FAMU game thread

Not to interfere with an argument here, I only post to point out one misstatement that keeps popping up in people’s arguments on the O-line: Clary is not a walk-on. He is a blue-shirt or grey-shirt who will be on scholarship in January of 2018. That way, he counts against the 2018 recruiting class. CBB could do that by not recruiting at Fayetteville High School though the staff was well aware of Clary’s potential. Should he be starting as a true freshman? I’ll leave that for you to debate, but technically, he’s not a walk-on.

My point is why should a coach who prides the program and his previous program on his O-line and how many are currently playing in the NFL. It seems that his program should have SEC ready O-linemen developed and ready to step in and produce each and every year.
Not meant to be a knock on young Clary, but more of a statement on the lack in recruitment, signing and non-development of those that you do bring in to the program.
Clary certainly played well against FAMU, but let’s be honest and understand that we won’t be able to win in our conference with walk ons, blue/grey shirts weighing less than 290 pounds, he may be great in a couple of years when he puts another 20 pounds on his frame and I believe he probably will. It’s just sad that we don’t have a redshirt sophomore or upperclassman that has been physically and mentally developed to step up and start which is what should be the case.

My apologizes to dawgtownhog, I know you’re a fan and probably as frustrated as I am.
Let’s hope as they say teams make the most improvement between the 1st and 2nd game.

Go Hogs!

Bielema and Anderson have publically stated that they have whiffed on OL recruitment going for “stars” and now are going back to the old Wisconsin philosophy of recruiting a “type” big rangy and intelligent. The last few years we had some highly regarded OL sign that have done absolutly nothing and now a true freshman 2 star whos biggest offer before Arkansas was Air Force starting ahead of them. My take is that the prob with OL like Brian Wallace who have done nothing is between their ears.

My point on the other post is this is game one and even Wisconsin was struggling early with OL play. I like the fact that Bielema is man enough to step up and say he has made mistakes and is going to do things differenly.

Wow. You’re team wins and people still come on here to criticize coaching, players, athletic department, fans and so forth. How pathetic.