BP is in top three coaches in CFB

BP is in top three coaches in CFB with Saban and Meyer. He has taken Louisville right back to the top, where they were when he left. Arkansas was a national competitor under BP. Jeff Long fired us into mediocrity. He coaches his players up. They play with tenacity and emotion. This is how the game is to be played, if you want to win. Bart coaches us into soft and polite football. You be be a cupcake or a BA. Take your pick.

Amen … Time to clean house and get rid of EVERYTHING Frank… That goes for Jeff and Bert… FIring BObby had nothing to do with integrity… It got out that Jeff gave BObby an ultimatum… play ball our way and you can stay… Bob declined… All these posters who jump up and down and applaud 'integrity" are clueless. Firing Bobby was the biggest mistake the AD here has made since Frank ran off Lou. Heads need to be rolling up there.

56-10 Louisville over FSU… But Bobby doesnt coach defense lol… All of the lies Jeff Long and his group have sold through the media over the years are crumbling. And I told all of you this for years. I never backed down to the bullying I got for telling the truth… Why is the Allen canning company running our program ? These two kids were gifted their positions and neither of them earned it. Entitled from day one. Ya think Bob would have allowed that ?

Time to clean house… Bert won’t make ten wins year 4… Of course that will be all Bobs fault.

When Long got his feelings hurt and fired BP, he destroyed our program. Would love to see where would be today. No doubt, top 10.

With at least one title in hand… Jeff Long wanted to be the big man on campus… Thats why he gave Bob that ultimatum… What he did was just as immoral as what Bobby did… He took advantage of his employees situation and tried to use it against him. Thats NOT cool. I don’t know any coach worth his salt that would work for Jeff after that. And its exactly why we got an 0-13 guy. Sad that fans just dont see it. 63-10 now… Bobby sure doesn’t care about defense does he ?

Hey sick are you FCJ ?

I would not put Petrino in the same bracket with Saban & Meyer. Petrino has never beaten either and Saban is a great defensive coach. Petrino is not and this current Louisville defense does little to bolster his reputation in that regard. It is Charlie Strong recruits with a Georgia & TCU reject tossed in. He does have the old Georgia defensive coordinator but will surely use all his schollies on receivers in the near future to hang himself.

You BP moaners, whiners and malcontents are entitled to your opinions; - - and you continue to reiterate those sour grape opinions in an endless sound loop. I don’t know whether you think that you are going to convert the thinking of the “straight shooter moralists” among us (with whom I proudly identify) or whether you simply enjoy blowing off toxic steam into the collective faces of those of us who vehemently disagree with your lowest common denominator prioritized reasoning. Regardless of the nature of the truth behind your petty sniping, no good will be gleaned from these diatribes. No uplifting motivational nugget lies gleaming at the center of the putrescent conglomerate you are compiling into a reeking compost. Those of us who are adamantly opposed to the PR image evoked by BP find him to be totally unacceptable at present, totally unacceptable five years ago - - and totally unacceptable at any time during the next half century.

Move to Louisville and organize his fan club with unmitigated zeal and vigorous devotion if you truly worship the ******* with the all-consuming passion you portray. Watch that doorknob on your way out of Arkansas.

P.S. I would venture to say that I am NOT the only one who is “sick’n’tird” of this redundant clamoring for the return of the shepherd who proved to be a goat.

Calm down Nos…err, SF. It’s gonna be like this all year. Don’t get yourself banned.

Lol Freudian slip, Baked? Back to the subject. CBP hasn’t even gotten a team into a national title game in his 12 years of coaching. And you put him in a classification with those two… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You do realize he’s got one of the top DC’s in college football right? He never had that here at Arkansas. If he did, we probably would have contended for a NC.

I understand some of you liking Petrino and the success he had here, I did too. But lets look at a few facts: 1. This QB was not a Petrino recruit. When did you ever see Petrino recruit at dual threat QB? Same goes for their defense. They are mostly Charlie Strong recruits. 2. Todd Grantham(sp.) is one of the top DC’s around, Petrino never had that at Arkansas.

I like Petrino as a coach like everyone else, but he’s not our coach anymore. GET OVER IT!!! Either get on board with our team or switch to a Louisville fan, you won’t be missed.

Real facts: 1. L. Jackson is a Petrino recruit. Sorry to disappoint you. BP became HC of Louisville in 2014. Jackson graduated HS in 2015. 18 players are holdovers from Charlie Strong, 8 are starters. I believe they have 85 total.

  1. You are correct

This repetitive disclosure may once again prove to be unconvincing and unavailing - - - but I’ll trot it out once more, nevertheless. I have NEVER - - repeat, NEVER - - posted anything anywhere under the username of “Nostra”. I became a very recent, belated member or the old HI board just about a month before its major abandonment. I’m not familiar with the material previously posted by the illustrious “Nostra”. Such interactive discourse with this “Nostra” took place prior to my advent upon HI. If my vocabulary utilization and prosaic style are somewhat reminiscent of "Nostra"s, that is purely coincidental. I am not he. I do not take umbrage over this erroneous identification, I merely wish to candidly disabuse you of this fantasy correlation.

I am not “Nostra”. I was never “Nostra”. Whoever he was (is?), he appears to have been generally held in considerable esteem and relatively high regard. Were I he, I would likely be gratified by your collective favorable endorsement; - - - BUT I AM NOT HE.

You sure about that? Thou doth protest overly much.

Don’t get mad Senility, Nostra likes you, and between you and him and the big words, may actually understand each other. He’s Liujiu on the other board, by the way.

As for calm down, yes relax, as long as Louisville does what they did today, and we struggle (even if we don’t lose) people will complain. Let them, the mods are quick to attempt to fix the problem.

my bad

I am speaking the pure and simple truth. The ONLY other username I have EVER posted under is “Senility” - - - (on HI and - - for a relatively very short time - - on Hogv****; before I was banned from that elite closed society for employing an overabundance of words having more than two syllables).

Again, I am not angered or irritated over the false identification. I merely wish to set the record straight. I’m persuaded to opine that this “Nostra” is probably a fine fellow. However, I am not he.

I have been on Hogville. I had no problems but did not post much. They all seemingly were Hog fans which is not the case too much of time on boards as WHS. The only Arkansas board I was ever banned on was that 360 board ran by the ASU grad… I brought an argument to it with a character who had been despised by Hog fans on the ESPN board. That character was chummy with the ASU grad, so I got banned. I think none of these Hog boards are huge like that 360 board because there are just too many, it diffuses the fans. You can counts 7 on this national site, that is as many as Alabama and a lot more than most college teams. www.footballforumsguide.com/?allLinks=l&newTab=1

To bakedog and all; I am not mad - - nor even irritated. I simply did not want anyone to credit me with anything - good, bad or indifferent - posted by the former “Nostra”. I bear no grudges and no ill will toward anyone. I’m very glad to be included here. I will admit to perhaps sharing a propensity for superfluous verbosity, and leave it at that.