Hill and/or Tubbs for AD?

I have seen Fritz Hill mentioned a few times as a possible candidate for athletic director at the University of Arkansas. Given his background and credentials, Hill would be an excellent choice.

Another possible candidate that I have seen named is Tommy Tubberville. I’m not sure of his business acumen, but Tubberville would possibly be someone else to consider. He’s a football guy and his recent talk to the folks in Little Rock about the importance of recruiting and playing competitive football in the SEC struck a cord with me.

Regardless, in my opinion, the University needs a respected, personable and business oriented AD, with a “hands on” sports related past, who knows the state of Arkansas well and is keen on enhancing the rabid fan base in support of Razorback athletics.

In my opinion, Fitz Hill encompasses all those aspects. He’s coached at Arkansas and understands how to run a business. And I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Hill, so I’m sure he’d have no trouble rallying the fan base.

Spot on, General. Totally agree.

I read he’s got some skeletons about something. Not familiar, anybody know?

I would be happy with either.

Response: Hey I know!, the only skeleton in his closet is he very committed to UA Athletics

You “read” about these allegations? Where? When? Link?

That’s why I was asking. He was working at Arkansas Baptist or something. Probably read it in this forum, maybe the other side so somebody knows. Quick search turns up…http://diverseeducation.com/article/59815/

Oh…heck. That was pretty common knowledge and covered in all the Newspapers at the time. I thought you meant skeletons like he was a closeted alcoholic with multiple DWI’s no one knew about.

I’m the President and the moneys all gone…I think it’s safe to say he will not be the next AD. Just IMO.

It was all politics…guess what? He was President there until last year and is still employed there. As I have said before I don’t think he would ever be a candidate however to denigrate the man is wrong.

https://www.arktimes.com/ArkansasBlog/a … st-college

I’m not D’ing nobody. I posted the link and said he won’t be AD. But in this forum people get the D alot, 'specially on this end.
What I said is Fact. Not D.

Seriously? "I’m the president and the moneys all gone " ok.

Excuse, was just making my points, but those two points are FACTS. Arkansas athletics is a 100 million + business. F Hill was the president of a college that had an enrollment in 2015 of less than 1000 students. Fact 3, not to even be considered for AD.

Off the OP a little bit, but if Fitz becomes AD, does that solve the Justice or Javon Franklin problem? Isn’t there something to do with reduced tuition for faculty’s kids?

I hadn’t seen the story on Fritz Hill. I still like Hill and believe he may have walked into an [historically] unstable financial environment at ABC, but you make a valid point. It would seem to me that competent money men would be plentifully employed within the department at UA to closely track the dollar situation, regardless. Long was obviously solid with the numbers, but he likely had a good deal of very capable assistance.

Where both Long and Frank Broyles excelled, in my opinion, involved their vision - at least in terms of making positive things happen within the department and on campus. I’m not sure about Long, but Broyles also seemed to have an important and genuine quality by often endearing himself with others. From everything said and written, I would think both Hill and Tubbs to be the same.

The next AD is going to be a major hire. Hopefully, they’ll get it right.

True that. I like Hill. He understands Ark football, the state, the boosters and such. He was working with very little in the former position he was in, and still kept that place afloat through the recession. That is remarkable since I saw a number of other small schools fold up during that same time.

I was just watching Finebaum and Tubberville was on the show talking about what is needed to win in the SEC. I really like what he had to say and I wish they would consider him for the AD job because he knows what kind of coach we need. He also seems to be interested in the Auburn AD job if it comes open.

I have no idea if this has legs or not but was just told that Tubbs is very interested in the AD job. Not sure how reliable the source is (the cousin of a friend is a big money booster) but apparently the powers that be are looking at Tubbs and have been for a while.

This actually makes sense from a timeline standpoint as Tubbs is currently doing color for ESPN and could quickly take over and lead the coaching search we all believe is pending.

Just throwing it out there. If this does happen who do you think Tubbs would go after?

No idea of the reliability, but I have seen some reports linking Tubbs and Malzahn at Arkansas. Regardless, Tommy T knows football and how to win big in the SEC. He also seems to have a good old boy quality that would likely play well with boosters. Personally, I have always liked the guy. It’s also interesting that he replaced Mike Leach at T/Tech. I saw a story today calling Leach one of the favorites, should Bielema be dismissed.