Defense sucks, Rebounding sucks, shooting is horrendous..

It’s a miracle their only down by 15 at the half… They got a big head after some wins, and have forgotten what got them the wins…

No surprise here, business as usual. When it really matters, we disappear.

The time has come the walrus said, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, and of cabbages and kings.

-Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Yeah, you guys were right, we had a chance…lol

Yeah, you guys were right, we had a chance…lol

We suck, if we get to the tournament, one and done

Wow, welcome back, where you been?

Troll cave collapsed after the South Carolina game. Took him a couple of games to dig out of the rubble.

Yep, we’re really good


Tell me do that little red ball at the end of your nose ever bother you?

Program is a total train wreck

These two do not dignify responses. GHG!

In your best English, please explain how?

In all honesty, I just said that in that other post to get in their head, and fire em up. Arkansas did have a chance, but not shooting like that, and rebounding like that in the first half…

What a retarded statement!! MA is a fantastic coach, the program is in great shape.

Bubble team after 6 years? Clear enough? Need to dumb it down more?

Obviously your not stupid, I was just firing them up in that other post. My apologies if you took it the wrong way, just motivating the guys, and unfortunately it wasn’t enough…

We got to figure out how to play defense against the best Guard in CBB on Saturday to make sure we’re in.

The program was a total wreck, and FL and KY have had more recent success, so their recruiting was a little better. Arkansas is catching up quickly in recruiting, we get on an even plateau talent wise, and we will beat those teams…

Wrong. Try again. Perhaps you don’t understand the definition of the term bubble. C’mon, you can come up with a better explanation of train wreck. I know you can.