Hogs vs Missouri!

Mike is doing an excellent job with our talent. He’s obviously a great coach, and we have a six year upward trajectory.

Sadly, at this point, yes, we are officially out. Still plenty of season to play for but we now MUST beat SC and Florida or we are done, unless we win the SEC tourney.

At this point we do not deserve to be in the Big Dance.

Not after tonight. WInning these thriller away games is fun, but eventually it would catch up to us and this was the worst team for this to happen to.

Or NIT, I’m afraid. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that at this point. But, with only Florida and South Carolina remaining as any sort of quality win, and with them both being on the road, you can pretty much add those to the loss column, then do the post-season math. There’s no desire or pride in this team, it seems.

The homers have convinced me we’re going to the tournament, our opponents just happen to play over their heads when they play us. Wonder why that is lol, it’s called no defense.

Twitter quote from Ronnie Brewer: “Losing is never good. But losing to a bad missouri team who is 5-16 overall and 0-9 in the sec is absurd. Very unacceptable just saying.”

I’m a homer, but at this point, I’ll admit our margin of error is ZERO and our chances just took a dive. BUT, all is not lost yet.

Fans still need to show up to the Vandy game because they are a top 50 RPI team, and can alleviate some of this punch to the gut we just took.

Look st Brewer’s commit General, and get a clue for once…defend mediocrity. Did you vote for Obama? lmao

Want to end a 13 game losing steak? Play Arkansas

What am I defending. THis loss was horrible and I’ve said as such. But lets not lie, we win and you don’t show up, we lose and here you are.

As always, you’re defending mediocrity, and talking tournament. Totally disillusioned. Nothing new here, move along.

Thank god for the Mississippi schools, they keep us out of last place

No use worrying about is it’s over just like the season. Play the freshmen and get experience. Put the seniors on the back of the bus. Leadership is what is missing. The hogs are not good enough to play 5 minutes a game and win! The attitude has to change. At least Kentucky and camp Cal might get beat too!

Well, Mike continues his ways of blowing games. Y’all see his quote afterwards, smh.
Mike said “they really seemed to be playing for something, guess they were tired of losing”. Are u freaking kidding me? That sound like a good
leader to ya’ll? Like no s---- shirlock.

Besides winning at home, someone please explain to me what he does well because everyone I know has no clue.
He can’t recruit, his in game management and clock management is horrid, he can’t win on road (even against crap teams), and he never gets us in tourney but once every 6-7 years (maybe!).

So love to hear a good answer on why y’all want him so bad. I can only assume it’s wait til next season like every year though. Smh

As I said in Jeff E’s post. Can’t blame Anderson for the team not showing up. At some point, the team needs to accept responsibility for their poor defense, shot selection, free throw shooting, and mental toughness. If the team wants to be in the Big Dance, they need to show up every night and prove it. I know I’ll hear from the " Don’t criticize the kids." crowd, but these are young men, most in their twenties and need to step up and act and preform like young men on the court. If these young men want to make the Tournament, they must make the Tournament. Anderson can’t drag them across the finish line.

I pointed it out the other day on another thread when I did a rundown of this team’s wins and their losses. I’m not here to bash Anderson or the players, but the fact is that this is not a tournament team. Their best wins are against UT-Arlington and Alabama. Neither of those W’s are worthy of NCAA tournament consideration. If I am sitting on the committee, I’ll take a team that has a few more losses, but also has a win or two over good teams, such as Syracuse, for example. The best teams on the Hog’s schedule has beaten them fairly easily (Minnesota, Oklahoma St., Florida, Kentucky). The losses at Missouri and against Mississippi St. has put this team in a situation where they have to beat South Carolina or Florida on the road, and that is IF they beat everyone else on their schedule. I just don’t see this team doing that. This is going to be a team with a good record, but due to a soft schedule rather than being a really good team.


I’m sorry but these kids that aren’t performing are Mikes recruits!! Hes been here 6 years and still losing to awful bottom dweller teams in a year he MUST make the tourney.
Maybe it’s time Mike starts recruiting some better talent or kids that do want it. That loss is unacceptable…Period!!
Point blank Mike is not getting it done. Y’all can make all the exuses you want it’s been 6 years!!! If we miss tourney this year it’ll be one appearance in six seasons. The previous 2 coaches were fired for the exact same crap!!
Why does Mike get a pass??And please don’t give me the “oh but his recruiting classes, we can’t lose them”. Pelphrey had a Top recruiting class too and was still fired that same season, give me a break. No more passes for Mike. Dudes not that good and it’s super obvious! Wake up people, we need a new basketball coach.

Understood Dubs. But my point remains. These young men are Anderson’s players yes, but most have been playing basketball most of their lives. They know how to play defense, block out, rebound, make free throws, and so on. If this team wants in the Big Dance, THEY need to prove it on the court. They can’t just play up or down to their competition and expect to be in the Tournament. Lack of leadership on the court and mental toughness is this teams biggest problems. I will agree that Anderson needs to take into account a recruit’s leadership skills and mental toughness when evaluating. Don’t get me wrong, as head coach, Anderson is to be held accountable for wins and losses. But the players must also be held accountable.

I agree for sure it’s on the players some too, but we all know in college it’s about the coaching.
The really good coaches have their boys prepared for every game, the good ones most games and the bad ones some.
Mike is ok, he’s good but nothing more than that. He’s not elite or great and he’s not really good either, he’s just good. We’ll have a couple good seasons out of 7 or 8 but nothing more with Mike