Come on are you watching this louisville game?

Relevant to the earlier mention of how recruiting between the staffs should be at the same level.

I agree with Hog Breath. I have always supported whoever sat in the Big Chair on the Hill, from Frank Broyles to Lou Holtz to Ken Hatfield to Jack Crowe (at least until The Citadel) to Danny Ford to HDN to CP (gasp, even JLS until he said “smile”) to CBB. I wanted all of them to have success. Some I liked better than others. Hope he wins big. If not, I’ll support the next one.

No one cares what you think grandma.

More lies from the mouth of Jeff Long.

You wanted a 21-5 coach fired ? You deserve Bert !!

NO one gives a crap about character here !! Its football dummy.

YES YES YES… Bobby is a coach. Bert is a former tackling dummy suffering from intense brain damage. His only contribution ? Character. Enjoy that fist place trophy for character you bunch of grandmas. Its what you asked for.

Men curse get over it grandma. Football coaches curse big deal you old blue hairs. Petrino does what football coaches AND MEN do… For years it was all I could do to keep from vomiting when Rick Schaefer came on the air. I used to think who in the world thinks like this eunuch. Now I see why Arkansas will NEVER be OU or Bama. BC the biggest part of our fanbase is a bunch of wussy cry babies like Old Rick !! OH my he cursed on tv !! Oh I just don’t think I can face the world this morning !!! Oh you mean he had an affair with a much younger girl then hired her ? Oh my notify the media that I will be doing an extra hour of hail mary’s this morning…

You people deserve the crappy product you get bc you are all a bunch of Nancy’s and don’t deserve a program to start with.

Off the field stress ? The man just had an affair and hired her… Big freaking deal grandma… Geez you people. I swear I would shot myself in the face if I was half as retarded as some of you.

If Oral Roberts had a football program it would be called Arkansas. Who cares about winning. Not this bunch of retards.

LOL, now your IQ is really being exposed here. Lighten up with the name calling.
You have proven your loyalty to BP and your talk on here bears great resemblance to BP’s coaching methods.
I bet you have a CBP Muriel in your window and possibly on the toilet seat lid as well.

Tied 10-10 midway thru the 2nd quarter.
Troy giving Clemson all they want and some.

Something to get us away from all this Petrino propaganda, geeze.

A “One Note Johnny” might be very proficient and extremely loud in sounding that single note, - - - - - - but he’s not going to be welcomed into the band by the rest of the musicians on the basis of that sole talent. A little broadening in perspective and an outreach toward at least a modicum of diversity would be keenly appreciated by all, I’m sure.

Yes, his kids were robbing other students and saying, so what. So was he. He said he was trying to right the ship, yet was himself setting bad examples and breaking the law (speeding on a road while wearing no helmet, both illegal in AR). So, when his team acts like a bunch of criminals, and instead of fixing it, he allows it, then he needs to be gone. Notice I have issues with CMA too

I would give you a gold star for that.

Wheatie and Nostra both got the perma ban. Wheatie was always a paperclip u fan, except for baseball. Nostra is back on the old board posting under a new name.