Go back to the old format

I came from HI and was also a semi- consistent poster on WHS using disquis. Had maybe 1300 posts on HI. Not really settled here yet so I’ve have curtailed my participation since the changeover.

The only problem I see is now with the change today is you cannot comment on a specific story on the WHS site. You have to come here and start a thread. Just doesn’t feel like a natural way to discuss a specific article in a spontaneous way. I really liked that feature on WHS.

Of course there were a few on WHS that did nothing but spew garbage and espouse their hatred of Long and Bielema every single day on practically every article. Maybe with the changeover they will slither away and find another forum. So that’s a good thing.

By the way just so that last statement is not misinterpreted. I have no problem with posters who do not like the current regime. If your respectful to others who may disagree and balanced in your criticism, I’m happy to debate and discuss with you. But if all you do every day in spew vile towards our Coach and AD and offer nothing else positive in support of our program as a whole, then I have no time for you.

I strongly agree that this format is terrible! I do not plan to use it in the future, meaning that I will miss all of the knowledge of some of our wise posters. Why the change?? Makes no sense to me!! Appreciate the past knowledgeable comments of some of the posters, which I will now greatly miss (said it twice, so I mean it). Thanks to all of the friends that I have made on here in the past, and best of luck in your future endeavors. Finally, a big WPS!!!

This reminds me of a fraternity being suspended from campus. If they are not restored in timely manner, then inevitably we will see the fraternity slow drip and evaporate it’s membership on campus. The site is very disappointing. Not sure how they will get / maintain new membership with a site that seem awkward to use. Hopefully they will restore, or WHS will come up with fix to make more user friendly. With some thought and more time, we may be able to figure out a way to use, but as I stated earlier by that time, the membership will be gone.

I assume this is just a chance to monetize Richard’s excellent recruiting information. He now just tweets links to the pay forum. It’s a shame but I understand that doing a good job costs the site money. That said, for me it’s probably a good idea to back off now that it has become necessary to pay money to read about high school kids choosing their college. It’s a nice break and will take away some of the drama not to be worried about recruiting.

Well, I thought it was my old age and resistance to change. I see that I am not the only one that will quit the post. Sure was fun while it lasted, hope somebody got what they wanted out of this change. The PC Police have struck again! Adios.

Re: Go back to the old format
PostThu Sep 08, 2016 6:55 pm

Thanks everyone for playing nice and forcing comments to this. Some people just can’t behave.

Response: This is terrible , I too vote we go back to the old classic format. Hopefully the next go around, All bloggers will be respectful to others as to what they post especially regarding players and coaches.

I don’t know what my post count was. Not a big deal to me. What is a big deal is that they made the article accessibility more restrictive. I’m not sure what kind of following they truly have but if it was more than a thousand I’d be stunned. They can count me a periodic reader now. If it isn’t simple, easily accessible information that I can can comment on quickly - then I’m out. I honestly don’t see the benefit of running your base followers off. It wasn’t that many of us on here to begin with. Back to the limited surface info of the paper. #returnofthedarkages #stepback #poordecisions

I just knew people like Tim and War were going to screw it up for the rest of us. Everyone posts something ridiculous at times, but guys like these two just thrive off making everyone else mad and insulting anyone/anything.

This is terrible, go back to what people like and enjoy. It was plain and simple. I just paid to be a subscriber and been following Richard Davenport for 10 plus yrs, but if this doesn’t change soon as bad as I hate to I’ll delete my account and will truly miss discussing sports with fans that I have been commenting with for yrs. it would SUCK to lose that!! WPS!!

Saying I thrived to make everyone mad and insulted anyone/anything is ridiculous. Viewing my disqus account at WarHog38 will prove that. All my past comments at WHS are there. True, I was not a 100% homer as some of you. However if WHS did this because of a few disparaging posts by the fan base. WHS is reflecting a problem in Razorback Nation far worse than anything I ever described on that board. The remedy should have been winning some football games. I guess everybody just accepts that is never going to happen.

