Arkansas vs. Oklahoma State

Honestly, I can see this going either way.

Arkansas has the better offense but OSU definitely has the better defense.

Arkansas is finally hitting their stride on FT’s, but OSU has been solid all year.

Teams are built for similar style of play and both go deep into their bench.

Other than home court advantage and OSU not being a good road team, I don’t see a major advantage we have over OSU. We can and definitely should win. Where we might have an advantage is Gafford in this game. They have 3 solid big men, but they aren’t as athletic and other than the Solomon kid, I don’t think they can push him away from the basket like Georgia did.

We should win, but I still think it could be a toss up. OSU has lost some games to top teams, but they’ve all been close(Except baylor)

Seeing their game against Texas Tech reminded me of GA. They were playing really good and was up, then they just started playing “not good.” Ended up losing. They’ve had a few games like that.

Hopefully, we jump all over them, and don’t let them find a rhythm

I agree, some of these predictions about finishing 10-1 are insane, the SEC is not the SEC of 2-3 yrs ago, where there was KY and FL, and no one else, the SEC is like the NFL in basketball this yr, ANYONE can beat you. I think Arkansas will need 11 SEC wins to get in one of the top 4 spots in St. Louis. If they can get one of those slots, they could win the tourney, there’s also no team they can’t beat this yr, if they’re playing up to their abilities. Tomorrow is a tremendous challenge, obviously OSU will be extremely confident after spanking us last yr. If our defense can play as solid as it did @ GA, which i thought for the most part wasn’t that bad, then, we should have a chance tomorrow. Great game though for sure, hopefully the fans will bring their A game…

winning this game could get us on a roll, which is needed with 2 road games in the SEC upcoming. i agree our defense was significantly better at GA than earlier in year. however, GA is a big, plodding team who lacks a quick, drive and dish point guard which is our achilles hell as evidenced versus LSU and Fla. i know Ok ST. point guard graduated last year so i’m hoping the replacement isnt as salty. enough about our detriments, i’m excited about the play of Hall and even Jones. Hall seems to be a very well rounded player on both ends, and Jones is what he is, a shooter. his defense is ok, but not great, and he doesnt attack the basket with enough zeal to finish in traffic even though he’s 6’5’’ and can leap as good as anyone we have. also i’m encouraged by the trio of Trey Thompson, Dustin Thomas and Arlando Cook. they have all been contributing in their own way. none of us would have guessed a game winning block would come from Thompson, but sure enough there he was coming out of nowhere to block Maten. here’s hoping we are rounding into form and we beat the Pokes and at least split on road at A&M and LSU. WPS

I agree the game could go either way! We need to limit Okie Lite on the offensive end limit them to one shot! They shoot their free throws better for the year than we do.
We shoot the 3 at a higher clip.
Okie Lite. Hogs
44.5. FG%. 49
32.6. 3’s. 40
76.9. FT. 68
If they have a lead late it won’t bide well.
The hogs just need to value each possession and take good shots. That has been the problem in their losses.
If we play tough defense we should win by a comfortable margin. We lack depth so that’s an advantage for Okie Lite.
I hope we can put them away early!
We need a winning streak to get a top 4 seed in the SEC tournament and out of the 7 to 10 seed range for the Dance.

We don’t lack depth. We play just as many players as OSU does.

I’m not thrilled about this game, given the fact that four other SEC teams don’t have to extend themselves by not playing. I think I read somewhere that the OSU coach was not too thrilled to detour from a very hard league schedule to play this game. Nevertheless I’ll be there cheering them on. I sure hope our guards don’t have to play extended minutes.

Hey General we do lack Depth! That’s why the 3 seniors guards are playing so many minutes and are wore out by the end of a game.

Most teams play their best players the most minutes. We still put out at least 9 players a game, so my point stands.

Of course, you are always right!!!

Isn’t that the truth. No matter what your opinion on whatever topic, the general can give you as many reasons as you can stomach as to why you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. That’s just him. We’ve all suffered through genius’ like him.

Don’t look to good for the Hogs!!! Most everyone but me thought this was a sure win!!!

Good comeback. 60-59 Hogs 4:26

Don’t understand why Coach A took CJ Jones out after he just hit 2 three’s and Beard just clanked two. I would have taken Beard out, and put Barford at the point for a couple of minutes.
Also, Thomas needs to leave his jump shot in the locker room.
Once again, some very poor officiating as usual.

Need to get some separation!

Go Hogs!

Fortunate to pick up this home court victory on a day when Barford and Beard combined for 4-22 from the field and 2-12 from the three point line.
Good thing Macon had a good game and CJ went 2-3 from 3 point line.
Once again Gafford was not a factor with fouls trouble, but Thomas did a good job on the boards. Thomas just needs to understand that his offense will come on layups off an assist or put backs and not take those 15 foot jumpers which usually lead to an empty offensive trip.
Defensive intensity picked up in the second half which led to some turnovers.
We have to shoot much better going forward than what we did today and the free throw shooting is still a major problem that could end up losing us a game (55%) isn’t going to get it done most games.
I still don’t understand why Coach A took CJ out after nailing two 3’s and Beard was hitting nothing. I would have rather seen him leave CJ in the game with Barford and Macon, just my opinion.

Glad to get the win.

Go Hogs!

I said it was a toss up and it played out like that.

I COMPLETELY agree with you!!! I was asking my buddies why Beard stayed in the game but he took Jones out after he drained two 3’s. That’s the one call by Anderson that I shook my head at.

Defense? CJ seems a bit lost a lot of times on defense.

I said this game was a toss up and it was. Our boys didn’t play well in this game at all. All areas were deficient tonight in terms of stats: shot poorly from the field, 3’s, and FT’s(but not horrible). Where we won was our bench stepped up again, blocked shots, and turnovers(both forced and lack of on our side). Again, our guys showed grit and found a way to win. VERY PROUD OF THEM!!!

I hope that put back for Gafford gets him out of his funk. I truly think its a mental issue for him. He feeds off the energy of what he can do and gets down on himself when he’s not producing like he likes. It is great to see Thompson stepping up though and picking up the slack. He’s not putting the points up like Gafford and that missed layup at the end of the first half was frustrating, but he’s producing when needed. We need both Gafford and Thompson very badly against A&M.

Our boys grit won this game because the last 10 minutes of the game, the refs did their best to take over the game. I TRULY can’t believe they changed their calls when our press was killing Oklahoma State like they did. They completely flipped what they were calling on a dime and put us in major foul trouble. Heard on the radio that OSU didn’t score in live action for the last 7 minutes of the game, but went to the line consistently to stay in it. Pathetic!!!

Good team win again. Got production from almost everybody. Another heart stopping game, but survive and advance.

Sometimes that’s true, but I would think when he’s got the hot hand and the ability to help us put some distance away from Oklahoma State, I would think he needs to stay in. Barford and Beard didn’t have a very good offensive game, so Jones was key in the middle of the second half.