FBI closing in

Several SEC schools are now listed as part of the investigation. Arkansas isn’t one of them.

I wonder if anything will actually come of this.

If it does, some heavy hitter schools and coaches are about to get smacked.

Just curious, what schools? I know when this started it was just Adidas schools. We all believe KY and Cal cheat, but they’re a Nike school, are they looking at the Nike Schools?

It’s based off supposed ledgers by sports agent Andy Miller.

The schools are South Carolina, LSU, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Alabama

https://www.cbssports.com/college-baske … in-report/

That LSU kid and NC St kid made a pretty decent salary. For that kinda money, they better hang at least one banner up in the rafters, before you take a pay cut and try and make an NBA team.

The NCAA hasn’t been tough and much a deterrent in yrs, I don’t expect any major sanctions to come out on the NCAA side. The Feds are going to lock a few people up though, for unreported income, money laundering, conspiracy, if anyone lied to the Feds, they’ll get tapped with perjury charges. It’s gonna get ugly from the fed side…

You know that link shows no KY player.

Yes it did, it said Knox, amount not specified and Adebayou 35 k and some change.

This one (from the first line of that linked story) does. Nerlens Noel, Kevin Knox and Bam Adebayo come immediately to my recollection.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://sports.yahoo.com/exclusive-fede … 38484.html”>https://sports.yahoo.com/exclusive-federal-documents-detail-sweeping-potential-ncaa-violations-involving-high-profile-players-schools-103338484.html</LINK_TEXT>

On the Bam, it kind of insinuates a Scam Newton where he didn’t sign with the school that offered. Now, don’t know about Knox or Noel, but it looks like KY wasn’t the one that offered Bam

The thing with Bam doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the SCHOOL he signed with, and everything to do with the AGENT he signed with. Now they could close the loop by showing that Squid directed players to this agent, but that’s not demonstrated yet. But it does indicate that Squid used an ineligible player.

The money being paid is not coming from boosters of any school in this case. It is from the Sport Agent company, ASM Sports. The payments and loans made were in an effort to influence them to attend certain schools that supported the right products (Adidas). Whether the players actually went to the “right” school doesn’t matter. The player is ineligible because he accepted illegal benefits. And that impacts the school that he played for illegally.

This whole thing sickens me.

The first change that needs to be made to college sports the show cause for coaches caught needs to be the end of their careers! Greaseball keeps running his mouth about what to do to change the sport. He’s the one that needs to go!
Vacate every game these schools won with each player and about 3 to 4 year post season ban! There’s no doubt there’s more to come.
It won’t be the gutless NCAA that causes the change to the sport. The Feds may have the most impact by locking a few crooks up!
Some of the players listed today are playing now! I just wonder if any school will have the integrity to sit those players!
Now we know Greaseball is in the web with some evidence.

I don’t believe anyone is surprised to hear about what the FBI has uncovered, ultimately, what punishment will be handed down to the win at any cost programs accross the landscape of big time college sports will be interesting.
How will the feckless NCAA try to protect the blue bloods of College Basketball will be interesting as well. We are talking about big business that accounts for huge revenue to these educational institutions, so forgive me for being more than a little skeptical, but the NCAA has probably known full well for decades about the multitude of recruiting violations and how donors, boosters and sports agents and their companies have been trying to lure the top athletes to specific Universities and turned a blind eye.
I would like to see the hammer come down on all of the schools that are cheating to gain a competitive advantage over the competition that plays honestly and within the rules.
Hopefully, this will force the NBA and College Admistrators to come together and make some eligibility changes, much like is done with College Baseball.
We’ll see, let the legal games begin!

Go Hogs!

For those schools that are found to have kids on their current rosters that have taken improper benefits, the NCAA should send a message and declare all of those schools ineligible for this years NCAA Tournament, but I doubt they will have the integrity to do such a thing, for fear of lost revenue.

Go Hogs!

Lonzo Ball came out and said everybody knows everybody’s getting paid. He claims he didn’t ! It’s all a joke!
Louisville should have paid for the girls for the entire student body then it would have been ok. Refer to the ruling on the academic fraud of North Carolina.
San Diego State ruled their player involved ineligible today period. No blue blood will do that.
This is just like the seed lines issued for the Dance and the horrible calls teams have that are called against them when they play a blue blood! Refs are just as dirty!

According to NCAA rules and other legal issues, they may not have a choice. That’s why Auburn has kept out Purifoy and the other kid who’s name I can’t recall from the season.

I’ve already seen people complaining the Sexton is still playing today, but the fact is, at this point it doesn’t matter if he plays or not. If the allegations are true then Alabama’s season is screwed anyway. The issue is, will the judgments come down before the tournament.

It’s sorry to say but I don’t see much coming out of this, if you look around at what’s going around as far as justice in our country it would be hard to imagine them coming down hard on major programs. I think they have made a example out of Louisville which obviously was the poster child of how to win at any cost and are very deserving of everything it will cost them. It’s no surprise that the winningnest programs in college basketball are on the list and I hope at the very least there’s a astrick places by everyone of these Hall of Fame coaches noting that they were involved in a scandal and that their win/loss record and their character does not represent the type of coach we want in the Hall of Fame, also put the date they were inducted and the date they were expelled from the Hall. Everyone of these coaches are responsible for their actions and their staff and should have stepped up and fired everyone involved instead of trying to cover things up which shows lack of character and judgement. Everyone of these coaches should expect and deserve the same type of expulsion from the sport as Pete Rose experienced for his violation of his sport rules and that is a life time band. We are waist deep in the swamp and the stench won’t leave soon so let’s wade around a little longer and make sure the swamp is drained so maybe we won’t have to wade back in for several years. I won’t miss a single one of the coaches and schools on this list, but something has to be done to level the fairness of the playing field for all student atheletes no matter the sport. These coaches are not great men or great coaches they are cheaters that have put their financial gain and inflated ego before fairness and well being of the sport in which they were supposed to be leaders guiding the student atheletes towards reaching goals in their life and they have failed miserably. WPS

Well said!
Pete Rose did not cheat! He gambled on baseball! These coaches are the cheaters.

Yes you are correct, didn’t mean to say he was a cheater I apologize, I was intending to say the punishment for violations need to have some teeth and used his punishment as a example. Thanks, WPS

Through work, I have dealt with the FBI a number of times. With unlimited resources, I have always found their investigations to be slow, meticulous and extremely thorough. When the proverbial knock on the door is heard, in my experience, it’s often all over but the crying for a criminal defendant.

The NCAA is a toothless tiger, but in my opinion, from a criminal liability standpoint, these coaches are potentially in some serious trouble. I would think their programs may ultimately be in some deep sh*t, as well. Having said that, MA and staff should be commended.

Go Hogs.

Since you know more about this than I do, is it illegal to give money to a kid for doing something for you (ie going to AR if you want him to)? Not by NCAA standards but from an actual LEGAL standpoint?

Just curious, buying a lady dinner (Duke claims the agent paid for mom’s dinner), I didn’t think was illegal.