Down the Stretch

I’d say you didn’t. I believe most people want to give CBB the full five years he deserves before making a final decision. I don’t think he’s going to win five more games (including a bowl game) to get to 8-5, but I don’t know he won’t. Just want to let the season play out.

You prove the point, mediocrity is just fine for you and to many Hog fans!
We can be at least 8-4 most years and better than that every few years.

If you have any real thought that he will get even 3 wins out of the final four then I’ve got some ocean front property in Hope, AR I’d like to sell to you.

De Jesus Christo give it a rest. Arkansas is historically a .590 program. 8-4 is .666. Reality is reality.

I prove nothing you say. I just said many if not most Hog fans are willing to give the man five full seasons. You aren’t. I’m glad CBB’s contract is with the UofA and not you. He deserves the next four (or five) games before a decision is made. If he pulls off an unexpected 6-0 run to end the season, that would turn some heads. I don’t think he will, but I’m willing to give him the opportunity. Shouldn’t you?

I strongly agree DTH, accusing others of “mediocrity is just fine for you and to many Hog fans!” is some infantile BS. Critical thinking skills are clearly not in your wheelhouse DF.

[quote] If you can just find a place to Coach where the fans are ok with just winning sometimes then you’ve got it made.

It’s Called Tough Love, and Yes, I do believe that He Pinned the Tail On the Donkey.

And I do believe that it’s comeing from up above the Ad and HC.

As long as the Herd is content, Don’t Spook Them and Continue to Sing, all the way to the SlaughterHouse.

Winning must not be in your wheelhouse either, firewallet!
I sure am excited to get to our threshold of an 8-4 Program, DTH low expectations!

I didn’t say that Brett would be let go before seasons end, but I believe if we finish .500 or less at the end of 5 years then their is no reason to continue with fools gold, which is what Razorback fans have gotten thus far with this head coach.

If any organization is not committed and driven to succeed and doesn’t have the ability to make changes to what isn’t moving it toward success then changes at the top of that organization have to be made and my hope is we will see those changes at seasons end which would at the very last show fans that we will not accept mediocrity.

Idiot…SMDH…walking away.

Name calling, really!
How mature!

Why is it that some people can’t have a genuine debate without resorting to name calling? It’s just too bad.
Loosing is contagious and it appears that is pooping over to some in the once proud fan base.

After the A&M game I posted a thread saying “I was wrong” in that I said while I supported Bielema previously I had come to tne realization he was never going to get it done at Arkansas and we needed to move on. You posted in that thread twice.

I have said over and over that I believed bowl eligibility was the threshold…the minimum I would be happy with for our program. Bowl eligibility includes 8-4 or better. I have stated we need to be bowl eligible every year and 8-10 wins every 3-5 years and in the NC conversation every decade.

Despite this you constantly wag your finger at me chastising me for my continued support of Bielema and my being happy with mediocraty.

One cannot have a reasonable debate with an idiot who refuses to accept the truth.

Yes, I agree and you continue to prove to be all about supporting and average Head Coach and his less than average Program.

I wish you all the best in an average universe.

Reading comprehension is just not in your wheel house…huh?

Demeaning others seems to be your go to comment whenever you have nothing to say or back your opinions about the program getting to 8-4, average.

I really feel sorry for fans that aspire to have an “Average” Football Program.

You’re going to seriously question someone reading comprehension or for that matter anything else while using “huh” in a sentence?
No doubt where you’re from boy.

The verbage I use has nothing to do with your reading comprehension but yeah…you just keep droning on…

I agree it will take the right fit, but Saint Gus is not that right fit. He’s burned too many bridges in this state.

well judging by the score of mizzou and Florida that game against mizzou may not be a win

It’s funny guys are screaming for Gus, and saying 8-4 is mediocre and not good enough. His avg at AUB - 8-4

So, how many of you CBB fans watched the game today against a winless Sunbelt Conference team playing its 1st year at the D1 level believe that the Hogs have the right man at the helm of the Football program?

Oh, by the way a team that A-State beat up 52-17 this season!
Yep, “We’re Close” just like Coach Bielema says every week in his postgame News conference.

Give me a break!

Mizzou best us last year, what makes you think this year would be any different? We beat an Ole Miss team that lost their HC right before the season and lost its QB the game before we played them. Today’s game against a 1-7 sunbelt team confirmed we will be heavy dogs in our last 3 games. “Oh lord it’s hard to be hopeful when you’re an Arkansas Razorback Fan, GO HOGS!”