Chad Morris [Update]

Great hire…looking forward to his first press conference.

Oh please make it so!!!

Yes, apologies, when I reread what I wrote, I can see how you got that. I’ve never been good with punctuation :smiley:

Right on, General. I like the confident thought process of going after Venables, regardless.

I mean why not!!! Give Morris half of what you offered Malzahn, and take a huge chunk of the other half to go after Venables. Make him a big millionaire and the associate HC!!! I mean, why not!

No worries…we got a coach!!!

Go Hogs!!!

I like the way you think!!!

I have to admit: Morris and Venables coming together would be, in my opinion, probably the best hire of this entire coaching carousel. Yeas, Chip Kelly at UCLA will still be successful and the sexier name, but Morris and Venables would be just as impressive of a hire to me.

Knew Coach Morris when was a high school coach in Texas. Good dude. But after the Broyles Award today, could we get co-head coaches of Tony Elliott and Brent Venables. They made me wish I were a Clemson fan. At least Coach Morris was once part of that tree.

I highly doubt that we get Venables in the process, but if Morris doesn’t swing for the fences, there’s no way to know whether it could have been accomplished. Morris needs a proven DC to give him the best opportunity to win.

That would be Babe Ruth calling his shot huge. HUGE! !!

Swing for the fences, brother. No reason not to swing and as General mentioned, we should have some leverage, post Malzahn, with a very good DC. It sure sounds like Chad Morris is aware and on to it, regardless. … -24-hours/

Go Hogs.

Venables is not leaving Clemson unless it is for a HC job. My Clemson friends say he will replace Dabo when he goes to Bama in about 3 years.

No argument, reddie, but you gotta swing, to hit. It sounds like Morris understands the situation, regardless. … -24-hours/

I agree. He will stay put. He didn’t want to leave Oklahoma. He likes stability and you get that at Clemson now.

Wikipedia lists Chad Morris as the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks!!! I was trying to see what his current salary is but couldn’t find it. I don’t think private schools have to post the coaches salaries.

Go to, register for an account, and you can pull up SMU tax returns which will show their top 5 highest paid employees. As well as board members who are paid as well.

I found it in Forbes Mag…2m a year.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and should not be depended on for being always factual.

You may both be right, but I still like the swing. … -arkansas/