College Gameday

They just showed a sign of Bobby Petrino on a moped with a bruised face and neckbrace. On the sign it said, You don’t have to be lonely at

Absolutely hilarious :lol:

That was just too dang funny!! :lol:

Clemson fans just booed Corso for picking Clemson. They must think he’s a jinx.

Hogs settled for a FG on first red zone trip. AA hits Cornelius for a 30 yard strike on first down.

Pulley could be an All American by his senior year!!

Absolutely, Whaley is faster than he looks. He really didn’t look like he was running that fast, but he was.

Whaley… to the HOUSE!!!

I meant Pulley our CB, Already top 5 in FBS in pass break-ups as a Sophomore . But, you can absolutely through Whaley into that mix! LOL

I’m gonna complain about something. We need to work on our kickoffs and kickoff coverage.

Yes sir! We must tighten up on the kick coverage.

My fault, Absolutely was responding about Pulley, I should have added a comma and also on Whaley


Time to see the subs

I do believe that RWIII is the bell cow for this running game. But, if Whaley can give us some big play ability, and if Hammonds can add some flare to the running game, this offense could really be something special. Did you see after Whaley changed direction in the hole, that burst to get into the second tier of the defense? That is a game changer! WPS

I saw that last week against ATM, he is so fast to the hole. He’s eventually gonna break them. Hopefully, its next week.

Are the backups in? They are just moving down the field


Yeah a few backups are in. Rotating different positions. I would say half backups, half starters mix. That being said, I guess the QB is just going to be an Achilles heel for this team all year. :?

Wow, can’t get a yard? WOW just WOW.

Wow, that makes me sad, :frowning: The line is just killing this team right now.

LG must correct his foot work.


WOW another future AA