Do you want Malzahn to fail at Auburn?

Do you want him to win, lose or win enough to limp along at AU?

I just want Auburn to fail. He is collateral damage.

Limp along poorly enough to not pose a threat, but successful enough to continue coaching a mediocre program.

That is exactly how I feel too.

I want him to fail. I think that NHHU is doing damage to the game both in college and the pros. Nothing personal, Gus.

Malzahn isn’t a bad coach-but hey I wanna beat Auburn every time we play. IMHO,the HUNH is toast against a vanilla defense playing man-to-man press and with strong DT who can bring pressure. IMHO, it should be lights-out blitzkreig most of the time. Keep the QB running for his life. DT’s and DE’s will have to be fast and strong with good cover LB’s. HOGS YA’LL.

I want him to fail miserably.


I don’t care if he fails or succeeds, as long as we keep beating his butt.

Yeah, pretty much do want him to fail, after all the crap he has pulled.

And for cozying up to HDN, throwing his former Springdale players under the bus.


I want him to take Central High School in Little Rock to new heights never before witnessed and make them a regional us H.S. power… Win/Win


I don’t wish him ill, personally. However, - - - having said that, - - - I wouldn’t cry crocodile tears if Auburn’s first five games proved to be a close approximation of our previous season’s early record (and took a sharp downward turn from that point on). It would not distress me in the least if The Gus Bus ran out of gas just prior to rolling into The Razorback Station.

It would very likely be extremely difficult for me to drum up any appreciable amount of sympathy in witnessing high heat being generated and brought to bear upon Aw-w-w-w-burn.


Regardless of past wrongs and all the baggage that comes with that, we need him to fail at Auburn because he has all the skills to get back on his feet. Never, never let a foe get up off the mat! Never!

This is not about Gus, it’s about Auburn.

I have to admit that the whole Mustain-gang thing disappointed me back in the days of HDN. And Malzahn-well at least now he has other than HS experience. Nothing personal.HOGS YA’LL.

Malzahn has lost some very important players recently and the media is talking more about him being on the hot seat. The pressure is on him more than I thought it would be.

Don’t care, just as long as we win! :smiley:

Yup. Don’t like him. Never have. Thought he held us hostage with the Springdale Five. He’s a blatant opportunist.