Hogs vs Georgia!

Break it down guys: How do you see this one shaking out?

i think we come out and play inspired basketball on senior day, my guess is Kingsley has big game today. our depth should be a factor today, especially if Thompson shakes off his bad day vs. Florida, if he can setup Macon to score our second group can distance us from them. Frazier is a tough matchup for our big guards, as he is quick and shifty. i hope this game goes much like the Ole Miss game and we can all but sew up an NCAA bid with another top 50 win.

The Georgia game has me concerned. The hogs are only a 5 or 6 point favorite so, if we do like we normally do and give up a big lead in the first few minutes, Georgia may be too talented for us to overcome the points we gave up.

I think it could go to the wire. We need to get their bigs in foul trouble early and defend the 3. Do that and Frazier hopefully doesn’t beat us by himself. I worry that some backup guy has a career day against us as is prone to sometimes happen to the Hogs…GHG!

Just want to say thank you to Moses, Dusty, and Manny for being Hogs! You will be missed and remembered for your years with the Razorbacks!!! WPS


It’s all about Frazier. You don’t have to stop him. Just keep him from going for more than 20 and you win.

Well refs stink early. Typical SEC game. Caught the walk by Moses. But, missed last 3 by Georgia.

I’ve seen a couple on both sides not called. Not sure why they seem to like to call Moses

Hey Bake, I haven’t read up on it. Do you know the scenario for us to get the 3 seed?

That was a beautiful pass by Thompson! Manny just couldn’t handle it.

Win and SCe loss

Like I said, it was all about Frazier. Once he got in foul trouble it was over. I don’t think UGA could handle our guards to begin with.

Every Hog he guards is abusing Frazier. Despite the EFFING refs who have allowed him to commit 7 fouls.

Once again, I want to thank and congrats to Manny, Moses, and Dusty, for representing and honoring our beloved Razorbacks!! Best of luck on all your future endeavors…WPS!!!

Absolutely, thank you

We were a lock even before this game…So let’s not talk about the Hogs having work to do. You haters can now wait til when our season is finally over to find something to biatch about!

We weren’t locked before this game. I was trying to find PIG’s post last night, so I could show him what was said last night. Lunardi said if we lost today and lost our 1st tourney game we were out.

Now, we are solidly in, but I disagree, if we lose in the SECT or NCAAT they’ll (the haters) talk about how much of a failure we have been because we didn’t win a title.

I respectfully disagree with you and Lunardi Bake! I believe we were in no matter. I mean Vandy is going to probably get in if they beat Fla and win 1 or 2 in SECT with prob 15 losses. I don’t care what schedule you play…15 losses is 15 losses.

I agree with you about Vandy.