Down the Stretch

So, I would like to hear oral arguments from both the “Cup is Half Full fans” and the “Cup is Half Empty” fans as to how you see these last four games playing out and what impact if any the result of these final four games will have on the future of Coach Brett Bielema if we win all four, win two or three of the four or win only one of four?

My thoughts are that they will probably not do any better than winning 2 of the final 4 games and if that’s the result then they would be 5-7 after Coach B’s fifth season, I believe that should be a large enough sample size to begin a search committee.

Go Hogs!

im always a glass half full kind of guy, so i think we go 3-1 down the stretch and finish 6-6 and go to Memphis, Nashville or Shreveport to a bowl game. i very well think BB’s future could hinge on how we look in bowl game. if he goes 3-1 down stretch and we throttle someone in a lower bowl i dont see how he gets shown the door. going 3-1 or 4-0 is predicated on Austin Allen returning for the stretch run after the CC game. he could really give us a shot in the arm. i like Kelley, and we should continue using him when/if AA returns. im assuming we’ll handle CC and Mizzou, digits X’d. not sure who the other win is against, but i think we beat one of them.

I think the Higs have a good shot at 3-1.
The coastal game is the chance for this staff to work on the Oline and gain some confidence.
The LSU game is the key game.
Bama will hammer them and beat on the Tigers just the game before us and if they are emotional spanked I like our chances.
And on top of it all kick off is at 1100 am.
Moo U will be dealing with drama about coaching rumors about thier coach leaving for Florida. And just maybe we catch a few breaks.
Misery that last week end if we get beat in this one cancel football and just close shop. This one should be a win.
A low tier bowl game would help the team.
Our fan base will be be satisfied with this season no matter what happens.
5-7 or 6-6 with a bowl win gets Coach B off the firing line!
I just have a feeling he comes back no matter what happens!

Next year he needs to get a win against the Aggies.

The blow out losses and poor play on the Oline has really been a disappointment.
The passive defense has been hard to watch.
Special teams needs to become an asset instead of a liability next year.

I see two wins at best and I honestly think unless something changes dramatically there is no way we are bowl eligible. If (and it is a big if) we go bowling Bielemas job is safe…no way Long fires him.

While I normally do not believe what happens at other SEC schools should affect Arkansas’ thinking as far as its coach, I do think the sheer volume of potential coaching openings in the SEC this year, which may be a historical number, might be enough for Arkansas to keep CBB. At least one talking head thinks so.

Dan Wolken on the Bo Mattingly Show: “The problem Arkansas has is they could end up being the sixth or maybe even the seventh best job open in the SEC, and that’s not a good place to be. So, the idea that Arkansas would open and that they would bring in a new coach certainly made a lot of sense last week; this week it may not make as much sense because Florida, like it or not, changes the equation. Florida, Tennessee, A&M, Auburn potentially all may be open at the same time. If that happens, I don’t think you want to be looking for a coach in the SEC.”

I think we win easily against CC

Have high hopes going into the LSU game, it’s at 11 they just lost to Bama, and then… those hopes get crushed. Guice runs for 200+ and sucks the enthusiasm out of the team. Really emotional loss.

MSU comes to Fayetteville and handles business, they are a better team with a better coach.

Mizzou game is completely 50:50 to me. Will the hogs come out and play as hard as they can for Bret one last time, or have they completely quit on him by this point?
It’s a winnable game, but also a very loseable game, Mizzou can move the ball, and out Defense is nothing to brag about.

Final record = 4-8 or 5-7

Arkansas and CBB split ways

Yeah, I am wondering what alt universe you are living in :roll:

I don’t really care what other teams do. If Bielema cannot get it done then he needs to go.

I agree.

This argument is the mindet of people I’ve never understood.

Who cares what everyone else is doing.

Also Dan Wolken is a moron, 6th or 7th best job? There will certainly not even be 6 or 7 jobs open.

Tenn, Florida, Ole Miss, as of now.

Possibly Auburn and possibly A&M. Those are not set.

Say Mullen leaves MS state.

We are certainly and always have been a better job than either Mississippi school. Yes the others are better jobs, but who cares.

When we hired Bret, Tenn and auburn were looking for coaches as well, guess what, on paper we got the better coach. We clearly know now that we didn’t, but we got the best hire in the country.

This argument is from a stance of I’m too passive and scared to take risks, and I’m going to go with the mainstream and continue to be a mediocre or less than mediocre team.

