Game Thread

Boom!! Just what the doctor ordered. WPS!!!

Was surprised to see the tight coverage and aggressive play in secondary. Good to see.

Need to try and establish the run.

So far I’m liking the changes on the O-line. Oh yeah, and this Whaley kid.


That’s how we run the ball HOGS!!! WPS!!!

91 yard drive. Woo Pig!

Where did that D come from, and where have they been? Hope they stick around.

Just a bad pass by AA.

Late and behind. I don’t like passes in the flat deep in our own territory. Easy pick 6.

Need to keep running the ball

We need ST coaching. Almost never return a KO cleanly.


Really like seeing Agim in the middle.

Think it is our turn for a pick six

Looks like we may also be playing the refs again today

Please run the ball on second down.

Coach Smith just refuses to bring pressure on 3rd down.

Nice work Liddell, way to track the ball.

Lot of players getting banged up today.

Interception like fielding a punt. Hate the spot. I thought if momentum carried you into the end zone, it was ruled a touch back.

Yeah, that’s PI all day.