I apologize

I was wrong…Bielema gotta go.

I feel you. I supported CBB when he first got here. We are regressing. Pay the man his obscene buyout, and start over.

Same here…agreed.

I say extend his contract. Keep him around. He is great

Talk to your buddies in the A Club n let them know.

If we end up 3-9 or 4-8 things will take care of themselves, which at this point is completely realistic.
I’m not convinced that they will show Coach B the door after this season no matter the result unless higher powered get involved, I guess we’ll find out.
They simply have too many on field issues to pinpoint one area that is causing them to lose these games. It’s a total lack of consistency, discipline and execution of the fundamentals of the game by the offense, defense and special teams.
I mean, as I’m watching this game I just knew down deep in my gut that we would do something stupid to give up a lead and ultimately lose the game.
In sports winning can be contagious and unfortunately losing can also become contagious and right now that is where we are.
When you take a look at our remaining schedule, we will only be favored in possibly 3 games, NMST, Citadel and possibly MIZZU at home beyond that it’s hard to find a couple more wins, but like it or not all the games will be played and we’ll take some thumpings I’m afraid.
One of these years perhaps our fortunes will change and I certainly hope they do because times are tough on us Hog fans for the time being.

Go Hogs!

First we should fire Jeff Long for giving CBB a raise and increasing his buyout by about $8 million. Then let the new AD handle the CBB problem.

Fire Bielema. From the looks of him it would take at least 10 years before he starved to death!

Get a shave

Poor judgement always been a problem for you?

I apologize also, I have been such a long time fan sometimes you can’t see the writing on the wall…1958 til now is a long time…even though I know what a national title feels like although it’s not that big of deal back then…it’s time to change and it would be great to find someone from the Saban tree of coaches…Defense wins Champioships …Arkansas needs to clean house starting with JL on down…I watched a lot of football and there has to be someone that can come in here keep the recruits we have and add more…to be honest when the game started my gut was telling me we would lose…I mean, had the ball the ball right before halftime and let the clock run down a bunch of do nothing, that right there just told me Brett does not want to be at Arkansas, he is begging for them to fire him…

None of Sabans coaches bring Saban type success to their programs. We need to find our own a identity and success. If we try and copy Bama we will just continue to lose. Beliema is a defensive guy and is trying to copy Bama and yhe results speak for themselves. We are not Bama and we will never will be. We are Arkansas and need to find our own way.

If I were an odds-maker I would say your W/L projections are a lot more likely than a 7-5 or even 6-6. The reasons, I think, are varied and a lot more than I wish to list. The schedule is surely a major part of that. But offense, defense, and special teams were all riddled with costly mistakes yesterday including costly penalties at inopportune times. In the end, coaching failures are evident in recruiting, practice maybe, and game day decisions for sure.

BB can’t sign the talent needed to run his system and thus far has not been able to sufficiently coach them up. Somehow he has to forget about how the dude will do the right thing in the classroom and the community and sign some mean-as-hell football players. That’s the only way he will win at Arkansas. The Uncommon Man theme seems to have run it’s course. Or was that an excuse he used that allowed him to keep kicking the can down the road.

My friends at church today said we have the biggest coach in college football and the way he was dressed yesterday made him look like a looser. They could not believe the mistakes we made yesterday during the game.

All I can say is, if they had showed the wildcat and brought Kelly in in goal line situations 2 weeks ago, I feel we would have won that game. But it seemed to only happen because Bielema’s back is against the wall. I don’t his heart is in changing his philosophy. But if he could, he might even save his job.

One more thought: Allen needs to get a poker face on the field; his antics yesterday did nothing to help the situation.


Yep, I Agree, if you want to Support an Easy Team in the SEC to Beat.

Tie The Coach Up and the Guy who Hired him, Put them in a Box Car Headed Back Up North.

Hire a Coach that know’s how to Win, if you want to start Winning Game’s in the SEC. You may have to go through Several Coach’s Fast before you get one that Has the Strong Desire and know’s how to WIN.

When you finally do get a Good Coach, then Pay the Money and Give Him the Love and Support to keep him.

If not for our northern neighbors, we would be dead last in the SEC, and the last game of the season will be for sole possession of last place, no doubt. The schedule for next year is the easiest we have had in years , including before BB arrived. I would say any D-1 coach could win at least 7 games and should win 8 or 9 . JUST TAKE NOTE if BB is not gone before next season don’t anyone jump up and cheer if he wins 8 games…its the schedule , my grandma could coach us to that many.

Coach Bielema didn’t play a down, did not fail to fill the proper lane on any kick-off, didn’t get caught looking in the backfield while receivers ran down the field behind him, didn’t drop a pass, didn’t step with the wrong foot to block or block the wrong man … Sick of this kind of talk and letting the young men responsible for all this have a “poor baby” … They need to be held accountable

OK Hog,
Here’s a little tip for you, the product on the field is his responsibility.
They are all his recruits and the best that he could convince to sign to play for him.
Same thing is true of the coaching staff, all his hires and therefore they collectively are responsible for coaching them up and developing them to perform at a far better level than what we have seen during his tenure as HC.
If he can’t recruit at least more 4 star recruits than what he has done so far then we won’t see much better results as long as he remains HC.
He hasn’t yet realized that we need a special teams coach, the poor perfance from those units have cost us several games since he’s been here not to mention the past couple of games.
He simply isn’t getting it done so far, I’m hoping he can because he’s a likable guy, but at the end of the day being a nice guy doesn’t mean you continue to get a pass with poor results.
We can be better and have been better than this for the better part of the past 65 years and things need to get better sooner than later or I fear he won’t be here when it does get turned around.