Come on are you watching this louisville game?

Wow… 21 points in about 6 plays!

We did that when he was here

That was in a different “cycle”. I know that many Hog fans vehemently disagreed with his termination; but I wholeheartedly supported it - - and still do. Yes, he was - and IS - an astute offensive guru; but the extraneous baggage that he drags to the table is unacceptable to yours truly and to many like-minded others. I wish him well - - - but not at Arkansas.

Agreed. I much prefer making the students, on any sports team, be students. Petrino doesn’t seem to care as long as they play well. He was (and is) one of the most controlling individuals imaginable. The rule around the Broyles center was silence unless spoken to by BP.

So if you wish to worship at his feet, enjoy Louisville. He is not coming back.

  1. I was the first person to say he needed fired, even before it was revealed there was a second rider. The legendary Hip was the only one to agree with me, even those of you saying your glad he’s gone wanted him back.

  2. The OP was talking about how fast they scored, like it shocked him. My comment was aimed at him, because when BP was here we did the same thing. It isn’t that shocking to me.

  3. Duh, I know he ain’t coming back, and I’ll remind you what you said when CBB leaves and we still haven’t matched BP levels and y’all turn on him.

I always have and always will support every Boss Hog, while they are sitting in Captain kirk’s chair! I have an appreciation for each and every one of them. Coach Ford took us to our first SECCG. Coach HDN took us to 2 SECCGs. And at the end of his tenure, he left us with a victory over the #1 team in the nation. CBP, while not getting use to a SECCG, did take us to our first BCS bowl game. And gave us national prominence for a short time. I know they were all flawed. But, each gave us something to be proud of. And in all accounts, when they left, it was time.

As for CBB. He left a job where he had great success and stature to come here when we were at our lowest. That should not be taken lightly. He brought us out of the doldrums and has given us an Identity. And I love how we have become one of the most feared teams in the nation come November! I heard a commentator on ESPN say a couple weeks ago, “The Hogs are a juggernaut that no one wants to play in November.” What’s the old saying? They always remember what you do in November. He may not be the coach some wanted. But, he is the coach we needed. :mrgreen: WPS!

What ever happened to Baldheaded Hippy?

He showed up last year? I believe. Said he had a grand baby, made one or two posts then disappeared again. FSHawgfan did the same (only FS had a kid, not grandkid).

Of course there was two GREAT posters called Wheatie and Nostra, I don’t know where they went :wink:

Didn’t take them very long to take a shot at the SEC did it? Funny that Mack Brown pointed out real quick that those losses last week were to very good teams.

Those of you who still carry the torch for Petrino - those who place imagined potential on field results over any and all other considerations (particularly in times of even mild burgeoning unrest and stress, such as now) - seem to be actively awaiting your golden opportune time to be able to belligerently warble, “I told you so! I told you so”!!" You can spout that sour grapes attitude to your heart’s content, and it will STILL never make this ole Razorback long for the return of The Two Wheeler Hiney Feeler Young Chick Stealer Wheeler Dealer. That’s my final word on the subject. Over and out.

Excellent post sir! I hope BB finds success here as it would be great to see us be successful without selling our souls. Coach B seems to be one of the good guys.

I was a CBP supporter, and yes, I felt we could have done something else punitive to address the issues and salvage a good coach. I have to admit, as I was watching the Louisville game I was thinking about where we might be now had we done just that. I wouldn’t want to play them any time soon.

That said, I like CBB, and the changes he has made in FB style and athlete character. I hope he is successful here for the same reasons everyone else does. I really do enjoy our “style of play” more, and I like to be proud of our athletes for more than just on field performance.

We do need to get back to where we were before “Harley Gate.” Every day I watch the NCAA do nothing about OM and coach Bucky, I wonder why any other program would try to compete by doing things right. It seems like we are fighting California wildfires with a water pistle.

Well said, MultipleScoreGasms.

The attention to the classroom by Coach B is wonderful. Character and scholarship were NEVER a priority for the cursing one.

Neutral field, let’s say Nashville. Louisville v Arkansas. Who wins? Year 3 for CBP and year 4 for CBB.

If the team that showed up last week for AR and the team that showed up last week for Loserville, the Loserville by 40

I tend to agree, however I keep reading that this is the best staff that Arkansas has ever had in regards to recruiting. There shouldn’t be a talent disparity. Is CBP really that much better of a coach than CBB?

I want to say no.

BP has two guys on that Louisville team (their QB and RB) that could probably walk in anywhere (including here) and win the starting job. Those two kids are special


I want to say no.

BP has two guys on that Louisville team (their QB and RB) that could probably walk in anywhere (including here) and win the starting job. Those two kids are special

I’m not an authority on Louisville. Who recruited those kids? Petrino, or Kirby? Serious question.



Jackson is a Petrino recruit (a sophomore).


Well, the discussion about the QB last night said CBP was only guy to offer, then Fl came in and offered at the last minute (where have we heard that before?), but momma said no we are people of our word and staying at Louisville