HC Job - Is That Your Final Answer?

Is that your final answer?

I’m going with Venables. Just adding up numbers. He’ll be LR next week (previously scheduled but fortuitous). Can’t wait for Gus. Arkansas won’t take a chance on a non-Power Five (Norvell) guy (too much at stake). Gotta hit a home run. Venables is the guy.

I would love to have Venables, he would install a attacking defense and he would I assume bring a high powered Clemson/Oklahoma style offense. That being said I have no confidence the powers that be on the hill will make a good decision. I see us waiting around for Gus only to have him get a nice raise and extension at Auburn at which point all the good candidates will be gone.

Venables is my first choice as well. Comes from a good coaching tree, can recruit Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida very well, has been involved in 5 national Championships(winning 2) as DC, and has an understanding of what it takes to defeat teams in the SEC like Alabama and Auburn.

That said, I agree with DawgTown. I think the higher ups, just from what I’ve read and heard, have tunnel vision for only one coach that I fear we are going to let really good coaching talent pass us by and we’ll end up settling for someone else. And if the rumor mill is true, Mississippi State is already showing interest, if not talking, to Venables at the moment.

I’m afraid it’s looks like Malzahn or bust and I have reservations about him being the HC anyway. Norvell would be ok. But again, I think Venables for us would be the best hire, if we can get him.

I don’t think Venables is interested in any head coaching jobs. There may be interest, but it is one sided. I personally think he would be a bust as a head coach. There is a big difference from being a hot shot coordinator at 2 blue blood programs and coming to head coach a job like Arkansas. He needs to prove himself somewhere as a HC first.

I was hoping for Kiffin but it appears his old baggage is too much to give him a chance. It looks like Venables is the next best option and I’ll be behind that hire. Probably next if we want to rate the coaches would be Morris with his experience and ties to Texas but think that Norvell will some day find his way to a P5 job.

Stoops…Fisher and Sweeney say hey!!!

You must not have looked at the 4 coaches article. It’s not Venables. Read what Stoops said. That should tell you all you need to know about how our openings are being viewed

I can’t read the articles. Who are the coaches and what did Stoops say?

No I haven’t read that article and it wouldn’t change my belief that a good coordinator could come to Arkansas and have success. Because well you know we have had sooooo much success lately doing things the way we a.ways do things.

For every stoops, fisher, and sweeney, there a re a dozen muschamps, mcelwains, and weis.

Are you really going to compare Oklahoma, FSU, and Clemson with Arkansas?

McElwain had been a HC for several years before taking over at Florida.

I wouldn’t compare Arkansas to those programs no however it seems most on this board do. I constantly read. “We can’t have this coach because he doesn’t have enough experience”…blah…blah…blah…over and over.We can’t go the coordinator route because we are too big a program for that…don’t want a yankee…don’t want a fill in the freaking blank with some other ridiculous reason.

Arkansas is at it lowest point in SEC history, in my opinion we can’t afford to take a risk on a coordinator and hope that he develops into a good head coach.

Hahaha…Bielema had 7yrs of HC experience with great success in a power 5 conference when he was hired. Did you see him as a “risky” hire? All the handwringing going on doesn’t matter cause there is no sure thing when it comes to coaching hires.

I think it is ridiculous to discount a well regarded HC with limited experience or a well regarded coordinator who has had great success at every stop.

Frank Broyles was 34yrs old and had one year HC experience before coming to Arkansas. I’m sure you would pass on him too.

maybe Saban - if he does not get into the NC playoff, calls it quits at Alabama. He then calls Arkansas and says he’s got one more rebuilding effort (remember Alabama a decade ago) and Arkansas is exactly the potential dumpster fire for him to sink teeth into.

Okay … I’ll put the lid on the Jack Daniels and move along …

Some levity has been needed…thank you.

Venables understands winning and what it takes to win. He was a huge part of the winning at Oklahoma and Clemson. He’s a Broyles Award Winner. He may be ready to change hats from a dc to a hc. Arkansas could be the perfect opportunity for him.Understand he was interested the last time the job was open. Clemson currently has co-offensive coordinators. He could bring one of them with him.
Being the dc of a national championship team that beat Alabama certainly should help him in recruiting.
This guy deserve a chance and why not Arkansas.
Understand he has a son that will be a freshman at Clemson next year. So Family may come first. And if that is the case the more reason you want someone like that leading your program. He may want to stay at Clemson and take over for Dabo when Dabo goes to Alabama when Saban retires.

Haha very good.
I am sure if these homers here were Alabama trustees, they would hurry up and fire Saban and try to get the loser, or maybe Alvarez would want CBB replacing Paul Chryst

Agreed. The more I read about him, the more I think he’d be the best fit for Arkansas. But that’s just my opinion.

Brent Venables would be a great choice.
He has recruiting contacts in Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. He has been on National Championship staffs at Oklahoma and Clemson. His defense have been at the top of college football for several years.
Venables has more experience in big game situations than any of the others coaches I’ve heard mentioned for the job. That includes Gus.

Those not a student of history are destined to repeat it. No one thought CBB was leaving Wisconsin. I’m expecting to be surprised sometime soon. And my Christmas Wish List is for Venables - because (original post) nothing hurts my TV remote more than knowing teams have a 50 percent success rate against the Hogs on 3rd and 10-plus. Just sayin’…