Hot off the presses LSU head coach Les Miles and offensive coordinator released today

I thought this past weekend game lost to Auburn would generate an unrepairable crack to Mile’s security links with LSU AD and others

Saw that coming, but it should have happened last year.

It was going to be either him or Gus. Gus lucked out.

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Yep, that was an elimination game for Gus and Les.


A little bit of a surprise to me because I thought LSU might beat Auburn in close one and then if they lost to the Tide again then he would be gone. Gus is STILL on the hot seat IMHO. HOGS YA"LL>

I read some on the LSU follow-up to Miles. Tom Herman from Houston & Jimbo Fisher from FSU are the top early candidates. Fisher showed no interest in inquiries by LSU last winter. Fisher was a assistant at LSU under Saban. Herman was a graduate assistant at Texas but is originally from Southern California. The brand new USC coach is off to a 1-5 start and the AD that hired him has already been fired. Who knows what could happen there?? Things are still shaky at LSU as well, they say it is 50/50 on the AD being retained for next season. You hear Federo, the North Carolina coach mentioned. Also the old SEC coaching pair of Lane Kiffen & Ed Orgeron mentioned as possibilities. Appears to be a not very enviable fluid situation at LSU. Not good for winning football games in the near future.

Sorry to see Miles go. He was a class act in his quirky ways. When it’s all said and done, I bet we see spread offense at LSU.

I think at this time next year Bobby Petrino will be on the LSU sideline yelling obscenities across the field at the Arkansas coach.

Like Razorback fans, when a coaching search is going on, LSU automatically jumps for the highest fruit. I understand, they have a good history in this century and a fertile recruiting base. BUT LSU and the state of Louisiana are in a whole financially(yes, coaches are state employees as well). So unless, donors are willing to shell out WAY MORE MONEY for a major league coach, like a Herman or a Fisher, then they are going to have to get a very good up and comer. Kiffin and Orgeron could be it, though both don’t have good reputations of winning in the SEC. One guy I think they might can get if they push hard enough is Kingsbury from Texas Tech.

10 million dollar buyout from Louisville. LSU doesn’t have the money to do that.

Yup, Spread or something where they are led by a left 5 star QB who can throw it to the correct color uniform. It is all about the QB baby. Good QB, right system… your are fine.

Why would he leave Louisville? He is rolling over there and probably going to get a raise and with a win over Clemson will have a chance at a title this year with a Heisman candidate. He is at a school that doesn’t ask as much as LSU will. He is not going any where.

Don’t see him skippin out on Louisville a 2nd time this quick, even if LSU coughs up the buyout money, but who knows he might like the big time hype and bright lights of Baton Rouge and some offseason rendezvous to mardi gra on his Harley.
Heck if Louisville will take him back once they probably would 2 times, when he runs the Harley in the ditch or swamp down in cajon country. LOL.

Making maybe a million more at LSU with a short life span vs 4-8 more years where you are right now. I would take the long term vs short term.

Talked to an LSU insider friend shortly before AU/LSU game. He told the gun was loaded, cocked, and an itchy finger was on the trigger if Miles lost to AU. He said feelers were already being sent out. When I asked if Petrino was a target, he replied 'ell no. So me, always the one to put in a dig at my LSU friends reminded him that HDN was available. He told me if he could reach thru the phone he would choke me. :lol:

I don’t see neither Herman nor Fisher leaving their kozy coaching jobs especially when both or on the national landscape of college football. However the word is out that Ohio State Meyers is very interested in the LSU coaching position, get ready for announcement

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Urban Meyers to LSU? That would be unfair advantage

Bama - When did we last beat them
A&M - How many losses in a row now
LSU w/Meyer - While he rebuilds, we will manage to start a new losing street
Florida - They have our number

We would not have much of chance to even sniff the SEC West. These coaches are too smart.