Game Thread

Poor shot selection for the Hogs on the last few possessions.

Time for Kingsley to get into the game or we will start to fade.

We have to get the inside, outside part of our offense going. Kentucky is starting to collapse on the dribble drive.

Somebody score

that was just a little late

These refs completely suck!!!

Moses with the trey!!!.. don’t do it again!!! Lmao

Hogs 38
UK 27
Refs 14… all for Big Blue

Ha ha

WPS!! Got Em where we want them just gotta finish!!

Think Barford is one of those players that plays his best when the lights are the brightest. Playing with great cofidence tonight

First 5 minutes of second half is huge

I want to see him, Macon, Hannah’s, and Beard all to be on at the same time.

Hogs outplayed the Cats, in the first half, by a country mile. Unfortunately, the refs handed Kentucky about 7 possessions with horrible calls. The Cats are going to come out and try to punch us in the mouth. Hope we can withstand their run.

Well, first 4 minutes went as I thought. UK comes out trying to run us out of the gym. We are hanging in there, barely. Need a big stop and a fast break score to stop momentum.

Need to stop Fox

We have no answer for Fox. Beard has the speed but he is playing with a bum wing and hasn’t been the same since the injury.

We win have to rely on getting hot from behind the arch to keep up if this keeps going the way it is going.

He’s guarding Monk, that’s the issue. He needs to get on Fox, and Hannahs is too slow, there are times I think he is more of a liability than anything else

Fox should have fouled out already with all that reaching crap he does.

How is that a charge when Briscoe slide under Barford after he was in the air!!!