Gafford and NBA

Other than the big paycheck, does it appear to anyone else that Gafford would greatly benefit from more years in college?
Certainly, he has incredible potential to play at the NBA level for many years barring injury and perhaps fear of injury and never getting that big 1st paycheck is the deciding factor.
However, on the court it appears to me that he could use more time to fill out his frame a bit more and get stronger when he has his back to the basket.
He can make the splash plays at the college level and perhaps that’s all he’ll be asked to do in the NBA.
I find it odd that pundits want to rush him out of Fayetteville and into the NBA as soon as possible. Could there be anything to the fact that they want him gone before the Hogs have a legitimate shot a becoming good enough to compete and possibly beat the blue bloods that reload each year with lottery pick players. I wouldn’t put it past them because they’re in bed with these cheating scumbag programs.
Gafford is going to play in the NBA, but I selfishly would like to see him wait and bring some glory days back to Razorback program.
Hog fans need it badly!

Go Hogs!

He projected to go anywhere from 8-14 in the mock drafts for the NBA 2019 draft.

Certainly he would have be a more ready player for the NBA if he stayed.

But he could also get injured like Michael Qualls.

When you are a sure-fired lottery pick and thus a future millionaire, you should definitely come out after two years.

That’s certainly what I would advise if he were my son.

As for the pundits pushing him out, look I would love to cover him for four years.

But it’s not about me or Arkansas or the fans, it’s about him and what to do that is best for his future.

Gafford will know himself based on how this season goes if he ready . The young man needs to develop his offensive game but turning down that first contract for being a sure lottery pick would be hard to do. If he were my son I would want him to go but I would leave the decision up to him.
Once the hogs youthful guards get used to feeding the post we will see the big man flourish on offense. He needs to work on the outside shot and his free throws.

He’s got to go if he’s still projected as a lottery pick by the end of the year. In just one game, we’ve seen his face or throat get stepped on and his arm wrenched on a blocked shot attempt. Too much risk of career-threatening injury if he stays. Would love to see him two more years, but it’s not in his best interest.

No brainer, if your a pick start packing. WPS

Getting stronger and better is what Gafford is doing this this year so staying for his second year made sense because, after this year, he will be more NBA ready and perhaps a much higher draft pick. And, if so, he will earn more money than if he left after the first year. However, there will not be near as much improvement by staying a third year so leaving is the best option.

Dream on Hog fans…hey I’m a dreamer too…he will be gone to the NBA. :sunglasses:

If he keeps playing like he did against Indiana, he will be a top 5 draft pick and, in that case, staying one more year (not two more years) was a very smart move since he will earn considerably more during the next two years than he would have in his first three years.

If he keeps playing like he did against Indiana, he will be a top 5 draft pick and, in that case, staying one more year (not two more years) was a very smart move since he will earn considerably more during the next two years than he would have in his first three years.

I believe my point was made yesterday, Gafford isn’t NBA ready physically, mentally or skill set wise at this point.
That was a Freshman, albeit a 5 star recruit that actually should still be in high school this season, but moved up in class to come to college a year early.
I’m not at all saying Gafford won’t have an NBA career, but in my opinion if he slips out of the lottery conversation which I believe he most likely will then he needs to stay at Arkansas and further develop his overall game and put on some weight.
For those of you that have said that he couldn’t improve much as a player from year two to year three I disagree. Did Moses Kingsley not improve greatly during that timespan, I think so and Moses didn’t have near the potential that Daniel can attain at both ends of the floor.
SEC teams are going to make things difficult for Daniel all season long by double teaming him in the half court with guys equally as big and good as Bassey was yesterday.
I remember Corliss at the mic at a game when Bobby Portis was a sophomore and asked his advise about him leaving early for the NBA and his response was that the NBA is a grown mans game and you have to face big, strong grown men on a nightly basis and that’s the difference in “The League and College”.

Go Hogs!

But you are missing the point.

Very few are ready, but it becomes a business decision.

The NBA brass appears higher on Gafford than some of his own team’s fans.

I’m high on Gafford and hope he makes the decision that’s best for him.

Best business decisions and models are based on long term success not short term gain.
As I’ve stated if a player is a certain lottery pick then they should go ahead and go get paid and avoid any injury setbacks, but if not a certain lottery pick then stay in college further develop your body and game in order to improve your chances of becoming a certain lottery selection at some point.
A career can either become a long and steady marathon or a 100 yard dash depending on how you choose to run your race.

Go Hogs!

According to some, no one is ready (and thats mostly true).

They are a lot of the same ppl who brag that they never watch the NBA.

There is a difference in not being a finished product (almost no draftees are) and not having some skills and traits that NBA GMs love.

If he keeps on getting beat on he’s gone for sure.

Gafford needs to continue to hit the weight room. As far as getting knock down at some point refs need to blow the whistle. They are quicker to call a foul on Gafford and let the opponents beat on him down low.
He has all the talent in the world. I’d like to see him take a few more mid range shots every once in a while. We all know he can dunk and jump out of the gym. What the hogs miss is another big on the court with him that can demand attention just like he does. Also if Harris can start knocking down his shot that will keep our opponents honest on defense.
I think he will declare for the draft after this season.

Latest NBA draft lottery projections and none of them have Daniel Gafford as a lottery pick at this time.
A couple have him projected as #16 while others have him as #22-23 still a first round pick.
He does have an opportunity with a good showing during the conference season to possibly improve his draft status, but he could also possibly not show enough to NBA scouts and fall out of the first round.
Time will tell and we will all find out together.
I wish nothing but the best for this very talented young man and hope he will make the best career decision for him and his family because this will be a life changing decision which you don’t get do overs.

Go Hogs!

It’s highly unlikely that he falls from 16 out of the first round. Unless he gets hurt, which is the whole point of coming out early anyway: If you’re going to risk injury, risk it once you already have the contract signed and the guaranteed paychecks coming.

I would go at 16-22.

It does seem like you are a Razorback fan who might be thinking about not what is best for Daniel, but what is best for Arkansas.

I would love to cover him for a third college season, but I don’t see that happening right now.