According to Football Scoop, Looks like it might be The Chief.

Yep, not my first choice, but what do I know.

It’s kinda’ sad to say this, but I’d be happy if he brings the defense up to the level of mediocrity.

A defense would be a nice Christmas Present.

Nobody knows if Chavis would do a good job or not . WE all need to give him a chance to see what he could do before everybody passes judgment.

Well, that would be better than hiring yet another SMU coach. I would hope that we could do better than that

the Scoop now saying Steve Caldwell is coming. probably defensive line.

Well the DC that so many of us are drooling for just gave up 55 points! Not exactly a highlight video for the defense. Obviously this guy had some very good runs at Tennessee and LSU but has not done much lately. I am at a loss as to where we should go.

Please no Chavis! This guy cannot defend run pass option.

Well, I want to give Coach Morris time before judgement, but when you say you’re going to hire the best DC in the country and you can’t deliver on that you probably should be cautious with your comments.
Brett said he was going to win championships and we won nothing, while he won the Buyout Lottery.
I certainly hope that folks have learned their lessons on the buyout terms and we never get into that situation again.
I doubt seriously that Chavis has the fire to get the job done, his best days are well in the rear view mirror. I would much rather hitch our wagon to a young, hungry defensive coach. If Chavis is hired I’ll wish them all the best and I hope they don’t pay this guy 2 million per year because that would be a waste in my opinion.
Coach Morris will have until the end of year 3 to prove what he can produce or not, so he had better choose the DC he believes can get it done.

Well the best defensive coordinator is a matter of opinion. You may not think it is Chavis, but maybe he does? Or even maybe it is someone else

People have been complaining about BB’s statement and now CM’s. Really people. What do you expect a coach to say. “we are going to go 6-6 or even 7-5 folks, lets be happy about it! Our goal is to be Tiger Bate for LSU and to always lose to Bama.” Of course he said he was going to win championships. I wouldn’t want a coach to say other wise.

What was Morris supposed to say, “we are going to hire average to below average assistants.” Of COURSE he is going to say he is going to hire the best DC. Good Lord people.

If I remember right, didn’t Petrino say we would be playing for championships at his first P.C. I don’t want a coach to say we r not going to be the best. If he said we would try to be average at best I don’t want him .

This ^^^

Just to clarify, I’m not saying that I won’t give my full support behind the Razorbacks if the DC job ends up going to Chavis because I most certainly will.
I also understand that any new coach has to put out a positive vibe at the press conference, but they could make better choices in their proclamations of championships which can only lead to their dismissal if those self proclaimed expectations are not met.
However, with the way coaches contractual buyout clauses are set up these days I guess they have no financial downside.
Coaches have to be politicians these days and that’s a shame.

I’m wondering if it I Chavis why hasn’t it already been announced? Could it be that he is on hold as plan B until these playoff games are over and Coach Morris has exhausted all other options from the NCAA or NFL coaching ranks? Stay tuned, we’ll all soon know the answer.

Go Hogs!

Just seems odd that we didn’t get a DC hired ‘after TAMUs bowl game’ - so I’m not buying the ‘still working the numbers’ discussion. Now that Clemson is done, lets see what happens with Venables. Wondering if he wants a change … and we know he has a good relationship with Morris. If its Chavis, the delay since last week seems … odd. I’m sticking with Venables until proven wrong (with my recent suggestions, that may not take long :slight_smile:

Perhaps the explanation for the delay lies in the guarantee clause of Mr. Chavis contract with the Aggies. It might have been simply prudent to wait until 2018 in terms of the amount of money Chavis/we would owe the Aggies OR the Aggie would owe him for the hire prior to 2018. (I don’t know…just speculating.)

It would be refreshing to operate intelligently concerning finances rather than the follow the example set by Mr. Long with buyouts (and other things as well).

So, I realize it’s a long shot to land Venables, and it may well be a money issue they are working out with Chavis. One (hopeful) thought. The one job everyone seems to think Venables would take as a head coach, just got filled today. Snyder announced he’s staying at K-State and he wants his son to replace him. Maybe another run is being made his way?

The Scoop has now said that Arkansas has hired an assistant from Clemson. Justin Speros. Has been a student assistant for four years and will help with recruiting and other things. Could more from Clemson head this way?

Give Venables Chavis’ type money and make him assistant head coach.