Freedom of opinion eliminated from this site.


Thanks for the explanation. I am citing your specific comment " Once a thread degenerates into a name calling contest, it is likely to get deleted. When that happens, perfectly acceptable discussion gets trashed. "

It had me a little bewildered because I was part of it early on, I got called a troll but that was all I had seen, then I went out and came back to comment and it was gone. It was surprising it had been removed. Some of the newbies may need some calibration? Not sure if it was possible, but it may have been best to post the concern and lock it so can see and it is clear to all. I would also hope that for those that were noticed to be name calling (or anything that is viewed as negative) that a PM be sent to them if not the immediate 1 week ban I have read about. i.e. I think harassment can actually be worse than name calling. It can in effect become baiting.

I have sent warnings to some users about issues. I know that other moderators have done the same. The problem with the deleted thread was that there was so much trash it was impossible to warn everyone or clean up the offenses. I do not like deleting a single post, much less a thread. When I am forced to delete a thread, I try to post the reason.

Me and you had the last two comments, so you were part of it late :wink:
However, it had actually for the most part taken a turn the wrong way. As you said troll, and a few other things were said to individuals. You can ask Marty, Dos, Clay, and any of the old Hawg Lounge guys, if I’m saying it was bad, it was waaaaay past deletable.

Parish that thought. They would probably bring some pals from the Louisville board for some real trolling. I am sure the Louisville coach would love that match-up as well. Arkansas is more prone to have match-ups with bowls tied in with the Big 12 and SEC. The SEC front office make bowl assignments though. I don’t know how they might favor a Arkansas/Louisville match-up. Long might have input as well. I think we all know how he would feel about it.

That is not true we did not have last two comments. I don’t know was actually late because I left and when I came back it was gone.

I actually still the pages up from when I posted last to that thread.

At Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:44 pm I typed to you:
You are good. I retract implying you hate CBP.

At current rate if we keep replying, it will be record score. :sunglasses:

Here is what I am thinking (hoping) for why I posed the question. I would love to see L’ville win. It could throws half the fan base in a frenzy because CBP is back in Top 5. However, it cooled right now; because we are 2-0 about to to be 3-0. It will serve as added motivation for us to beat A&M this year. If we do, I see us going 5-0 for Bama game. If we do that, it is possible for Hogs to go 10-2. I don’t think CBB gets any heat from CBP’s Top 5 appearance. But if we were 1-1 and be 3-2 going into Bama game, I think the heat would be on to get to 9 wins.

At Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:53 pm you responded back to me:

I’d like to see you ask this question again tonight if we lose. I think more than half the fanbase would be in a frenzy.

i do not think we will lose, so no one spaz, we are playing what ifs here.

So as of 12:53 pm , the only thing that I saw that was south was where another poster had called me a Troll. I will be honest, I did not read all of the post, sort of like Marty, but I did read all that replied to me as of 12:53 pm. Since I don’t know what time it was removed, and since it later that evening before I leraned it was removed, I assume that the thread had gone on much later after I left before it went bad.

You say it had gone bad before 12:53? I would be curious to know which post or which comments? The irony could be if it based on the word Troll, it was a label bestowed on the topic creator by another poster that has contempt for the creator. That is why I said I liked Marty explanation, because she advises it is possible a good discussion could be removed if it goes bad.

This is all no biggie, but I do wish to understand. You seem like you wish to be helpful and insightful.


I had posted my response to you, where I said I’d like to see the question asked again. As soon as I posted, Marty had posted that she was deleting the thread. So, I assumed we had the last two comments. I checked a score on tv and came back (1:15) and it was gone.

since you can see the thread still, I’ll pm you.

For me, this new format is unfamiliarity. I feel like I am walking in a dark ally, I know the people are there but I don’t see them. It doesn’t make me run, but somehow I feel that I should watch my back. May be it’s because I am in a new neighborhood.

I posted quite a bit over on the old HI. My goal was 10,000 posts as fast as I could. I also used to come over and read some of the comments on articles about recruiting. There were definitely some very good and knowledgeable posters. There were also, some well…(same on Scout, 247, and Hogville). I really hope some of those guys stay. After a few months, I think some of the guys with issues with each other right now (ex: General and MultipleScoreGasms) will realize they’re both good and knowledgable posters. Right now the change in the forums, and new posters are kinda clashing. Give it a while.

