FAMU game thread

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I guess these guess don’t have a good crew the sound is horrible

Can’t make a third and short on Florida A&M? Long season coming.

What a totally pathetic start. Glad we’re not playing a good team, we’d get blown out.

Better get the rust off fast because if this is it, it’s going to be a long year! This is why I don’t believe the hype coming from Fayetteville!

Once again, I’m puking up the Kool Aid I drank in fall camp. Starting to get the dry heaves. Very embarrassing for this team. Thank god we’re playing a Division 2 team that lost last year’s opener with Miami by something like 70-3. 42 points in a single quarter. Well, at least TCU is no better than Florida A&M. 2-0 here we come.

Allen looks out of sync and Colton Jackson hasn’t shown me anything to brag about!

TCU will maul us next week, and then A&M, and then…long year

Yeah…we just don’t look good despite the score. Chase Hayden is exactly as advertised. No throws to Nance that I have seen which is a head scratcher since I also havent seen Hammonds or Cornelius. On the positive side the D looks improved.

HogAuthority…is it too late to change my prediction???

Finally! Throws to Nance…he is also as advertised. I expected a big leap from Allen year1 to year2 but he is telegraphing his passes worse than last year. The OL has got to improve mucho or its gonna be a long year.

Secondary is still playing soft. I was hoping for tighter coverage.

Plenty of room for improvement!!! What has Allen being doing since the end of the season? I think my 7-5 prediction should have been reversed to 5-7. Hopefully everyone was looking to TCU, but I don’t think so. The OL just flat can’t pass block.

Typical of us Razorback fans, we win a game but the majority of the comments are complaints.

Look, are there things that still need improving? Of course there are, but you also have to understand that this game was a glorified scrimmage to work the kinks out and play with the lineup to see what works best. When you do that, things aren’t always going to look smooth. We ran the most vanilla offense and defense last night, so we didn’t exactly show our hand on the first game.

I agree with some that the pass protection seems to need more work and so far my biggest concern is Allen/WR’s. What I’m encouraged about is our defense seems to be much faster and tackling better and our RB’s seem to compliment each other well(granted, better competition will show a lot more).

So I’m not ready to throw in the towel and dump on the season like some of you just because of some first game rust.

Allen’s accuracy is something to be concerned about.

However, I did–finally, see defenders wrapping up when tackling. That was a beautiful thing to see. We have not done that consistently in more than a decade. Even if that is the only thing that is the only difference with our defense then it is markedly better than it was.

Allen completed 14 of 19 last night, for a 73.69% ratio. He had some a little off target that receivers made great catches; on others he had some pressure that affected his throws.

He has some stuff that Enos will get cleaned up this week. Still holding the ball too long. Needs to get them out quicker and/or throw them away to avoid sacks.

Well, that does count as 1 in the W column. Having said that, I didn’t come away with great expectations moving forward. I’m scratching my head at the fact that Coach B is now putting an offensive line on the field that looks like a unit that will absolutely get Austin beat up early and often. I’m wondering if Coach B really had much to do with the success of the O-Lines at Wisconsin or if it is just what Wisconsin is regardless of the Coach as the Badgers haven’t really had a major dip since his departure, they are still a top 10-20 program while we are far from that type of sustained success.
They had too many of the same pass protection mistakes from a couple of the same guys that had issues last season which tells me they just don’t understand how to read the defense and or don’t know the proper technique and physical ability to do the job. For goodness sake get it cleaned up or give opportunities to other players.
As for the defense, they looked pretty good and a bit more athletic than last season. However, I have to consider the opponent and temper my expectations until we see how they perform against better talent.
Don’t get it wrong, while they looked pretty good they are in no way a top level SEC unit and will get completely mauled in several conference games again this season simply due to the disparity in overall talent that we can’t match with several of the SEC West teams.
Some of the youngsters and newcomers certainly looked the part and hopefully we can build on that.
No need to speculate on wins and losses at this point, we will learn much more after next week vs TCU.

Go Hogs!

Funny…Wisconsin is currently getting wooped by Utah State. The problem? Ineffective OL play. Weird.

You may want to keep your comments bottled up until a game is completed.
Badgers 59-10 over Utah State (much better competition than FAMU).
The word to describe the inconsistent play of our O-Line is not “Weird”, it’s more like SAD for a coach in his 5th year and that is supposed to be his calling card. We have a fantastic anchor with Ragnow and then we have a former walk on and a current freshman walk on in the starting O-Line, that’s not the makeup of what top programs go to battle with on Saturdays around the country.
I’m not saying that some of these walk on players can contribute, but after 5 years of recruiting and you haven’t been able to recruit or develop better players that have been in your program for 2 or 3 years then one can only question why our coach can’t recruit bigger and better O-linemen or at least develop the ones that have been in the program.
Yes, “Sad” would be the better word.

Sorry dawgtownhog if my original post disturbed your koolaide drinking session, but dude, you need to put the glass down and recognize reality when it shows itself to you.
Oh, next time maybe wait before you try and bust a post and end up making a fool of yourself, but like that standup comedian from the blue collar comedy tour says “You can’t fix stupid”.

Go Hogs!

Well to be honest I have posted in other threads/forums that I wondered if Anderson was the answer. I honestly dont know if the problem is that Andersons “system” is too complicated however the fact that they had to have a speaker in Brian Wallaces ear in the spring makes me wonder. The OL play under Bielema has been good except for year one and last year (and it would appear this year from our one game) So it would seem that it comes down to coaching and Bielema doesn’t coach OL.

Thank you for making a concerted effort to denigrate me. I would respond in kind but choose not too.