HA Question of the Day: Do you think Ty Storey should play at least a half against Coastal Carolina and why or why not?

HA Question of the Day: Do you think Ty Storey should play at least a half against Coastal Carolina, and why or why not?

I really don’t see that it would hurt to let the young man play in some live action and realize a dream of wearing that uniform. It shouldn’t impact this game whatsoever.
Having said that, I do believe that if Ty wants to play then ultimately he will have to transfer and If he does I would suggest that he transfers down a level where he can possibly play and not have to sit for a season.

Go Hogs!

Let me tell you something, if healthy and if the starters can build a lead as they should in the first half then I would like to see a whole bunch of guys get a couple of series in the second half.
For Example:
WR: Gary Cross, Devion Warren, Tobias Enlow, Kofi Boating and River Warnock
TE: Will Gragg
LB: Giovanni LaFrance, Alexy Jean-Baptiste, Dee Walker, Gabe Richardson
CB: Chevin Callaway, Jordan Curtis, Micah Smith, Britto Tutt
OL: Jalen Merrick, Ty Clary, Jake Heinrich

I believe that many of these players will possibly have a much better chance to impact the program than Ty Story ever will and these guys especially the RS-Freshmen need the experience.

I actually agree and you are making my point in a very precise way. Something that I relish. Although many don’t agree with the inferences that I conclude. Simply put CBB simply does not allow his players to play adequately in game situations to access. It has to be demoralizing. 7 coaches are involved with the positions you mentioned, how do we know or really believe those players are as bad as implied? Look at the FG kicker situation, the guy that was NOT suppose to be playing has done a damn good job. Cole looks good. I still struggle with the 4stars on the OL being benched. I believe some of the players are worthy of their bench status, but this coaching staff has not shown me nada on for the most part based on depth chart. I could argue Chase should have been starting but I won’t. I will settle for letting Ty play Saturday period. Cole can get hurt on any next play, who’s next? While I loved BA, I am just the opposite about AA.

Better question: will Austin Allen play any more this season, if so why? It’s homecoming, it’s senior day?

The answer is yes when he is healthy and why because he is a Senior. The follow will be what happens when AA starts to struggle again i.e taking too many sacks. Half are clearly his fault. I don’t expect him to run for his life like Cole, but AA should be smart enough to chunk it and not take all of those losses.

No to Ty Storey, because Cole Kelly needs all the PT he can get.

No, Ty doesn’t look like he has a future with the Hogs, I would likely think he is going to transfer out. He’s a year older than Cole and didn’t beat him out.

Cole needs the playing time

No. The reason why is: They are trying to get AA back in to playing form. This would be the game to do it. Let Cole start get a lead and give AA some game action. Then, if you’re satisfied give Storey some time. We are gonna need both AA and Kelley against LSU and Mistake, especially if the line lets the defense in the backfield every play like they’ve been doing

Part of the 4 star Olineman on the bench may be correct but you should be able to see the problem on the outside pass rush.
Run blocking Wallace did a good job

Looks likes the consensus is “no”

I thought it would be more balanced than that. Some good cases made why he should not play a half. I see the excitement with Cole, but not sure I see why so many don’t to see what Ty can do in meaningful game time situations. What is AA still can’t go and one later we have to play Ty. Just seem like the perfect game to play Ty. But since I asked the question, I will l have to man enough to accept. But if Ty does play 2 quarters Sat, I will be back and maybe do a little smack talking :mrgreen:

Matt Campbell used his third team qb to win at Norman. A good coach has back ups ready to play.

I hope a few weeks ago the LSU folks weren’t asking if their second stringers should play in the second half against Troy! :?

LSU didn’t show up prepared to play Troy! They thought they had a cupcake game and got beat. That’s about like what could happen when the hogs play them.
I just hope Bama beats them bad! After that thrashing we will catch a beat up bunch of tigers

And the week we get LSU, Mistake gets Bama. So, we have a shot at getting back to back games against beat up teams.

Great point, to many fans undersells this issue of what it takes to rebound after a thumping from Alabama, would not be surprised to see Guice be held out, he obviously gives them the best chance to win if he’s on the field but if you get beat and get him bruised up you may not have him the rest of season. We may be the next team to see Guice I’m thinking which would make them looking forward to winning games after Bama. If they more or less forfeit to Alabama it will make them 6-3 with 3 games left and opportunity to finish 9-3 with a bowl game making 10-3 and big Ed would be safe. Yes on the topic of Storey getting playing time, we were just a shade away from having to use him last week when Kelly got hit on his touchdown run, if you wait until it’s crunch time and have to play your back up QB you are setting up more scrutiny when he comes in totally unprepared. WPS

If the Coastal Carolina game gets played well in the first half the hogs should have a big lead. We should let AA get a little rust off in a drive or two then let Ty finish the game. It wouldn’t hurt. We need Cole Kelly and AA to be healthy.
The LSU game and MSU game could be good to the hogs.
I may get upset about the hogs getting blown out or blowing leads but I want them to win. Until the clock reads al 0000 there’s a chance our hogs can win these next 4 games.


So how did those second stringers look? It’s pretty sad, Arkansas State dominated this team.

What a disgrace even with a win, if the Hogs play like this the next few weeks then they won’t win another game.
Coach Bielema said that the defense gave up some uncharacteristic deep pass plays, makes me wonder what film he has been watching all season?
For goodness sake, our defense gives up huge chunk plays every single week.
Im convinced this coaching staff has absolutely no idea what they are doing and what kids to play.
Obviously, TJ Hammonds is the most explosive offensive player we’ve seen with the ball in his hands since Joe Adams and he hasn’t had many opportunities until the last two games, not good understanding of who you best playmakers are as a coaching staff.