BP is in top three coaches in CFB

Bobby beat Meyer in the swamp… The game was stolen from him by the refs… I know I saw it happen.

Straight shooter moralist ? You’re a joke. BP would still be here if he bowed down to Jeff Longs list of demands !! His firing had NOTHING to do with integrity… But you keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night. College recruits attend places where they often fall for some young lady who the school paid for as “escorts” Arkansas is NO EXCEPTION to that very thing. You can tell yourself that we don’t do that sort of thing but you would be wrong. College football and basketball is a cesspool… You’re morals are better off being displayed in some backwards old time country church. What Bobby did was NOTHING compared to garbage that goes on in college football and that includes BB’s program. Jeff Long caught Bobby in a bad position and tried to take advantage of him. You call that high moral ground ? I call it backstabbing… Thats why Bobby is killing it and Arkansaw is left sucking hind teet. Straight shooter moralists lol… You’re a Jeff Long apologists PERIOD. NOTHING MORE.

Oh and the goat is BB… Petrino was the real deal. He would have taken us back to the promised land… Your warped claims about values have no place in this discussion… Keep them in your nasty little church alongside the rest of your delusional friends.

You Petrino apologists are kicking a dead horse and making irrational judgments about what is reality. The mods here do not like the T-word but I do not know a more polite way to describe the swill you spiel. It is just to try to inflame or aggravate. Insulting the Arkansas AD. What about Petrino? Did he have to use a public highway to facilitate his relationship with his mistress? If he would have operated secretively as most married men do in his type situation by only meeting in clandestine locations. He and his mistress could have carried their relationship on as long as they wanted and there would never have been any of the type repercussions we argue about continually on these boards. Long was not having Petrino followed or requiring him to log his locations. Why did Petrino hit a public highway when he had so much to lose? Was he just stupid? I don’t think so. Petrino just did not care, not about the team, the fans or his family. Petrino was ready to leave Arkansas. Not the way he went, but ready to move on. Also he is never coming back. Any fool knows that. Therefore, why kick and argue about a dead horse on these boards? The Hogs are 3-0 with a good chance to beat Texas A&M. They have a great SEC home schedule this year. The SEC road teams on the schedule look very beatable even on the road. Why do we need Petrino the no personality weasel looking cursing coach. We have a better human being as coach. You people are just doing the T-word. Go to the Louisville board to root for Booby P.

This board today more entertaining than the games! Enjoy rooting for both BB and BP … :lol: BP has Clemson and Houston on the road, win those and he will make the final four.

Those who remain enamored of BP are entitled to their personal opinions. They are NOT, however, entitled to demand that dissenters buy into their toxic reasoning and amoral vitriol on a wholesale basis while they question our native intelligence and grossly insult the values for which we stand.

Should they somehow formulate the political clout to have Bielema tarred and feathered and run out of Fayetteville on a rail and - additionally - have Jeff Long executed by firing squad at sunup, they still wouldn’t be happy.

You BP sycophants just don’t get it do you? This is just a game. A beloved game, but just a game. Over 90% of these young men will never be able to have a productive future in the NFL. They will have to go out into society and work and be productive like the rest of us. When you hear hog fans say that CBB is doing it the right way, this is what they are referring to. Because CBB makes these young men put their priorities in order. He is preparing them to have a successful life, not just a successful season on the field. College is still a place of higher learning and academics. This is something that never showed in BP’s stint here. BP had neither the mental constitution, intestinal fortitude, or moral compass to comprehend this mindset. That is why BP had to be fired. If he would have stayed, even if we would have went 12-0 and won the SEC, we would all have been LOSERS, including BP. Maybe, Jeff Long has given BP the greatest gift he has ever received. A second chance to put his life in order, and a lesson learned that all actions have consequences, no matter who you are. So please just turn off your hate spigot, and spare us your verbal sewage. It benefits no one, including you.