The FANS ran off HDN and Frank Broyles was forced to retire. We were promised better times , we were promised a new brand of football. When Jeff Long was hired at first I was excited. Finally Frank Broyles grip on our beloved Hogs was over. Or so it seemed. Jeff wanted to hire Jim Grobe and that gave me nightmares. But when he took advantage of Jerry Jones help to bring us BMFP I thought this is awesome we are no longer going to be held hostage by Frank’s conservative ways !!!

Then came that dreadful day in April. Its funny but prior to that day EVERYONE HERE LOVED PETRINO. IT took years of misinformation and lies to get a portion of the fan base to accept Jeff Long’s bullcrap. Suddenly a fan base infactuated with a coach who had done so much for their beloved Hogs was repeating the lies told by the gobn. His success wasn’t sustainable. He wasn’t recruiting. He didn’t care about defense. And of course “he lied to his boss”… All of which were laughable to those of us who had paid attention to recruiting and the product on the field.

Once Long shed his crocodile tears what would be next ? Would Jeff Long show the fan base that he appreciated their struggles to rid themselves of ten years of Broyles ball and hire a coach with absolutely no ties to a system we know wouldn’t work here ? NOPE. Just the opposite. Long inhaled deeply in order to cough up the biggest loogy he could muster. Then spat it out right into the faces of the Arkansas Razorback fan base !!! WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? Tell me why Jeff would take us backwards ? Explain why would Jeff hire a coach that didn’t fit the system we had spent four years installing ? And why would he take us back to a scheme the fans HATED ? Its simple Jeff isn’t in charge. The GOBN made this call. And the changes we were promised when we flew those banners were nothing more than an illusion. BMFP was a threat to their power. Simple as that.

And its supposed to be a state program. It receives state funding. But like it always is in our society the wealthy take our money and throw in some of theirs in order to profit. They take and take and take and take. These wealthy donors own the Arkansas Razorback program. It does NOT belong to the fan base. Its no more our program than Louisville is… Thats a FACT.

Now that Jeff Long and his cronies have destroyed our best chance at a title and hired HDN the clown part two we are once again paying for steak while being fed hamburger helper. If you aren’t a poser you want your team to win. If you aren’t a poser you LOVED watching CBMFP coach our Hogs. And if you want the football program to be freed from the grasps of the gobn then your only choice is to boycott all thins hog football. Boycott the games, boycott the merchandise. Stand outside the gates during game day with protest signs. One last push to finally get rid of Frank Broyles and his legacy of crap. BOYCOTT and if we can’t bring Bobby back at least get us an AD who understands that the fan base doesn’t want more Frank Ball. Not one who just spits in our face and tells us to go cheer for Louisville.

Boycott Jderre

Yeah because we wouldn’t want a coaching staff that beats the snot out of FSU. We want the one who can’t beat Toledo !!!


Okay, I ask again. You now are the new AD for Arkansas. However, BP is not an option and never will be. Who would you hire? :shock:

The Razorback Foundation is not a state function. The taxpayers do not pay the coach’s salary.
College Football is now big business, not a educational function.

No words.

We will eventuall move to Sunbelt Conf, will have 50?50 chance to win there.

Getting political on here is not allowed but what you describe is the way of the world. Money is the culprit ruler all across college football as the world. All that can be argued with any credence by anyone is the variable degrees of that monetary influence. I too have seen signs of apparent influences in Fayetteville even beyond the pail in the money drenched world of college sports. People that hang around the program with long totally unexplained longevity to apparently bear undue influences on starting positions on the football team. Muti-million dollar salaries being apparently year after year casually rolled over without comparable success on the athletic field. An old archaic style of conservative football that seems unreasonably unchangeable even in the face of failure. Things done up there the same way for decade after decade. These concerns do deserve answers by the everyday fans who are the lifeblood of any program. Good old boys are losers as anybody in the decaying years of a long life on this earth. They do not belong being in absolute control of the reins of any endeavor. That is the fallacy of all mankind. I believed that as a young man and still believe the same as an old one.

High release

Throwing it 42 times for 371 yards is old archaic football?

I’ll be there on Saturday.

Petrino is history in the SEC. He was getting destroyed by Bama and LSU and beating Ole Miss and MSU before they started getting better and one started cheating. Plus Petrino didn’t and couldn’t bring in a top 10 recruiting class but what coach can at Arkansas?

I think Bielema is a good coach trying to build a program the right way. First thing was to emphasize the players do good in the classroom which they have. The next thing to focus on is to bring in the best recruits as possible. Competing against Bama, LSU, Ole Miss, etc we need to recruit players that are above average and then get our share of 4 star players. We will NEVER have recruiting classes like Bama or LSU but getting players that are low to middle 3 stars won’t cut it. As good as Bielema is as a coach, you just can’t coach up those kids to a level to compete and win the SEC West.

I agree. Many people talk about coaching like gamblers talk about betting systems. In the long run, and usually in the short run too, the player advantage will will show itself, and no coaching can change the player advantage that some teams have over others. Just like no betting system has ever been able to beat the house in the long run.

The drop back pocket passing Johnny Unitas part of that equation sure is. Time possession football is archaic, a perception of weakness in theory. A totally predictable never blitzing defense is also archaic beyond being conservative. A ram it down the throat running scheme is also ridiculous when it is beyond a team’s capability as appears to be the case with the Hogs this year. This all can be easily viewed as an overriding abhorrence by a football program to any type evolutionary change.

I am not just trying to just pick on you but this classroom stuff is a constant theme by Hog fans on these boards. They all sound like a university dean or university president to me. Do college football fans give a hoot about graduation rates? I think not. You fans are just looking for an excuse to defend coach. Bielema needs to win games like last night or he should be eventually fired. Look at our historic series record with Texas A&M he is ruining. Do you people have enough schooling to do that?

Throwing the football 42 times and most of our TD’s this year come from passing plays hardly seems like a ram it down your throat scheme IMO.

Then why aren’t we throwing it 42 times out of a spread offense? We are in a offensive formation not fitting our current on the field talent. Locked in archaic principles just like I first stated.

To me, it looks like we play a modern pro style offense. I don’t know how drop back pocket passing is archaic. Are you saying that unless you have an offense that features the qb running a lot that you have an archaic offense?

If ones perception is modern or archaic is not the real issue. It is still the same type offense our fathers and some cases here our grandfathers watched Johnny Unitas engineer. This same nostalgic offense in a world of hurry up spreads. Bielema needs to start winning with it like he did in the B1G or else reasonably change. He should be held accountable as some here do not seem to want to do. 7 or 8 win seasons will not be indefinitely tolerated. Not my decision, it is the fan base.

Everybody get a grip. We are 3-1 and after we beat Alcorn (and we should) we will be 4-1 going into the Tide game. Yes,the OL still needs to get uglier and tougher as evidenced by the TAMU game. No its not time to fire CBB. If we finish with at least 8 wins and go to a good bowl game stop belly-aching and give the man and his staff another year at least. HOGS YA’LL.