I must have missed the official announcement. Football scoop says Chavis has brought Ron Cooper with him to Arkansas. When did they make Chavis official?

You didn’t miss anything. Nothing has been announced officially on the staff on either side of the ball, although bits and pieces have leaked out. Most people think the announcements will come out this week. However, Bielema didn’t complete his first staff until Jan. 17, so Morris still has 10 days to go before that. Only the impatience has changed.

The coaching staff has pretty much been identified. There may be another addition or two. A post over on HV lists the staff.

Sounds like this DC hire should become official any day now which is good because current players can decide if this is the type of scheme they can see themselves playing in. especially at DL and LB. Recruits that are still out there which surprisingly there are many might be willing to take a look at Arkansas depending on possible early playing time.

When looking at the ESPN Top 300, there are still about a solid dozen from the state of Texas that either haven’t signed, committed but didn’t sign early or not committed at this time to any program.
I know Coach says he isn’t chasing star ratings, but if he could somehow convince a few of these to come to Arkansas that would be a huge boost and possibly set the stage for future recruiting success.
2019 QB rated #1PP has already put the Razorbacks back on his list and we have a great chance to land him due to his family ties to Arkansas.


The defensive staff that has been put together are outstanding recruiters. We will see how Arkansas does with these coaches.

You can’t have a defensive staff without a defensive coordinator. This is ridiculous. We are already last in conference recruiting. We are in need of some good news, any news!

THE D C has been on the hill since Thursday.

With another A&M man coming in Cooper, it seems likely that it’s still Chavis.

The only problem is that we’re losing precious time here with recruits.

Let’s all get a grip not gripe, grip…assistant coaches have agents doing what they do, as well as coordinators and more than likely the same agency. Razorback fans will be surprised!
There are so much legal verbiage in contracts sometimes the UofA law firm for sports has had to be careful in full detail not to breach a contract before inviting a new hire to sign the dotted line…for instance, Kirby Smart hired Coach Pittman out from under CBB and Arkansas; Arkansas contract writers were taken to the cleaners thus causing the destruction of the Razorbacks’ offensive line…then Enos’ name came up and immediately CBB had Enos and the rest of his coaches to sign off on a clause amended in their contracts…they could not entertain offers from within the SEC…thus taking us to Chavis, has he been released and if so can he coach at another SEC school without sitting out a period of time…let’s face it, lawyers are good for some things and the sports market is rewarding…

I believe everyone has their own opinion and the right to let it fly…but there is more going on behind the curtain we have the privy of knowing…so get a grip we are about to move to the left lane…

No we aren’t. It’s a dead period which ends Thursday. Recruits can’t visit, we can’t visit them. But we can contact recruits, and they can contact us. And just because John Chavis and the rest of the staff haven’t been announced, doesn’t mean they aren’t contacting kids at this very moment.

Edit: And here’s my proof from the Twitter feed of recruit Emmit Gooden:


If all coaching positions have now been filled, then I must assume that Morris has the coaches he wanted. Whether they now “toe the line and shine just fine” - or whether they “stutter and sputter as they flutter to the gutter” - is going to directly impact Morris’s competence credibility.

I surely hope that Morris - and his entire cadre of assistants - are up to the task.

We shall see.

So, it’s the “Chief” that will try and lead our defense back to respectability.
He wasn’t my first choice, but he has far more experience and name recognition than any we have had and that may just help in recruiting, I hope so.

I was glad to see that he and Emmitt Gooden have talked, we need a 6’4" 320lb man to cause problems for the opponent at the line of scrimmage for a change, hope the get him signed. Gooden wants to be a Razorback and he didn’t even grow up in the State unlike others in this recruiting class that have signed or committed to sign elsewhere. No matter where those Arkansans play and how much success they have when they come back home they will never be revered like a Razorback ( Keith Jackson - included ).

Anyway, now that he’s been named I’ll support that decision and wish nothing but great things for our program and its new coaches moving forward.

Go Hogs!

The Chief, was my second choice of DCs…the first was a snowball in hell to hire and we All know who that was…lol…but John Chavis is a Gold Crown Defensive Coordinator by experience, recruiting and coaching abilities, long list of accomplishments, former players that were or now in the NFL and his desire to field the best defense on the field of play!
Coach Chavis, since his hire was reported, has sent a message throughout the SEC, the Arkansas Razorback’s “D” will be on the field to play just that! I know there are those that tend to refer to his defenses of A&M, there aren’t any serious coaches want their legacy to be remembered ineffective…being a fan and supporter of my beloved Razorbacks and being a believer defense wins championships, I am excited for the defensive players and recruits…we’ve got the right coaches for the 4 and 5 Star recruits to start rolling in 2019…maybe this year…!
I can only judge a coach, any coach by the facts, and there are a long list of great facts about Coach Chavis…he knows the challenge set before him, I believe our defense will begin to finish games like we haven’t seen for sometime, besides, it’s time…

I’m ok with the DC hire. The problem I have is with the quick strike offense. The ability to take time off of the clock is critical. The “score quickly” offense just puts the defense on the field longer. Something that never works to any team’s favor. I’m hoping for the best but I’m very concerned about the bind this puts our defense in before the game even starts. Hopefully CCM has a handle on it.

Two games come to mind when the debate of time of possession and its effect on a football game.

2005 Hogs v Trojans.
Time of possession:
Hogs 34 plus minutes
Trojans 22 plus minutes

Final score: USC 70 - Arkansas 19

2016 Hogs vs Tide
Time of possession:
Hogs 37 plus minutes
Tide 22 plus minutes

Final score: Alabama 49 - Arkansas 30

My point is that time of possession is less important as long as you score touchdowns when you do have possession.
I know that these two examples come against great teams, but isn’t that what we aspire to be?

Go Hogs!

Definitely understand why the fan base is apprehensive of this hire, but at the end of the day can we look at it and say its an improvement? absolutely. Arkansas was ranked 101st in total defense last year…A&M at 78th. not huge, but much better than we are now.

My point about being able to hold the ball is not having a shootout every game. Not too many fast paced teams making it to the playoffs or bcs finals. Defense still wins championships . Sure there are some really good fast paced teams but that puts the defense on the field too quickly and too often. The best teams in the country are still the better defensive teams. I don’t expect everyone to agree,just my opinion.

I agree to a certain extent. Clemson, though, was an up-tempo team who also played very good defense. Alabama is capable of being up-tempo and has been in recent years but also play great defense. The game is an up-tempo game these days. That said, I agree that until we have a good defense in place, there are going to be times we need to hang onto the football. CCM promotes an up-tempo offense, like the one with which Clemson won the title, but I think his power-running, up-tempo game may be able to slow down if time does need to be taken off the clock. At least, I hope it can.

So I was intrigued by just which programs had played for the National Championship over the past 5 years to,see what type of offenses got to that game.

Clemson - 2 appearances
Auburn - 1 appearance
Oregon - 1 appearance
Ohio State - 1 appearance
Alabama - 3 appearances

Actually, every one of these teams run a tempo offensive scheme with 99% of snaps taken from the shotgun formation with a single RB or empty backfield.
Alabama has drifted away from a traditional style offense when they kept having trouble defending teams like Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma and Ohio State.
The key to these teams being able to have success running tempo style offenses are their players and the quality of depth they are able to stockpile on their rosters on both offense and defense so that players can be rotated throughout the game so they stay fresh.
Quality depth is the key.

Go Hogs!

You are quite right. Also, their defenses had the ability to give the ball back quickly, i.e., get off the field on third down.