Go back to the old format

This new format will kill the board and fun as we once knew it… Please let Matt know to return the board to the old fomat. This is like typing into dead air.

I agree, I liked the old way better. But in my opinion, this was probably done because of the abusive nature of some of the posters, like Jim using the board to bash religion all the time. They can monitor and disregard posts that are offensive easier this way.

The old system was better because you could stick to a topic and have material to comment on readily available. This way, I agree with you, we will lose probably half the posters.

new format SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. The clock that lists the time of your posts is off by about 5 hours.

Thanks everyone for playing nice and forcing comments to this. Some people just can’t behave.

Click on your name, go to User Control Panel, Click on profile and set your timezone to CST.

Good bye old friends ! WPS

Sucks big time !!

All the WHS posters are “forced” to take a back seat to the Hawg Illustrated posters !
They keep there posts number and we loose ours ! Years of posting and over 5000 posts …now we look we just jumped on this ship and snuck across the HI boarder to invade their POS board !!
This sucks and I’m out ! Plenty of places to get my news. See ya Saintly…give em hell !!

Well they cancelled my first post, but to all my friends out there it was a great one to go out on !
Everyone would of been proud of me !!
Goodbye to all my old friends…after over 4 years and 5000 posts on WHS , I’m out !
Don’t ask people what they would like , I guess you guys figure If we don’t like it we can leave.
Well I’m leaving. See ya.
See ya WHS guys ! You were the greatest !!!


I moving to HawgSports, Trey Biddy is great plus its $5.00 a month less. See ya on the other side.

I am not going to make an accusation that we have been muzzled because change seems to be the only constant on these internet chat forums. All changes I have ever seen have been detrimental to their sites. ESPN went to facebook and made a highly volatile vibrant forum into a barren landscape with just a very few lambs bleeping. I enjoyed the former but then I can sling mud with the best of them and defended our Hogs to the max. ESPN as a comment blog is dead now. My YouTube site was attractively decorated 3 or 4 years ago and I got hundreds of views or plays on my music playlists weekly. Then YouTube made the present format change to flat out ugly just to add other site links and a Google+ link. I didn’t need or use links and my YouTube site is now totally dead as far as new views. I got one new subscriber in the last year. My Google+ site once had 847 mostly female followers. I shut it down to private when Google+ months ago announced they were going to a younger crowd facebook & twitter type format which is now in the very final stages of being implemented by them. Music sites as mine & music communities look totally dead with the new change as there is still no video download option on the New Google+ format, I just checked several days ago. Whatever all the changes were very bad as this one here appears the same. This format reduces sparring with each other and reduces the effect we have in directly addressing the content of the articles written by the many sport writers at this site. I guess they were all big homers who wish only harmony among the fan base. I guess they don’t have much faith in the HOGS ever winning. That would have made the boards on the old format like a church choir. The Hogs just have never been able to do that in the SEC consistently the last nearly 25 years.

I came over from HI and my post count reset to zero also. And I certainly do not feel like this is MY board.

I am pleased with the content here… but I feel as though much of the HI Hawg Lounge rapport was interrupted, because many of the regulars there feel the same way you do about the changes. I suggest we all just hang on. We might be amazed at how much we grow to like the posters from the “other” board.

Well, all of the Hawgs Illustrated posters lost their post counts too. Some of us have been here since the switch, so our post count has built since that time. I’m sure that I had more than 10,000 posts there, but so what?

As most of you know, Whole Hog Sports recently aligned with Hogs Illustrated. Hog Illustrated was past aligned with Scout. Scout use to have boards all across the country with a master Scout board and literally a Scout board for every school in a P5 conference. Hogs Illustrated was the one for Arkansas. I never spent any time on Hogs Illustrated but I posted a lot on Scout boards across the country and at their master board. That Scout Network broke up and that is when HI joined Whole Hog Sports. This board set-up looks like an old Scout board. So good Whole Hog Sports & Hogs Illustrated could get together so we all at WHS could all be relegated to their old defunct Scout board. Like I said, I never commented at Hogs Illustrated. Why would I jump in wildly now?

I can’t even figure out how to reply to someones post… Like London said… Farewell to many of you who I have enjoyed the banter with…always in good sportsmanship. If someone builds their own site where we can just get on and have a little back and forth and sharing opinions… shoot me a note… I am in. The death of what was once a fun dose of entertainment has been achieved. It is like Matt Jones fell off a motorcycle and this is the replacement.

FWIW, there are a number of life formats to which I would love to be able to return; however, - - - at age 70 - - - that’s not feasible. Time marches on, - - and change is the one constant which abounds preeminently in the universal time line.

There is a certain bistro in my vicinity which features a “blue plate special” of “Liver & Onions” each and every Thursday. I adamantly reject partaking of “liver & onions”; therefore, I very determinedly avoid patronizing that particular diner on Thursdays. It works for me.

I usually use Disqus to post under the screen name Jim.

If the goal of this new format is to make discussion of articles more difficult and to cut down on user posts, then I’m pretty sure you’ve achieved it. This very much stifles discussion of the articles. It feels like I have to enter a chat room to post now, which I won’t do.

If your goal was to clean up the trolls from your website, all you had to do was enforce your existing Terms of Use.

I love this site but I’ve got no interest in chatrooms or forums of this nature. Unless you change back to the old system, I’m sad to say this will be my final post. And I’ll miss reading all of the posts of all the Hog regulars. Like SaintlyOne said, maybe a new forum will arise that doesn’t seek to stifle the opinions of those it serves. WPS forever!!!

This amounts to a change for Whole Hog Sports in their online blogging community attachment. They ditched the California based Disqus for association with Hogs Illustrated of the old online Scout community. I don’t know if it amounts to any monetary savings. I found my old WarHog38 Disqus account with my 1227 WHS comments just by Googling my moniker. It was one of the Links that popped up. A message to Silverfox, this thread was started by a person from the old WHS board. We all know how to keep screen doors from hitting our rears on our way out the door.

I doubt it :wink:

Not fun this way. No feeling of continuity. Too bad. Outta here. See ya guys.