Hogs vs Georgia!

Also I saw Indiana and Ohio St playing today…Are they both on the bubble? really?

Are they?

Not in my book! If you don’t hjave a winning conference record you shouldn’t get in. I think Indiana was 6-11 and Ohio St 7-10 in Big 10 play.

I watched a little of that game waiting for ours to start. I wasn’t impressed.

When you said it, I looked at Lunardi’s Bracketology (he updated this morning), I didn’t see either listed.

Good deal. They shouldn’t be. I guess I was thinking of a week or so ago. Announcer said OSU had 6 5-Star players on their roster. Guess Motta not coaching them up. lol.

Guess we have to bite the bullet tonight and pull for Ole Miss!

That is a game I watched and I was hoping Ole Miss would win. Ole Miss got a 21 point lead but South Carolina cut it 4 so I was nervous until the end.

good win by hogs today, we are looking the part now. i echo the sentiment about the 3 srs. i dont know that ive seen a player improve more in his time at UA more than Moses. i think we can beat either Florida or KY in SEC tourney so seed doesnt matter to me. i do think, however if we get to final of tourney and lose we move to 7 seed but if we win tourney could reach a 6 seed. i know thats wishful thinking, but if all of the trio of Hannahs, Barford and Macon are hot we can play with anyone. especially if Barford is hitting 3’s. if we get lucky enough to get placed in Tulsa pod for first 2 rounds then i think we’re set up for good things. excited to see where rest of season takes us.

The hogs played a good overall game. There were some turnovers and some lapses on defense but you should not complain about a win. It did seem like Macon had a tough game with only 3 points. We need home to shake it off and relax. Mosses, Manny and Dusty have really helped put the hogs back in a upward trend. Thanks to our seniors!

Good win for the Hogs. Glad to see CMA and team turn things around after the two bad losses they had. I hope they continue to play well and see how things shake out. I think they have had a successful season no matter what happens the rest of the way even though they suffered some very bad losses.

Checked again this morning on both updated Bracketology (Palm and Lunardi) and neither team is listed. Maybe CBS was trying to get ratings up?

It seems some match-ups I would rather avoid prinicipally Vandy on their home-court again as they have an opportunity for a 3 time sweep of the Gators. They will be another SEC force in the NCAAT I believe but I agree with our guards playing at a high level, we will be pretty tough to beat. I am pulling for Dustin Thomas’ continued emergence as well as Arlando Cook. They are getting quite steady and productive at the 4 spot in their shared minutes there along with Trey. Steady play from this “trio” should catapult us into the 2nd weekend and well beyond. I believe that these basketball Hogs have not peaked yet IMO!! Woopig!!

i’m with you Core, i would rather avoid Vandy since we’re playin in Nashville, but id rather take my chances with Vandy than Florida. they seem to have our number this season. your right on with your assessment of our power forward spot. if we can get Cook or Thomas or both to start playing to the level Thompson has lately we’d be that much tougher. our biggest strength is our depth and our ability to get points from many players. im praying the committee sends us to Tulsa for the opening wkend pod, as it would be all but a home game for us.

I would like the bracket they had us matches up to play Dayton 8 seed us as the 9. With 1 seed Gonzaga as the the probable matchup in round 2. Tulsa had the 1 seed there Baylor I think.
The major thing to look at is we are going to the Dance.
In the SEC tournament I like the 3 seed and probable matchups. I hope Vandy wins and beats Florida! I’d like to play them on legs that have played 3 straight days. We could possibly improve our seeding for the dance.
This year is a spring board for next year.
The players returning next year should gain enough confidence this year to change the results from some of our slow starts and bad losses! The hogs will be good again next year. Not great good.
This year I hope to make the sweet 16. If we get a good matchup in that game we could do more damage.