the best QB at the time you speak of.
Who did Chaney think was the best QB 2 years ago? A J Derby or Duwop? he could have been somewhat correct though, considering the bland type of offense Chaney ran left the QB with very few options.

Agree with you guys on comparing AA to BA at this juncture. Oranges and apples. AA has been nurtured through a good system and with a very good OC for 2 years+ and now has the luxury of working with one of the best receiving corps ever at UofA. BA had to change OC’s 4 times and had to grow right along with the rest of a very young inexperienced team including a young WR named Hatcher who dropped balls at that time, but is now an NFL prospect.

The ones that need the break most are our linebackers. We cannot keep playing Ellis and Greenlaw on every snap. They won’t hold up being used that much.