To each his own." Failure is never fatal, failure to change might be. " John Wooden

I can’t even figure out how to reply to someones post… Like London said… Farewell to many of you who I have enjoyed the banter with…always in good sportsmanship. If someone builds their own site where we can just get on and have a little back and forth and sharing opinions… shoot me a note… I am in. The death of what was once a fun dose of entertainment has been achieved. It is like Matt Jones fell off a motorcycle and this is the replacement.
[/quote] Enjoyed it!!! WPS!!

I have no wish to besmirch the remembered wisdom of the late great John Wooden, - - but I respectfully differ with his philosophical premise. Goliath of Biblical notoriety failed in his lethal challenging of the young shepherd, David, the future King of ancient Israel. Alexander Hamilton failed to triumph in his famous, historic duel with Aaron Burr. Hitler failed in his bid for global dominance as the supreme dictator of Nazi Germany. Both Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein failed in their concerted efforts to obliterate Israel and conquer western civilization. In each and every cited instance, failure was most certainly ultimately fatal for the characters referenced.

Likewise, “change” can be for the betterment - or for the worsening - of anyone’s situation, depending upon one’s personal perspective and mindset. As I happened to note in another thread, should the “meal of the day” happen to be “liver & onions”, some of us would likely find that a pleasing prospect; others of us (including yours truly) would not.

Attaining a 100% consensus approval for each and every newly presented format would very likely constitute an impossible quest. Additionally, The Powers That Be almost always have their own ax to grind motivated by dint of their own predetermined priorities in regard to the determining factors for such considerations as these.

Bottom line; - - - - it’s out of our hands.


Sent you a DM.

My first [and last] post on the new format. You guys may want to rethink things, inasmuch as your previous format was both entertaining and often times promoted a well rounded exchange of ideas - as well as readership, I would guess. If not, then adios WHS. As several posters have already said, there are plenty of other places online for Hog news.

Woo Pig.

Wholehogsports forum was definitely a forum for the people and of the people…meaning there were likely many, many who also had easy access to reading Hog sports articles and then various perspectives. It wouldn’t surprise me that families of recruits and players for our Hog teams may read these articles. “Fan” support is very vital given the Hogs are the only BUT prideful game in the beloved state of Arkansas. You get more bees with honey–"b"ing a rallying support for all good things to come for all Hawg sports.
Things are looking upward in Hawg nation! I will continue to root WPS! And for onward progress of both CMA and CBB! Go Hogs!!

dwp007, while you and all of the others are right about the site, don’t go away just yet. I am still in shock myself but I think we need to just accept things will change and be patient in how to use the new tool. Give me a week or so to understand this forum type thing and I believe we ought to be able keep things going. Would like to think that Matt and WHS sports will come up with ways to keep all of those WHS faithful engaged. i.e. I am seeing where there are links to the stories in the Hawg Lounge. I would suggest or I am trying to figure a way to create a room, lounge or whatever that is for the loyal WHS faithfuls. Stay tune because this will not sustain.

I’m not a lifelong message board poster so this new format has me baffled.
So if I want to comment on an article, I either have to start a discussion or find a discussion that someone else has started on the article itself? Can someone explain to me how that’s better?
Also, the theory that this new board was put in place of the old system to chase off negative posters doesn’t make sense to me. If someone wanted to post negative comments, what’s to stop them from just posting them on this board?
Finally, what are the odds that they will go back to the old system? More than likely, this is a sunk cost issue. They probably can’t go back; the die is cast. I could be wrong (and often am).
I will say that this seemed to come out of left field. I’ve been posting on WHS for a while and never saw any notification of this change. I’ll try to make it work with this new board but honestly it’s not off to a good start with me.

Honestly, in my case I never left the board, only stopped commenting and reading many comments because of a few people on the board that could never seem to stay on point. Why in the world we had to get off into race, religion, politics on a sports site is beyond me and I chose to not participate. As much as I don’t like this new format, if it keeps the riff-raff out I’m all for it. Maybe some day we can go back, but that’s not likely going to happen.

I’ve also been following RD for years and now can’t even view the majority of his material. That’s the most disappointing thing for me.