Really irritates me that fans don’t expect more.

I was just pointing out what Wolken said. Is he right? Every fan has to answer that for himself. I think he has a point, but you are right that Arkansas did get the best hire, at least on paper. What I don’t understand are fans who make that argument and then turn around and blast Jeff Long for hiring a Yankee or whatever unaffectionate term they want to call Bret. People cannot have it both ways.

Right I agree.

People who criticize Long for the hire are ignorant fools.

Everyone in the state of Arkansas had that “How the hell” moment when we hired bret.

Now we know it wasn’t as great as it seemed, but at the time, it was not a homerun, it was a grand slam.

5 years later it was a big thing of fools gold. It happens.

He will make a good hire, and I’m sure it will please the fans, heck he may already have him hired behind scenes, no one knew about bret until it was announced.

The same universe your living in! Just a few years ago our hogs beat LSU and keep them out of the SEC title game. It can happen again. They play Bama the game before us and they will be beat up.
After a crushing loss to Bama we have a good shot!

[quote]After a crushing loss to Bama we have a good shot!

Wake UP, You are Dreaming.

After LSU Lose’s to Alabama, they will be out for Blood, and Arkansas will be the Barbecue.

It’s Dog Eat Dog in the SEC, and Everybody Know’s, except Arkansas.

Wake UP, You are Dreaming.

After LSU Lose’s to Alabama, they will be out for Blood, and Arkansas will be the Barbecue.

It’s Dog Eat Dog in the SEC, and Everybody Know’s, except Arkansas.
I’m old enough to know that! But I’m a hog fan and regardless I want the hogs to win.
What wrong with that?
By the way I’ve never seen you post.

I’m old enough to know that! But I’m a hog fan and regardless I want the hogs to win.
What wrong with that?
By the way I’ve never seen you post.

Nothing wrong with wanting the Hog’s to Beat LSU, and I hope that they do, but I don’t give them much hope. I know that I should be more optimistic, but I’ve grown weary of Optimistic Hope only to be let down by the way that the Razorback Football Program is being run into the ground. Long ago, we all had lot’s of Hope, but now, it’s nothing but dreaded expectation’s.

I still Long for the day’s when the Razorback’s can be a Respected Competitor, especially in the SEC. Maybe one day, it’ll be that way again.

If Malzahn is fired at Auburn or they decide to split, Arkansas needs to pull the trigger and get a guy that can lead his home team back to relevance. I feel as if Malzahn has been handcuffed lately on offense and hasn’t been the same Gus the last couple of years. I don’t think you will get someone who cares more about being the HBC for the Arkansas Razorbacks than Malzahn right now. We can win it will just take the right fit.

P.S. down the stretch I feel like CBB has had Arkansas play some of its best football historically in his tenure in the month of November. He may have a chance to go and get 3 games and we squeak to 6-6. Miss State is playing great football right now. I think the hinge win is against a beat up tiger team in the morning at death valley.

This is my opinion. We go bowling.

I don’t know if we get in at 5-7 or we sweep the season. Few weeks back, it looked like both LSU and Mistake were in trouble. Missery looked horrible (I still believe they are).

Now, I know a lot don’t take into consideration other teams schedules, but we get what most would consider essentially a week off scrimmage in Coastal Carolina. LSU gets Bama. LSU can be very, very beat up by next Saturday. While we are playing LSU, Mistake gets Bama, again they can be beat up. Then Missouri. If we split Mistake/LSU then we will need that to go bowling, plus the team will probably want revenge for last year.

Will we win 2,3, or 4. Not sure, but will watch to see.

Three and one, then a bowl win is my prediction. Bret stays, as he should. WPS!

Wow, the amount of folks that seem to be fine with mediocrity simply amazes me!

Golly gee Wally, I guess we should give the coach another 5 years and another 20 million because he thinks we are “Close”.
Yea Beaver, he’s a really good guy and who knows maybe we can get to 7 or 8 regular season victories on a regular basis, wouldn’t that be swell!
That sure would be swell Wally, sounds like a good way to make a lot of money too.
Yea Beav, if you can just find a place to Coach where the fans are ok with just winning sometimes then you’ve got it made.

I was just imagining a conversant between Wally and the Beaver on the subject of our HC, Football Program and it’s Fans.
I have to say I believe I nailed it.