Hire Norvell now!

Please hire Norvell Arkansas. I think he is the perfect coach for our team. Any thoughts?

I would rather have Kiffin

I would be happy with either of them.

I wouldn’t mind kiffin either. Guessing Monday we find out who new coach is.


We don’t need a smartass from California who has blown off every team he has coached and been fired at least three times, USC, Raiders and Alabama. Norvell is the perfect person, young and ambitious and an Arkansas native.

he is from texas

Maybe he was born in Texas but his coaching tree is California, and he still is a smartass who is disliked by everyone who hires him. He would leave us in a second just like he did Tennessee.

But he played at UCA.

I believe he was referring to Norvell as being from Texas (he was born there.)

And Tennessee wishes he was still there. Where would he go? Doubt ge gets another shot at the NFL, USC was his dream job, but doubt he would go back there.

Why is it that Norvell has not been linked to the Tennessee job? He was not seriously mentioned for the Miss. State or Ole Miss jobs?
He was the oc at Arizona State, but no link to their head job.
So is the only job he has seriously been linked to is Arkansas? This should raise some red flags.
DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.Memphis played none today.
NO to NOrvell.

Venables is still a great choice.

Latest rumors is that Norvell is the guy if Gus says no. Why are we settling for a 34 yr old green HC when we could go after Kiffin. Expect more years of mediocre seasons and out of the top 25.

Two green guys we hired, Frank Broyles and Bowden Wyatt did pretty good actually.

If they were to hire Kiffin, I for one, would not bother watching games on TV.

I usually appreciate your take Smash…but not this time.

Lane Kiffin

McHawg’s got it figured out!! and Kiffin’s a blowhard. He’d be out of here as soon as he could upgrade and we’d be going thru this all over again in 2-3 years, or less.

Where woukd he go?

NOrvell should stay at Memphis. He is still playing with Fuente’s recruits.
Lane anywhere but Fayetteville.
Venables should come to Arkansas.

I like the idea of Venables!!