I remember that thread and I think I even posted in it. I do for a fact remember thinking that this thread will probably get pulled due to the direction it was going.
Now I do think we should allow it to be brought back only as 1 time amendment to the rules and turn Bake loose on Saintly as the only 2 posters allowed.
Last man standing uh er, talking type match. Maybe even charge admission fees.

Trying to get me banned already :evil:

As I said in another thread, I don’t think we cross paths this year. We aren’t at the same points yet. Just imagine if they play Bama in the playoffs and win. That’s when the “fit is gonna hit the shan.”

Heck no, just trying to liven this place up a little. I would have to drink loads of community coffee just to stay up and watch lol.

Good way to describe it. Add the fact that it is also like in a foreign country and the laws are different. You could be censored or shot if you wish to discuss the wrong topic, but wrong is not defined.

I was part of that thread as well. And was angrily calling for Jeff longs head and for the Hill to be cleansed. We were promised a change from the old guard when Frank retired. We got a temporary reprieve with Bobby… Nothing more… There are a TON of fans who were sick of HDN Frank Broyles conservative football. And at first when Jeff hired Bobby many of us were finally !! This is why we fly banners… But then they railroad Bobby (and he was railroaded) and bring Broyles ball right back… Come on how can anyone who calls him/herself a true fan be ok with this ?

This fan base has every right to be ticked off. They just dont see it. The real trolls are the ones who go around putting out the fires started by those of us who are justifiably upset. There was NO excuse to fire Bobby… NONE. I don’t care if he spit in Jeff Longs face and called him a bean counter. Guys like Jeff are a dime a dozen. Guys like Bobby ? Rare.

The fans should have never allowed Jeff to get away with it. Now they are saying hey BB has won 9 out of his last 10… Against who ? A down Missouri team ? A crappy K-State team ? La Tech lol… Texas High School state ? Oh TCU after we hired a guy who coached against them the last 6 years !! Laughable. Oh and then there was that one dimensional LSU … The only good win of those 9 out of the last 10 came against Ole Miss and that was luck… Our loss ? A Miss St we should have beat… Nothing this staff has done impresses me at all… NOTHING. THey need the equivelant of a BCS bowl or at least 11 wins this year or its time to clean house.

There it is again; someone huffily presenting an OPINION as irrefutable fact. These bulldog chomping malcontents can shout their blather from the tallest edifice with a microphone and a one million watt amplifier, should they so choose, and it would not alter my perspective and conviction one iota. They are delivering profuse blunt force trauma to a deceased equine carcass.

These persistent, blathering unrighteous indignation epithets do not rise to the level of civil discourse; they are nothing more than attempted coerced propaganda. I don’t buy it; I find it to be without merit or value. That is my personal OPINION. I will make no attempt to foist MY OPINION off as “fact”. However, - - - MY OPINION most certainly carries more weight with ME than that which is being presented in some of these threads as The Gospel Truth According To The Adoring Flock Of the Irreverent BP.

Beam me up, Scotty!

GREAT POST NOS…ERRRR, I mean Senil…errrrr, I mean Silver :wink:

You will never know the post as it was edited, So how can you render an objective opinion? There was nothing at all to do with CBP.

At least I’d be pulling for us. There are a few here I’m convinced would like to see us lose that matchup. It will probably happen at some point.

Just think if he takes the Auburn or Tennessee job. We’d get to have this argument every day for for several more years. :roll:

Unless it is rendered by an acknowledged expert (generally speaking, in a court of law), an opinion is - by its very self evident debatable nature - subjective. In this particular instance, regarding those who are relentlessly and dogmatically singing the praises of The Louisville Hot Wheels Hot Dog, it is very apparent to this observer that objectivity is definitely not a prioritized integral factor formulating the line of drivel emanating from the disgruntled claimants.

If I were you and so unhappy, I would just leave the forums on here and never come back. This a private board owned by a company. They get to decided what is said and done. I’m sure there are some other boards where you wouldn’t have to deal with this and we wouldn’t have to see your posts.