Game Thread

Wow refs are letting Fox just slap, grab, and push all he wants. Hogs playing well to begin the game.

Kentucky length and speed is crazy.

And as expected, refs won’t let us breath on them.

We were huge underdogs to begin with. If refs continue to call it like this. We are in serious trouble.

You’re not used to playing 5 on 8 at Rupp?

Barford with a couple nice hustle plays.

Yeah, typical SEC refs. Home team gets way to many calls in league play. And that’s all SEC games. When it’s a big UK game it’s embarrassing.

Just proud we didn’t come out and lay down like A&M did at Rupp.

Well, what do you think Baked?

Love seeing us going to the rim

Playing good defense

Keep it up. Wps

The refs are terrible!!!

This sounds weird, but I don’t think we are seeing either team at their best right now. I have a feeling we may see one in the 2nd half.

Guys are winning despite the officiating

One thing I will be curious to see is will we try and press the speedy Fox, at some point. Or, stay in half court defense?

It’s been a game of mini runs so far.

Agreed Baked

Monk- 2 points, 2 fouls

Standing out of bounds… who cares? Not the refs, that’s for sure.

I hate playing against 8 guys.

These refs are pathetic!!! The player was clearly out!!!

I hate that we have a scoring drought every game