Article by Mr. Allen on kneeling at basketball game

I’m with Jimbo as well. Protest if you like but keep it out of the sports arena. Perhaps these protesters should turn their protests into something useful like community service in the summers in like say Chicago down around Damen and Cicero. Bet you won’t see that or anything similar by these grandstanders. The bottom line is it is NOT HELPING THEIR CAUSE. HOGS YA’LL.

Help me understand this. How would community service help their cause, which as I understand it, is stopping police killings of unarmed black men? I don’t get it. If community service does prevent those killings, I am all for it and I would say Jimmy and Jeff should take a look at implementing community service for Jimmy’s team.

This was given as a report of the subject, but I suspect it was meant as a response:

[quote]Post reported by shieldknight76: “The next progression in this where journalists,”
Reason: As a journalist, I’ll defend the journalists doing their jobs in reporting what happened. And in an editorial/opinion context, expressing their views on what happened. To imply they couldn’t make a living in Russia, etc, is short-sided and really getting away from the point. I personally agree the players taking a knee is misguided. I believe their efforts would be better served in working to educate to the community and improving minority-police relationships instead of disrespecting an entire nation and those who work to protect it. But don’t blame journalists for doing their jobs…
Nov 06, 2016 8:36 pm

Sorry to burst your bubble but we (both black and white hog fans) have been out of the woodwork for a very long time here Sir.
I think it would be you who just popped out with your 4th post.

Aside from the fact that their ‘protests’ are based on a false narrative; you do not have the right to drag your entire organization into your protest. You can protest to your heart’s content at a public university. There’s no question about that. But you do not have the right to drag others into your protest. The UofA athletic department (if Long had the cajones) has the right to shut that down when you are representing their brand. Just because you ply your misguided protest at a public university and in a public forum, doesn’t mean that you have carte blanche.

Black Lives Matter was started by $25 million in seed money given by an Israeli billionaire. A very white dude. BLM is dedicated solely to simple activism with a radicalized agenda. Think how much good all those concerned billionaires could do funding millions which is like pocket change to them ( a thousand millions in every billion) into the rebuilding of the inner cities of the huge metropolises across this wide country. Inner cities that breed despair and drug use and subsequent killings that take thousands upon thousands of Black Lives yearly. A bunch of misguided billionaires? No, they know exactly what they are doing & not doing.

I understand that this topic is distinctly political. But this topic has gone even further into the political arena, so I am locking it.