Game Thread

I didn’t get to turn the game on until the beginning of this drive, did I imagine things or did the announcer say we have a very good FG kicker?

He said that. Our only highlight from Aubby. He also called the TD pass.

Great first half for the Hogs! Nice way to bounce back after the Auburn game. We need to really crank up the running game in the second half and keep the defense playing sound gap protection. Agim is playing very well on the D-line. Ledbetter is also doing a fine job setting the edge at DE. The secondary is ball hawking today!

No more turnovers and AA with his pass accuracy back like on that last TD drive. It looks good for the Hogs.

Dayumm! I wouln’t run another one out!

Wow, that hurt my teeth


That was a big stop by the D!!

Great start to the 2nd half.

I will say one thing for Florida. They have a very good defense. Playmakers on every level.

AA not having his best game by far, but still leading these Hogs!!

I know Froholdt is hurt, but Raulerson is limping, is there no one else that can play?

Cole Kelley standing on the side line reminds me of Ryan Mallet. Hope he plays like that while he’s here.

Hope he doesn’t run like his feet are in concrete though.

That false start killed our drive. Missed scoring opportunity.

As long as he can play and handle his assignments, don’t change a thing. The line has played very well today.

Wise just made a mans play!

Yes, he did. I didn’t realize it was him until he got up. Thought it was our LB

Freaking block below the waist, good grief!

I thought OL could go low as long as a 2nd player wasn’t engaged. Am I wrong?