Do you want Malzahn to fail at Auburn?

Exactly. Honestly do not care what Malzahn does as long we are successful.

I certainly don’t wish to see him fail at Auburn. Of course I want the Razorbacks to win but other than that game, I wish him well.

Clemson is going to KILL Auburn. Gus is going to be under more fire. I love it.

Fail. I dislike the HUNH. Especially Gus’ version. It’s a gimmicky high school offense that never works against a solid defense.

Well it looks like a couple more bonehead mistakes like at Clemson and he is going indeed. HOGS YA’LL.

he is getting roasted for terrible QB development, and the offense. I think their group of QB’s is an embarrassment for many AU faithful, and some cringe that Franklin III got a schollie after seeing Last Chance U. Tons of image issues, but they do have an outstanding defense.