Article by Mr. Allen on kneeling at basketball game

Everyone has opinions and some are more patriotic than others which most would agree on. The question here is where and how one protests not that they shouldn’t protest . We would all agree these young ladies have that right . I am a new season ticket holder for the lady razorback basketball games and I am also what I would call patriotic. To disrespect the flag and the national anthem in a basketball arena where a lot of people feel strongly about our country and are there to support these young ladies is actually disrespectful to me and I am sure to others. I have no problem with their protest and believe that changes need to be made in the heart of a lot of people including our politicians but that’s another subject. Protest but keep it out of the basketball arena.

Could not agree more, Jimbo…

Everyone seems to think I have a right to freedom of speech, everywhere. Not so! I can’t protest social issues at work. I can’t take a knee, burn a flag or get a bullhorn to express my views. After work I can do anything I want which IS my right. These young ladies as well as those pro players are misguided thinking they have that right.

Jerry Jones has set a policy with the Cowboys. This is my team, this is my field and we will stand for the flag or you will not be part of my organization. I know Dykes is in a tough situation wanting to support his players but those young women own him now.

holier than thou journalists, will lecture us about our state being stupid, backward, unrefined, unwashed, etc.

Would love to see how any journalist would like to make a living in any other country. Take this board…think Clay, DD, Matt, Jimmy, et. al. could make a living as a journalist…how about Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…yet we will be lectured on how bad we are.

I did not get any lecture from Nate’s article. I thought he actually did a nice job, WITHOUT lecturing.

You can’t tell folks how to protest at a public university. When they start trying to play the national anthem at my job, I’ll protest if I so choose. I support the women.

Kinda what this country is all about.
I like to protest when we lose. Is that o.k.?

I think that it is a wonderful, peaceful way to bring a serious problem into the national conscience. If you feel disrespected you should analyze why it is that people protesting something bad about your country affects you so greatly. The song itself celebrates the death of freed slaves in the third verse and was written by a slaveholding racist. It’s a perfect reflection of the inconsistencies in the idea that we are and have been the “land of the free.” I guarantee that many of those women have grandparents who can remember times when they couldn’t go to school, live in the neighborhood, or go to the bathroom of their choice.

Then why is it that every time all the facts are discussed by rational people in a respectful manor this perceived serious American problem returns to a unique demographic unwilling to accept any responsibility whatsoever…

I agree. As usual Nate was on target.

Anthem…what does it really mean? Now if I am to understand that it is a patriotic songs and it represents those who fought for this Country, will one of you Patriots tell me why Veterans are the No. 1 homeless victims? And will one of you Patriots tell me why there is only white males writing on this beat? A protest is to speak up and out about the injustice that is inflicted on a certain group of people. Maybe they’re kneeling was because they know that they will never see a person of color in their four years as a beat writer? Yet, the anthem represent what? And when that last note to the anthem is played, the entertainment will soon begin…enjoy the entertainment…as the rest of us just try to stay alive when the inflection from el cop can’t hear it…

These people that see college campuses as a venue that is out of bounds with regards to civil protest obviously do not remember the late 1960’s in this country. College campuses in those days were hotbeds for civil protests that sometimes culminated in arson & fatalities. It was even deeply embedded in the music of that era. This kneeling is very gentile in comparison to back than. Be glad of that.

I think that a lot of white men/people do accept the responsibility that they and their forefathers had for the genocide of the Native Americans, the lack of voting and other rights for women, and the enslavement and later disenfranchisement of African Americans. It is unhelpful to paint an entire race of people with a broad brush when there is such diversity even within class/race. But, yes, white people do need to realize that they are a unique demographic who has historically oppressed and exploited people and the sooner people are willing to admit that they are also in the wrong the sooner the country can start to address some of these historic and persistent inequalities.

White people do oppress in their own land, but so do people of ALL COLORS in their own land and territory and have since the start of mankind and continue to do so on a much harsher scale than we see here in the land of Democracy. Some even eat their own still and that is fact.
All races flock to the USA for one reason, Democracy and a better chance to live a better life or just to live period.

You are exactly right. In the book, Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming: Texas vs. Arkansas in Dixie’s Last Stand by Terry Frei, a good deal of attention is paid to the potential game disruption on the Arkansas campus. As it happened, Dixie was not played during the game and the protest did not happen. But there was a good deal going on then.

I remember the controversy over southern university band’s playing Dixie and Confederate Flags being waving in the stands by fans. As I remember, Ole Miss was the last to abolish that practice. Nothing inherently racist in that song or Flag but they are powerful symbols of the Old South. Symbols very offensive to the descendants of slavery victims in this country.

You take all that and the historic occurrences at Central High in Little Rock. Arkansas is hardly immune from past grievances by minorities evolving into civil discord. You can also count on the northern press to pounce upon it. The city of Boston had civil disruptions over the Federal court ordered integration of their public school systems that made Little Rock look minor. That northern city’s violent school integration problems were virtually ignored by the National Press.

Was really referring to the national guys…surprised they have not jumped on this story yet. Don’t really know who the Nate guy is or how he writes…

Is the US the land of white people?

In any event, pointing out the deficiencies in other countries does not take away from the glaring deficiencies of our own. There is work to be done and these women are making sure that we remember that not everyone feels that the US is treating them fairly.

Our country has many deficiencies, starting at top level Government and right on down the line, where people of many colors are involved.
I believe the Constitution was written by our forefathers so the people could govern the Government, but most of that went out the window a long long time ago.

I have not given an opinion on what these women are doing to make a statement have I.
But probably overstepped the boundary of this forum by going so political. Like someone else said n another thread, this is a sports forum and for that I apologize.

So much for Hog Nation and Amerikka…

History Time!!!
Francis Scott Key…the creator of the beloved star spangled banner. Obviously celebrates death of slaves. With everything going on and all the BLACK WORLD HISTORY that had been exposed over years I can actually understand you white folks…lol America has no true history at least not any dealing with the entire Caucasian race. Think about it…Christopher columbus…banned from text books…Jesus a great white man is no longer in text books…hmmmm I can see the self proclaimed four fathers turning in their Graves. I would die to bring Adolph Hitler back to see how the white race has failed at what was always a fear of us learning. The black man is king of this earth the black woman is the orginal wombman of this earth. I won’t get any deeper I promise…lol Oh yea the lesson…

Third Verse of the national anthem

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
A home and a Country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

What honor is there really in the star spangled banner. It’s funny how a lot of you white hog fans are coming out the wood work.