Hill and/or Tubbs for AD?


I have always liked Tubberville and think we missed out hiring Nutt over him. At this point it seems they want an ambassador who knows the culture and will press the flesh and keep the big money boosters happy. I think Tubberville fits that bill perfectly.

Who knows, if this does come to pass I could see Tubberville going after Neal Brown at Troy who was one of his first hires at Texas Tech.

Again just throwing it out there…what else we gonna talk about? Beating State? Hahahahaha.

I’m going to pass on any talk of beating State, Dawg, but agree with your thoughts on Tubbs. He knows the SEC and how to win. He also knows Arkansas.

I would agree. It is apparently widely known, at least in Arkansas, that the school was in trouble financially, while under his leadership. The professors, other scholars and employees made that apparent. Calling for his resignation and he eventually did.

That usually doesn’t translate well on a resume. Doubt that he will receive serious consideration, or any.