Hogs vs Missouri!

Absolute must win game today with our stretch of schedule coming up.

Pathetic start. Point a minute so far

We will get going soon though

We need to wake up from our nap now

CMA needs to wake up and scrap his trapping defense, they are leaving people wide open and the shooters are hot. Hogs half court offense is non-existent tonight. They are playing themselves out of the tournament.

We are playing sloppy and Mizzou is hitting everything they throw up. Of course the refs are horrible, typical SEC crew. Barford has forced way to many bad shots, and Trey Thompson looks like he started playing basketball on Monday. Need to get Hannah off of Vanleer, he is the guy you must shut down.

Agree with you HB about Hannah, he is a defense liability. CMA better light a fire or they will lose a must win game tonight.

Mizzou is shooting better than they ever have and ever will for the whole year… figures.

We’re obviously going to win this game against an SEC contender. Very well coached and came to play. Excellent job by everyone.

Uh, they’ve never faced such a porous defense

Back to the cave, troll.

Where the heck did Anderson get that shirt lol

Thanks for the advice, homer. Dream on.

We’re struggling against a 5-16 team…wow

Think about it. We’ve been playing for months and they’ve won 5 games…lost 13 straight

We can’t even defend a 5-16 team

Done. Now … can we just agree - once and for all - that this team - coached the way it is - cannot consistently win playing this style.


Missouri’s first win since the 6th of December, we did an excellent job, great defense and great game plan

I hope you didn’t buy your tourney tickets yet. The lack of proper coaching really showed tonight. The “helter skelter” play caught up with them. They could cut the lead to 1 or 2 and then just look completely lost. No. 0 needs to learn to pass the ball. He had two critical turnovers down the stretch. I just can’t see how you people continue to back the coaching of CMA!!!

And another mediocre SEC team is winnowed out of the NCAAT. That Mizzou linebacker knows more about Hog athletes than the coaches do. Sad. Well, at least the pressure is off now and we can enjoy the games by watching for improvement for next year vs. watching for wins this year. NIT would help accomplish improvement by lengthening the season (more practices), but I’m not counting on it. Neither should the team. Just go out and fix your game. Footwork, passing, teamwork, inconsistent play, etc. Oh, and leadershiip skills, too. Someone besides a coach needs to learn how to get in somebody’s face. Call out your teammates for inferior effort. This team needs to learn to be tough.

No. It sucks, I agree but Mizzou was shooting WAY over their head tonight. They are the epitome of lucky tonight.