Chad Morris [Update]

Aside from his reconstruction effort and record at SMU, this guy sounds impressive. Direct pipeline to Texas recruiting and it’s hard to argue with what Morris did at Clemson and as a high school coach. Clint Stoerner recently pushed for his hiring, which speaks volumes, in my opinion. … tennessee/

Go Hogs.

He apparently impressed the AD staff in his two interviews. I think of the four coaches that apparently are being considered he has the biggest upside.

I agree, Dawg. Everything I have read about the guy has been positive. Recruits would love his offense and I have a feeling that he learned a little about the importance of playing good defense during his stay at Clemson.

Would love to have Kiffin or Venables and it’s very possible offers were made and they turned us down. So the chances of hiring a big named coach is out unless you consider if Morris was still OC at Clemson he would be that big name! Having Ark ties is overrated because you basically limit the pool of coaches to choose from. Yurachek needs to go ahead and hire Morris so he has a chance to salvage this years recruiting class!

Nailed it.

He has to bring in a big time DC and then go recruit but I have no doubts he will do that.

Spot on, brother.

his entire recruiting class of 2017 are from texas. he has focused a lot on east texas, an area i think the hogs need to get back into recruiting heavily. hes sooon to turn 50 so he’s not the youngest guy out there but his recruiting ties to texas and his offense really could benefit arkansas if they go with him.


He also sang Gus’ praises.

I don’t think Venables got offered the HC position. If you really listen to him about his relationship with Morris and the way he phrased AR being in contact, I think they offered Morris and was gauging Venables interest in coming with him. JMHO

Tom Murphy was on Finebaum and said he thought Morris was leader in the club house and believes there will be a decision within a day. Not sure who #2 might be.

Yes! This will make me very happy.

Gus and Graham gave him his start in College ball and he has excelled.

This actually makes sense and I could see them contacting Venables for suggestions on DC for Morris to hire at Arkansas.

Gus gave Stoerner his start in college ball? I’m pretty sure Gus didnt screw up AR until the end of Nutt’s tenure. Clint was at the beginning.

Norvell is out. The more I read and hear about Chad Morris, the easier it is to really like the guy. Given his past at Clemson, success as a Texas HS coach and the way he has turned things around for a horribly subpar SMU program, I am going to have to go with Stoerner on this one. Pipeline to Texas, exciting football [and a good DC], needed. … ke-norvell

My apologies …read that wrong thought you were saying Morris sang Gus’ praises.

Could it be?

If true, you know what that article says that would be icing on the cake? If he gets Brent Venables to be the DC! I’m not sure it can/will happen, but if we can leverage that 7 million dollar offer for Malzahn and then make Venables one of, if not the, highest paid coordinator, then this could be a homerun hire.