Freedom of opinion eliminated from this site.

This new format now sensors dissenting opinions. Must be moderated by another wanna be "sports guy: who likely never wore a jock strap or was in a locker room except to do the laundry. We now have the no fun fourm. We all have to agree with every article and can not poke fun at any poster or player or writer. It is a happier place now we just love those hogs and Coach as we mindlessly sit in the band and play the fight song over and over. You win WHS. So Arkansas like… not very progressive and does not promote freedom of opinion.

Apparently you haven’t been reading a lot of the threads. The moderators only intervene when the conversations become more about personal attacks or nonessential insults(example, making fun of Bielema’s weight). I’ve seen plenty of people make aggressive comments/topics that are still up. This is honestly the one thing I like about this forum(I still prefer the older one). It stops people like Tim from coming on this board and using it to spout about his hatred of religion.

Not true… They ban anything they deem “not nice” Even if factual. It is terrible. I would much rather put up with Tim and the old format. I would give you and example… but it would be banned so I can’t do that. But you have seen my post front he last site… Nothing has changed in my posting. No bad languge, no religious speak, no threatening. But if hint that D_____p may not be that good of a player… it gets banned. I would gladly trade Tim and have the old format back. You just had to choose not to engage those that want to have something other than a healthy debate.

Obviously, the proprietors of this site don’t care that we miss the old disqus format. What really chaps my backside is the ridicule and derision those of us who were migrated by force here get from some of the resident (and quite superior) fans who were already here with HI.

I haven’t been on this site long enough to know if that is true. However, it wouldn’t surprise me, if your claim is true. Sadly censorship is common on most sites where moderators or owners, remove comments or ban people that state opinions they don’t agree or state facts they don’t want the general public to know.

Like what? I’m not trying to fight with you on this, but if there has been legitimate banter that doesn’t cross the lines like I provided, I’d like to know what they are. You don’t have to say exactly what was said, but you can put the topic.

You are correct TSO yesterday an entire topic was deleted. The excuse the mod gave ? He was going to the game and didn’t feel like moderating it any longer. There you have it. So either there’s zero dedication to this site OR there’s an agenda… I would come down on the side of TSO. These media types in Arkansas always try to stay on the Univeristy’s good side. Otherwise they loose access. The Alen’s, Jim Lindsey, Wal-Mart and JB Hunt just to name a few. If you think you aren’t up against big money think again. Its the best censorship money can buy. And thats why it was removed from the front page.

Tim isn’t the reason for the new format. The attention is… The truth being discussed is one thing. But being discussed openly on the same page as a Razorback article… Well thats a whole different thing. Tim came across like someone who argues for a living, like a lawyer. I enjoyed his post.

All Tim did was insert religion into every discussion. He was not the only one, but I’m sure he didn’t help in the end of the old format.

Yes indeed, I deleted an entire thread. I could have read through nearly 50 posts and tried to weed out the ones who failed to follow the rules. (The rules, BTW, are posted atop each forum.) Once a thread degenerates into a name calling contest, it is likely to get deleted. When that happens, perfectly acceptable discussion gets trashed. It is wrong that a few squabbling children can derail honest, valid debate, but it happens.

And no, I’m not it the media, nor did I play organized sports. I am a fan. I was unaware that being a fan and/or moderator meant that I needed to have experience playing the sport being discussed. Civility and common courtesy have nothing to do with participation in the past.

If you have a problem with the rules, I suggest that you contact Clay Henry, publisher of Hawgs Illustrated.

Here, Here Marty!

You guys do realize that if you do not like the way things are handled here, you have the right to leave? It’s called freedom to choose. Nobody forced you to come here. In fact, I cannot imagine someone willingly going somewhere and doing something they hate to do, when no one is forcing you to do it.

From my observation point, there are those among us who persist in fabricating their own version of “the Facts” and “truth” in accordance with their own biased opinions and assumptions. These deliberately agitating minority dissenters impugn the intelligence and the integrity of the rest of us, then proceed to take umbrage at anyone and everyone who does not subscribe to their bluntly and antagonistically presented perspectives.

In short, - - - some among us would argue with a sign they had just, themselves, erected.

This site by definition is a forum for commentary on Razorback sports. Further defined as a Hawg fan lounge. A fan by definition is someone who supports a sports program sometimes to a fanatical degree. It is just common sense that sparks are going to fly when people who have views opposite the best interest of that program enter discussions. People harping on past coaches that left the program years ago in disgrace and belittling team athletes needlessly are simply not Hog fans when they participate in that negative activity constantly. That type behavior falls under the definition of inflammatory conduct on any board. Inflammatory conduct is a constant on internet chat boards on every imaginable subject across the internet. I think most of it points to people with socially unhappy lives, The internet is a type of emotional lashing out by them. It is up to moderation as to how much this conduct is tolerated. I have seen places as YouTube with no moderation. It is like a jungle. I myself am all for tight moderation even though I have been the victim a few times.

Very well said. Great perspective and examples.

It’s terrible. You ban legit opinion presents in a civil responsible entertaining manner.

And yes, absolutely the fact you never played organized sports or had time around a bunch of guys talking sports and giving each other a ribbing. Means that you do not understand what is good fun ribbing and what is offensive. We all have much thicker skin than what you think. Sorry more factual info.


I think a few from WHS disqus fail to understand that the constant bashing of the current administration, staff, and athletes every single day legitimizes our opinion that perhaps some are not as loyal to the Razorback family as they want us to believe.

I get the fact that many are unhappy Petrino was fired. I was also a Petrino fan and understand how great a coach he is. I wasn’t happy either when he was fired. But he put the program in a very difficult position. He made some bad choices. As time has past I believe now he had to go as difficult as that was. Seeing Louisville kick butt yesterday I knew this would raise the issue again which really kind of takes away from the fact that OUR program has really risen from the ashes. We’ve won 9 out of 10 and seem to get better respect nationally than at any time I can remember. Not because we’re the best team in the country but because we are now more likable in the public domain. We didn’t sell our souls to get the elusive championship. Petrino’s a great coach but he truly is a jerk. I defended him mightily when he was our coach but now realize that all that stuff that was said about him prior to him being " our guy " was true.

Louisville may get to the promised land this year. Their team looks awesome but I would be willing to bet that at some point sooner than later, Louisville is gonna have some bad karma. Seems almost inevitable…

So after five years I would hope that Razorback fans could just move on and be supportive of the current regime if they are truly lifetime fans and program supporters. The alternative is to support another team. Which for me really isn’t an alternative. I’ve even called my dad on a few occasions during the tough times and jokingly asked him " why did you have to take to me to all those games when I was a kid? " so for me my DNA is all Hog . Can’t seem to shake it no matter what happens. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s great. It is what it is. But I digress…

Bantering is great and can be great fun but constantly bashing and trashing is just plain tiring. Takes the fun coming here as a lifelong fan to get info on the Hogs.

I’m also certain the mods will clean some of this up as HI was always a pretty dang good site for civil discussion about all things Razorbacks.

Absolutely not true, one of the things YOU mentioned earlier was the very name calling that Marty mentioned, should not be allowed and was going overboard. The thread that was deleted had a LOT of name calling (including by YOU). So, if by your own admission, that type of behavior is unacceptable, how are you now saying it should be allowed? Apparently, your skin is very thin considering all the name calling you’ve done today, because a moderator did their job and deleted a thread in which you and a few others were being TOOLS (me included). Your lucky I’m not Clay, the word permaban would be in full affect.

Just imagine if we end up playing them and lose.