Dick V

Ducky V! His classless comments during the game are ! Right up there with the comments of the announcers that states in 94 " the smart team will win." I hate for him to announce any game let alone one we play in.
Why in the world would he want to comment about how our players wish Monk was in our uniform. Who wants a instate kid that doesn’t want to be a Hog !
Monk did not win the state title last year and the young man from Cabot is signed to play football for the hogs!

I agree, he is just tacky. And as usual, SEC refs and the swallow the whistle crap, allowing Kentucky to bar arms on rebounds, over the back, and get every 50/50 call.

But hey, UK might get a 1 seed if they win. Well we all know what follows that statement.

I agree. Normally, I don’t care about Dicky V’s screaming schtick. The problem I have with him today is that it is so clear that everyone in the booth just wants Kentucky to win. It is classless.

That being said, this is not a bad Arkansas team at all. But, these kind of games really expose the talent gap on the bench. Still, Mike has done a good job with this team.

True, but most teams have a talent gap when it comes to Kentucky.

Mike Anderson is the better coach and he wins despite the talent gap! Do you guys remember the comments made before the hogs played Duke for the National Championship? The smart team will win that was what they said! I hate them all.
If someone is on this board trashing Mike Anderson and our hogs you are a troll and a gutless spineless fool! Where is your loyalty right alone with Monk I guess. Go put your blue on and get off this board.

Lmao he said it again, and of course UK gets the timeout instead of 5 seconds and since they have been in the double bonus for ever, they can shoot free throws the rest of the way. We of course get our first 1 and 1 with 2 minutes in the game.

I wonder did Dicky get all upset when Harrison of Kentucky slapped the Wisconsin player in the face during the NCAA tourney? Then after they lost he called a guy the N word. Just wondering.

He doesn’t comment aginst the blue bloods.

If I took the shots and hits that Mosses took today I’d knock that spoiled diaper dandy into the front row. We made too many mistakes early and shot poorly.
The talent gap moving forward will close and we will be win as much as anyone else

I understand their frustration. Everyone and everything seemed to be going blue’s way this afternoon. Kentucky could do no wrong in the eyes of the refs and announcers today. It literally seemed like everyone but Arkansas fans wanted Kentucky to win.

But you can’t do what our guys did at the end of the game. What Dusty and Moses did were blatant hits out of just childish frustration. I think Anderson has done a very good job getting this team to play above its talent, but that ending needs to be a teaching moment for these young men about how to take an unfair thump from the world and use it to propel you forward.

Ugh, s*** pisses me off. Dickie V and refs were so one sided, makes me wanna vomit. That foul by both Hannah’s and Kingsley weren’t anything THAT bad, good god!!! Just regular hard screens and fouls you expect in Championship games or Finals. The fact they singled us out and berated AR for that is horse****!!! Man, we didn’t play our best but if they actually called over the back on UK and gave us some of those calls they messed up on, game is a lot closer. Our players had a RIGHT to be frustrated after that s*** called game

Agree that our guys shouldn’t have lost their cool at the end. Quick apologies from Hannahs and Kingsley would be in order. Also agree that officiating was slanted from the opening tip. The real difference for us today was not being able to score inside, or even get the ball inside. Oh, and also agree that Vitale is a blithering cheerleader for the Dukes and Kentuckys of the world.

I know they were frustrated by the refs, but they should be smart enough to know they would be dealt with harshly. Now they will not have Kingsley for the next game or at least the first half. That hurts the team.

i got a question, i hope you guys can answer for me. does Moses have to sit out our first round game because of the flagrant 1 foul, plus the earlier technical?

NO. The announcers even said it won’t affect his tourney status.

Funny, UK bump up to a one seat if they win but if we win we will stay the same because the seedings are already set (according to JL). As an American politician once said “The system is rigged”.

thanks Dubs

Did any of you see the throat slash by Fox and Monk? The sportsmanship is a two way street. I wish our players would have kept their cool but there’s no excuse for what Kentucky did either or the refs for not calling it both ways.
What got us beat today wasn’t the refs it was poor shooting. If we would have made shots and put pressure on Kentucky we could have won. We didn’t and we lost
On too the Dance and forget it!

I’m proud of my hogs, even though we didn’t shoot the ball well at all we cut it down to 9 with 2 minutes to go. If it wasn’t for a homer Kentucky timeout that should have been a five sec call, who knows what would be happened. Bartford was pressing early and dusty hit in only 1 out of his first 9 shots, and over half of them were uncontested. If he hits half of those shots were in a good spot. It wasn’t what Kentucky was doing it was what we were not doing. The first half we seemed sluggish. We weren’t moving the basketball or spacing the floor at all. Plus the refs basically let Kentucky go over the back on us all day while if we breathed on Kentucky’s jersey they called a foul. The tech on Moses was bogus and they were looking for a reason to get him out the game. And ducky v all he did was praise Kentucky like they were Greek gods all day while commenting like we should just be happy to be on the same court with them. But it doesn’t matter were closing the gap in the sec, and we will be the dominant program we were in the 90s. Go hogs!